Friday, December 5, 2008

The Scene
Got home tonight to discover that Mr. Diabolina left work early to buy and set up our tree all by hisself!!

Adore! Nothing like having a 6 foot 2 Christmas elf of your very own!

After basking in the glow of our purty holiday decorations, we met The Peeper and her husband Dr. Peeper at The Red Lion Tavern. You MUST put this German pub on your list of places to try in Lalaland. Have yet to find the man who doesn't fall in love with it.

It's fun for the ladies too. After all, tonight I tried German wieners :) Didn't think I could finish but somehow I stuffed all those wieners in my mouth! I am a wiener winner.

Any time we visit a restaurant that specializes in sausage there's alot of "that's what she said" joking. And tonight was no exception. The Peeper was not amused but Michael Scott would have been proud ;)

Over said weiners, Dr. Peeper regailed us with crazzzzzzzzy tales of his summers in Germany during high school. We also plotted the buddy comedy that he should star in with Mr. D. Picture Cheech and Chong meets Bosom Buddies. Or ER meets L.A. Law. Endless hilarious possibilities for this dynamic duo.

After dinner, we met Dr. Peeper's friends for drinks at The Palm downtown and walked over to L.A. Live. We expected it to be crawling with people since it just opened last night. But it was a ghostown.

I found the whole set up very disappointing. Was expecting something akin to Third Street Promenade or The Grove. Not just an underwhelming tree and a two-story ESPN zone. Plus there was nary a shop in sight. F. What are downtown fashionistas, chopped liver?

Regardless, we had a great evening catching up with one of our all-time favorite couples. Though I must admit whenever we hang out, I get nervous Mr. D might leave me for that charming Dr. Peeper.

The Outfit
Robert Rodriguez pants
Forever 21 turtleneck
Theory velvet miltary jacket

The Accessories
Chanel bag and earrings
Marc Jacobs Mary Janes
Pucci scarf

The Grade

The Commentary
Two months after beginning my search for black cropped pants, today I debuted the pair I found up in San Francisco. Hurrah for high water.

They are a little looser and a little longer than I would have liked.

But I really like the sheen and the tuxedo detaling along the side.

Felt simply chic today. Like a Euro fashion editor. Booties would have made the outfit tres Nina but opted for the MJ MJs instead.

The Pucci scarf spiced up the all black perfectly. Heart how it matched the swirl of colors that was the L.A. Live tree of lights.

I looked almost as gouda as Brit Brit did last night at the grand opening in her blue dress, white coat and bejeweled Louboutins. So happy to see her looking so healthy and styled.


Sable Crow said...

Yay! First comment. I love Mr. D sneaking home to decorate for Christmas! What a devious elf!

Weiner winner is the best thing I've heard all day, and I've had a GREAT day!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

You look great! Love the scarf and yes you look like a Euro Fashion Editor. Well done.

WendyB said...

Love the tuxedo detail on the pants.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diabolina! I've been a long time reader but a rare commenter. Just wanted to let you know that I think your blog it great. It makes me think twice about building an outfit and not just repeating the same old standbys every day.

p.s. I think I could eat bratwurst every day...that's what she said anyway. Haha.

tam pham said...

what a precious elf you have! wieners and french fries...YUM.

Anonymous said...


I am a fairly new reader and I must say that your blog is my favorite of all the fashion blogs I read! Certain ones can be a bit too...snobby...and some just run on a different fashion track than me...

You update your blog so often, you always make me laugh, and I love your style.

Keep up the good work!

Juana said...

I am so impressed that you ate that full plate of food. So proud, too! :)

Kate said...

Love the outfit but LOVE all those weiners. Can't believe you ate them all.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I love your blog.
What did the hot dog say when he crossed the finish line first?
"I am weiner!"
haha. OK, sorry about that.
Keep your eyes open for "Mr. D. and Dr. P. Go To White Castle." It's sure to be the feel-good hit of the summer!


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