Monday, January 26, 2009

The Scene
After yesterday's thrilling peek at new professional possibilities, Monday was particularly tough. Spent most of the day willing it to be Thursday. That's when Mr. Diabolina and I will be hitting the slopes in Tahoe!

Now I have never gone skiing. I repeat NEVER EVER NEVER. And the last time Mr. D went was high school! That's why today, like hobos, we borrowed bulging bags of ski clothes from Lauragami and Big Fucking Asian.

Most people have been shocked when they learn I am not the shushing kind. That's ridiculous to me given three clear facts: 1) I don't have an athletic bone in my body 2) I am not a fan of the cold 3) Hello, I AM FIRST GENERATION BROWN. Very anxious about the trip. I'm not good at not being good at things. Plus I am prone to falling down and going boom. Especially the older I get.

To make matters worse, over dinner at The Village Idiot, Peach regaled me with tales of his first time skiing mishap. It involved a one legged skier and the ski patrol. Oy Vey. Only Peaches.

Enjoy a WONDERFUL, hilarity-filled dinner. To start, goat cheese flat bread and brussel sprouts. Plus a lesson from Peaches in the subtle difference between "gay" eyes and "crazy" eyes! Will get photos next time so you can edumacate your friends and family.

For dinner, I had the mussels and giant crutons! Mr. D got a veggie tartlet like the skinny hot chick he is. And Peach got a LAMB tartlet like the piglet he is. Literally inhaled it and licked his plate clean. Literally.

Then for dessert, Mr. D orders this!!!!

And Peach orders this!!!! Ugh.

I never stood a chance - sandwiched between these two skinny minnies. My favorite boys EVER. Especially when they recreate the Phantom poster. Adore.

The Outfit
Thrifted jacket
Forever 21 rosette tunic and leggings

The Accessories
Fashion District bracelet and ring
Prada shoes
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Not feeling too creative today. Plus feeling fats fats fats. Just grabbed the rump-obscuring rossette tunic I almost wore to Saturday's black and white party and called it a day. A MONday.

Love love loving rosettes right now.

They give such beautiful texture to clothing.

Karl showed them in ethereal white on the Chanel couture runway this week. Very similar to Michelle's inauguration dress, no?

Elie Saab went rose garden crazy too.

And so did Valentino. Ugh I die for a red Valentino gown with that stunning back.

Paired the tunic with the black leggings to maximize comfort and the illusion of svelteness ;)

Then topped the look off with the white jacket to make it work appropriate.

Not sure about the skinny WHITE pants Karl showed on the couture runway. Not sure I could pull them off without looking like the marshmellow man from Ghostbusters. But I am all about the rosette headgear. Can you imagine the looks on people's faces if you showed up at work peeking out of a flower? LOVE.

Decided to debut these Prada beauties today. My mom got them for me for Christmas. $125 at an aaaaaaaahhhhhhhmazing resale place loaded with Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Promise to do a whole post on the store soon.

The shoes are a little like this season's gorg Prada sandals.

Picture them without the baby sock worn on the runway which made many a model fall during the show (watch the video til the end - it's a Top Model horror scene.)

But my shoes probably more closely resemble this season's Louis Vuitton sandals.

Very tribal and unapologetically ornate.

LOVE that Peach and I pulled a Prada psychic friends moment tonight. He debuted his Prada shoes tonight too. I remember when he found them on sale last month and texted me for advice. Said he needed a comfortable light colored sneaker to hoof around NYC. I expressed concern that they might be a little too Tin Man meets hip hopper. But Peach said they were practically free and Prada and loved them. So I blessed the purchase.

Peach did rock them tonight with the slim jeans. Here he is nonchalantly stretching to highlight the shoes - ha! He claims they are subtle, that people don't even notice them. I nodded my head and said, yes, if you are a gay tin man, you don't even notice them. That darn Peach.


tam pham said...

Love both yours and Peaches' prada. I love rosettes too but they always make me think of Angela (the one with the mom that Jeffrey made cry) and her rosettes. Who knew that she was a fashion psychic??!

Lynn Tran said...

The pic of P & Mr. D recreating the Phantom poster is classic - I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Have fun on your ski trip!

WendyB said...

I went skiing once. For about 45 minutes. I hope you like it better than I did! Cold weather and all that equipment -- ick!

MissJordyPants said...

I LOOOOVE skiing and am so jealous. Except for the lugging of the equipment part, and the cold part, and the poufy outfit part... but it's all worth it for the flying down the mountain part. Hope you stay off your ass. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Ooh girl, like WendyB, I've only gone skiing once. It ended with me walking down the mountain in tears. I think you have to start skiing as a kid to really embrace it. You've got to have that fearlessness that only kids possess.
Anyway, I don't mean to scare you. I hope you love skiing! And you can always just sit in the lounge snow bunny style sipping spiked hot chocolate!

The Modern Type said...

You know how I feel about ski trips. I'm praying you get the hang of it in a heartbeat and enjoy yourself!! xoxo

Jessica said...

I have never skiied. I'm Black and lived fairly close to Tahoe. If all else fails, play in the snow!

Victoria said...

i have only been skiing once at age 15 and haven't been since. i hope your trip goes well!!!

Ana said...

Best of luck on your skiing adventure.

And love your rosette round-up...I just blogged about the Couture shows, and loved that repeating detail. Have a great weekend!

KT said...

LOVE mussels. That's all. :)

Jadelily said...

I have never been skiing, but everyone I know who tries it ends up falling in love with it. Hope you had fun!


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