Monday, September 29, 2008

The Scene
Final prep for a big business trip. To San Francisco. Nervous but excited. Haven't been to SF in over five years which is unacceptable considering it's so close to LA.

Soothed my pre-conference jitters with Monday trash TV: Gossip Girl (So Poppy is a socialiate, friend of Marc AND life coach? Why aren't we watching The Poppy Show?) and The Hills (Did you feel bad for Heidi's mom? I did. Did you feel bad for Stephanie "Crocodile Tears" Pratt? I didn't.)

7 am flight tomorrow. Ughers. Wish me luck.

The Outfit
Forever 21 stripped sweater
DKNY tank
Theory capris

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Gucci bag and flats
Forever 21 headband

The Grade

The Commentary
Comfort was the operative word today. Needed an outfit for running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Pants quickly emerged as the best option.

Confession: I have officially become obessesed. Am thinking nonstop about high water pants. Where to get them, how to wear them, how magical and European life will be when I wear them. Sigh. I really need to get a life ;)

Apparently, so do John Galiano

and Nicolas Ghesquiere

Both of them showed ankle grazing pants in their spring 2009 collections for Dior and Balenciaga. I am telling you, high water pants, my dears. It's a thing. A thing your eye will acclimate to over the next six months even if you aren't so much digging it right now. It's how the multibillion dollar fashion machine works. Just watch Devil Wears Prada and that genius "cerulean" scene again.

Now I realize that the pants that I picked out today are more capris than cropped, more beige than black, more linen than luxe. But today's inspiration was more reference point than literal. Plus it's been hotter than Richard Gere in the Valley so I wanted to wear something that would breathe. Unlike these AMAZING gold leggings. They look like a dream on but would never work on a sweltering Indian summer day.

Paired the capris with the neutral, new F21 wrap sweater. Remember when I bought it all I could think was Freddy Krueger? Well all I could think of today was rugby. Felt very Sporty Spice. BTW, did you know that Ralph Lauren owns Genius brand/domain fit!!

Realized half way through the day that the stripped sweater was actually perfect for Blair Mondays. Very preppy. Very all American scion.

But added the headband just in case it looked more butch than Blair.

And the Gucci ballet flats. See the rubgy like red and green stripped bow? Perfect use of GGs to round out my very GG (Gossip Girl) look.

p.s. Speaking of GG, one of my favorite fashionistas Chic Intution just blogged about this stripped sweater that little J will wear in an upcoming Gossip Girl episode. Remember when I loved that sweater last month?
Further proof I should be styling TV's hottest fashion show :)


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Fabulous! Good luck on your trip. You look travel perfect.

MissJordyPants said...

I almost bought that sweater a few weeks ago! It looks fantastic on you.

Nololos said...

Looking good and feeling comfy in a "new" city is a tricky balance. You totally pulled it off. I LOVE the camel/red stripy sweater. Your whole outfit is working...neutrals with that pop of color. Looks great girlie!
I used to be a big fan of the cropped pant...I guess I like the longer leaner legged pants and jeans right now but that could all change tomorrow. They look fab on you and seem like a perfect fall pant choice and color.
"Bananas" ;)

Kelley said...

I felt so bad for Heidi's mom too. I hate that Heidi allows Spencer to talk to her mom like that.

You look fab!

amber said...

cute nod to GG!

WeezerMonkey said...

Hmm...Where's Waldo?

tam pham said...

the sweater would be perfect for chilly USC night games :-). fyi, i like to buy "cropped pants" because they actually end up being a regular length on midget me! no alterations needed!


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