Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Scene
My mom drove me into The Office today so I could leave for Tahoe straight from work in the afternoon. The only downside? My mom is an early bird. Showed up chipper and chirping at my house before 7. Ughs. I don't normally leave until after 8.

Was a bleary-eyed busy bee all day. But didn't mind the litany of emails and meetings today. Helps looking forward to three glorious days away from it all. YAYAYAY!

Mr. D picked me up after work to head to LAX. He was wearing his "snow" shoes. Tres butch, no? Last time he wore them was high school. Pretty sure I don't have a single pair of shoes from high school still in my closet.

Also pretty sure only a high school girl in the mid 90s named Angela would dig the jacket Mr. D bought today for the trip. Ughs. No me gusta.

On a 15 year old stoner musician, yes. On a 31 year old fancy pants attorney, no.

Good thing tonight was super duper casual. Got to Rocket Man's cabin by 9, had a few drinks, played a little Uno, watched the definitive 80s BMX movie, Rad and then retired to our room.

This is the door to said room. Rocket Man's grandpa designed the cabin to have views of the lake from every room. He also made sure there were no doorknobs. And he had a thing for wallpaper. People are so amazingly crazy, I love it.

Very very very nervous for skiing tomorrow. Pray for my non-athletic soul.

The Outfit
Say ski jacket
Old Navy jeans and thermal
Filene Basement turtleneck

The Accessories
Alpaca scarf
Marc Jacobs bag
Ugg boots
Chanel glasses

The Grade
F is for Functional

The Commentary
Had a big meeting today at work so I wore this black and white Forever 21 dress under a jacket. Then I changed into the tragic traveling outfit. Ugh. So not me.

As you have seen over the last year, dressing casual is not my forte. Throw cold weather into the mix and I fall apart. What can I say I am a brown that loves luxe.

This is the dreamy look I wanted to rock on the plane today

Unapollegetic glam.

But since I am not J Lo fabulous (yet)

Or redic wealthy with my own jet (yet) I dressed for commercial. I dressed for function. Ugh. I hate even writing that. Such blasphemy.

Thankfully the jacket Lauragami lent me was a pretty periwinkle. That helped up the casual sass factor. Ended up loving how it worked with the violet scarf Sable Crow brought me back from Peru. Especially with the dark hair.

Unfortunately, the layers and the bulk of the jacket made me look and feel extra chunky monkey today. Like this trainwreck of an outfit on Jessica. F! Did you know these now infamous photos were taken at a CHILI COOKOFF??? Double F!

Hoping tomorrow I don't look too Michellin Man poseur in all the ski accoutrements.

Wish I could just wear these Givenchy boots and read my Obama book in the lodge with some Bailey's and coffee. Much more my speed.


weezermonkey said...

Even Mr. Monkey knows that jacket is a no.

And he loves fleece and Tevas.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I'm feeling you hun. Cold weather and casual don't mix. You need a fur coat or something to give you some umph

WendyB said...

I hate cold-weather casual too!

tam pham said...

i love "my so-called life" references!!!!!!!!! i don't mind cold weather casual all that much...maybe it's because I survived 2 years in crazy cold KC...i got used to it. you look cute though!

lookrichbitch said...

Omg that was my fave show!

And Mr. D would totally fit in here. I'm sure some poor soul is wearing it to the theatre in Seattle. Sadness.

Unknown said...

F for functional is hilarious. but F for fabulous handbag you should have included I love those Givenchy boots in a bad way.

Jessica said...

I loved My So-Called Life but hated Claire Danes. Something about her always rubbed me the wrong way.

Kani said...

Reading in the lodge is much more my speed too. I suck at all winter sports, hope you fare better than I did!

amber said...

i've tried skiing and snowboarding once each. i suck at both. i've already informed the hubs that on the next snow trip i'll be the snow bunny that spends her days reading and sipping hot cocoa and will prepare fabulous dinners for the rest of them in the evenings. ;)


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