Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Scene
Early this morning my mom and I (in matching Marc Jacobs) flew up to San Francisco accompanied by

Mr. Diabolina and Sable Crow (in matching gray zip ups)
Possibly the cutest foursome ever.

We traveled to see Peaches headline the longest running production in Broadway history. Kinda a big deal. Kinda my dream for my best friend come true. Kinda so much excitement I felt like throwing up all day. Ugh.

Before picking up our house seats at the box office, the four of us grabbed breakfast at local institution Dottie's. Highly recommend the meal though the service and Tenderloin location were, um, less than stellar.

In the afternoon, we shopped in Union Square. Sable Crow snapped up some great Black Friday steals at John Varvatos.

And payed homage to the very first Armani store he ever set foot in at the wee age of 16. Just happened to be housed in a stunning old bank building. Perfect for a future financial wizard and fabulous fashionisto.

Similarly perfect was the fact that my Chanel store was right next to Betsey Johnson. Remember how Peaches signature style is tres Betsey??? Loves it! Took it as a sign that me and my bestie were meant to be.

For dinner, the four of us dined at Ame at the St. Regis.

Me (and my boobs) had the cod. And a martini to calm my pre-show jitters.

Mr. Diabolina had some delish seafood special that was too small.

My mom and Sable Crow had the lamb chomps. They won.

Then it was show time. I held hands with my mom and my Mr. D as one of our nearest and dearest commanded the stage for nearly three hours with his gorgeous voice and stunning presence. At one point, I flashed on the first moment I laid eyes on him when we were 18 and knew he'd be a star. I hooted and hollered when he took his bow and soaked in all the well deserved applause. I silently wept as I witnessed the beginning of his dream take flight.

After the show, the four of us waited by the stage store for Peach.

With the rest of his groupies.

Then we went out for a quick drink to celebrate our very own angel of music. He had to head home early since he had two more shows the next day.

But he stuck around until midnight to help celebrate Sable Crow's birthday.

What a gift of a day.

What a life.

The Outfit
D&G dress
Vintage coat
The Accessories
Chanel earrings
Canal street pearls
Dior bag
Prada shoes

The Grade

The Commentary
Tonight the play dictated the fashion color palette.

My mom, Sable Crow and I all instinctively rocked black and white ensembles. I threw in a little red for good measure.

Rocked my faux Chanel pearls for the first time. Bought them on Canal street a few years ago. Never quite sure how to style them. They are a whole lotta look for L.A. Too dramatic. But they felt just right in San Francisco though. Especially at the theater.

Didn't get nearly enough shots of the gorgeousness that is this new D & G dress!!! Got it at Crossroads a few weeks ago. Just $37. That magical Italian darting around the bust lifts and separates everything. And the hemline flutes out ever so slightly to balance out the hips. Delicious perfection.

Ironically, Dolce and Gabbana round toe pumps similar to this pair but better were the only thing that caught my eye today while we were shopping.

About $250 at Neiman's. May try to find them when I get back to L.A.

I felt perfectly dressed tonight. I also felt like a little girl. The theater always does that to me. My parents loved taking me to shows as a child. I loved the magic of it all, the costumes, the makeup, the pretty boys singing. Tonight I got chills as I witnessed this little girl fall in love with the theater. And with my pretty Peaches.

Thankfully, she'll never know he's into Betsey Johnson. That would probably ruin it for her ;)


weezermonkey said...

Yay for Peaches! I swoon!

WendyB said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. And what a buy on that dress!

INES said...

cute pictures
i really like the style of your blog

Sable Crow said...

Diabolina! This was one of the most fun 24 periods I've had in my life. Good friends, great fashion, and a mind-blowing show. So happy for Peach.

FYI - I'm NOT as short as I look in all these photos! I was around REALLY tall guys, people. Like, giants. F.

Diabolina looked delicious in that D&G dress. Made me wonder about being gay. hmmmm...

Maybe I should date girls?


Lynn Tran said...

What a faboo night and even more faboo dress. You were smokin', m'dear. So happy for Peaches - always knew he would make it huge. Been seeing the ads for the show up here and was wondering if it was him. I remember you saying he was going to be in LA for a month in Jan. CONGRATS to him!

Jean Bean said...

Ugh, so wish I'd been there!

Kate said...

Oh that Chanel store. When I was working SF, my office was two doors to the right. I walked past that store everyday. I miss it sooooo much. Oh the shopping (mostly window) I used to do on my lunch break...

Yay for Peaches.

tam pham said...

what a great day!!! you all look wonderful! yay for peaches!

WendyB said...

Re your comment on my blog, I'm excited about the red lipstick!

Jaime Jun said...

aww i love your blog! and your dress is stunning!

amber said...

so awesome for peaches!!

and that dress... dayum!

MissJordyPants said...

Phantom was the very first show I saw. It will always be my absolute favorite!

Congrats to Peaches!

lookrichbitch said...

Um. How hot did you look in that dress! *sizzle*

Would love to see a close up of the earrings!

Emily said...

This whole day sounds fabulous, from the food to the clothes to the show! Phantom was my first show, also in SF, and I loved it. Glad you guys had such a great time :)


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