Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Scene
Went to a focus group tonight after work. I'm so funny - sometimes I forget that I'm not a poor college student anymore. HA!

Just thought it'd be fun. And no matter how flush I am, making a few extra bones will always sound better than going home and working out.

The session focused on a new styling product for frizzy hair. My specialty for the last 30 years. Wah.

Actually, all of us in there had some serious hair issues. Always so interesting to hear women talk so candidly about their appearance and how it affects their self esteem. It almost ended up feeling like a therapy session.

When I got home and I proceeded to delineate for Mr. Diabolina why the marketers were positioning the brand all wrong for market. He laughed and said I had no business being in that focus group.

After all, I've worked for companies that do focus groups. I've helped prepare the marketing presentations for them. My job is actually to give marketing opinions all day long. So, he said, I might be just a tad overqualified, not quite the average consumer.

Humph. Whatevs. I still have the right to earn some extra walking around money.

The Outfit

Forever 21 dress
Black wrap sweater

The Accessories
Chanel tote
Chanel earrings
Forever 21 lucite bangles
Manolo Blahnik patent heels

The Grade

The Commentary

This is that adorable black and white sailor dress I got at Forever 21 dress last Sunday. Have been dying for a black and white dress for months now.

Been seeing too many satin ones that were trying to be this Chanel runway look. But they just looked cheapie. And weren't very forgiving /flattering on my lower half.

Remember this little number I got downtown that looks just like Diane Von Furstenberg? Well I was pining for a less dressy version of it. Something chic and uncomplicated in a light weight material for summer.

This dress was a great option at $22. Comfortable with clean lines, pockets and a sweet neckline.

The waist is a little funky. A bit high for a normal body and very high for my no-waist body. But I overlooked it. Just liked overall how easy and simple it looked. Very school girl Chanel.

Paired it with Chanel earrings and the bag to really make it sing. Added the wrap sweater because the new office is a meat locker.

Added Manolos on my feets to complete look. These are the patent heels that I broke a few months ago. Hadn't worn them since I repaired them. Too frightened. Teetered around on them oh-so-carefully today.

Hearing pointy black pumps are way "in" this fall. Not sure they were ever completely out. But am excited to bring a few good pairs out to play.


weezermonkey said...

$22?! Wow!

Fashion Addict said...

you look great and I wanted to say that I love your blog! Wanna trade links with mine?

tam pham said...

what a steal at $22! i love me a black and white dress any day!

amber said...

pointy black heels are my go-to for work and evenings out. nice to hear that they're still in for fall :)

Couture Carrie said...

You have so many great Designer staples like the Manolos and Chanel bag - I love how you mix them up with bargain pieces; you have the high/low thing mastered!

WendyB said...

I don't think those were ever out either. It's ridiculous what people say is/was "out."

MissJordyPants said...

Loving the little B&W number. Fantastic!

TINA said...

That's such a bargain! The dress is so cute and, it doesn't look like $22 at all.

Cee said...

I don't know how you pull off that outfit but i want one especially since I would pass it on the rack.

I love that dress you picked up from DT. If you ever tire of that dress [which i doubt], please share!

Victoria said...

LOVES the baby picture!

Sable Crow said...

Did anybody else notice that this is bolg entry #200!?

Congratulations Diabolina on fulfilling your ongoing mission to seek out new, affordable fashion, to challenge yourself to speak out, and to allow for the adoration of your fans. You have boldly gone where no Diabolina has gone before, and I salute you.

I give you a greak big happpy squawk from one chatty crow to another kindred spirit. You are--TRULY--an inspiration: in fashion, and in self-expression.

Thank you.

Sable Crow

Milly said...

nice outfit..loving those lucite bangles...i can't find them at F21 :(

Milly said...

After coming across your blog...i've decided to start my own...i need help!!

Fashion Addict said...

Hey! I just added you to my blogroll and hopefully I'll see my link on yours too!

Rachee said...

oooh, that dress is adorable! yay for pointy black pumps. I just found a pair of MJs buried in my closet I can bust out now. yay!


Oh and I added the link to your blog in my list of favorite blogs. Your title is also very catchy, very cute!! ♥

dapotato said...

methinks i would have been so qualified for that focus group.

Christina said...

I love this outfit soo classic.I need a chanel u put your outfits together and where do u write for?


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