Saturday, July 26, 2008

Madonna & Michael Jackson Costumes

My Madonna & Michael Jackson Masquerade
This morning was all about putting the finishing touches on our costumes for my big birfday bash.

That meant hitting our go-to costume shop on Hollywood Blvd and picking up one white spangly glove and one bottle of blonde (ambition) spray paint.

In the evening my transformation begins at MAC. The minute I unfurl the Madonna pictures, all the store employees are atwitter. It's like Christmas in July. They can't believe I am actually asking to be made up like a draggy Madge circa 1991. Yay!!!

Turns out my fab makeup artist not only knows but worked with Sharon Gall, the woman responsible for make-up on Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour!!!! What are the odds! I sigh a sigh of relief, knowing I'm in good hands.

When I get home, Mr. D looks like baby-dangling-Neverland-dwelling perfection! From his fedora to the aviators to the geri curl bangs to the arm band to the rolled up pants and single white glove - he gets an A+!! Scored the whole look for less than $60.

While Mr. D moonwalks around for us, I Madonna-fy my mom. Throw a Justin Timberlake t-shirt, blond wig and cowboy hat on her. The effect? Very "Don't Tell Me." Also a little like ET with the blond wig, no? She's just SOOO little.

Then I quickly finish off my transformation. Start from my head and work down to my toes. Snap on the genie in a bottle ponytail. Just $20 in downtown. Then I spray my roots with some pretty toxic looking stuff. The color ends up looking a little more Betty White than Material Girl but I don't dwell on it.

Next the clothes. The pinstripe H&M pants that I got a million years ago in Europe. The jacket is Anne Klein. Got it at Goodwill for $5 last Sunday. I made the boob slits myself. Amazing approximation of the Jean Paul Gautier look, if I do say so myself.

The champagne-colored corset with the dangling garter belts I picked up in downtown for just $50. Saw a Madonna bullet bra on for nearly three times that. No thanks! Think mine ended up prettier and more realistic. I might even be able to wear it again. Maybe for a Dangerous Liasons look for Halloween.

As we arrive at The Orchid, the door is a zoo. I guess some NBA player was having a party there. Spotlights, red carpet, throngs, the whole deal. What are the odds? Ugh I did not bargain for this in K-town.

When we make it inside, Juana was already there in her Like a Prayer dress and GINORMOUS mole. Unfortunately, she couldn't find the right wig or curl her gloriously straight hair. Wah. But what her costume lacked, she made up for with singing all night long. She is hilarious. Mr. D says she should be on SNL.

Mr. NBC warned me he wasn't showing up in costume and demanded that I love him anyway. F! Good thing I brought extra gloves. Made him wear this red fingerless one. Looks super hot on his tan skin, no? Yum. My mom said she wants to ask him to go steady he's so delish.

Little Miss MBA rocked Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna. Ugh but she looked more like a little fashion anime doll. Too.freaking.adorable. My mom wanted to gobble her little legs up in those boots. We adore her.

So happy she was able to stop by since she was leaving bright and early for Peru the next morning.

Sable Crow won best boy costume in his Smooth Criminal look. I almost fell over when I saw the taped fingers and the PITCH PERFECT ponytail wig.

Aaaaaaaaaaamazing. He was a singing and dancing machine all night. Even dedicated Chiquitita to my mom at one point. That kiss-up. Doesn't he know he had her at white suit???

Danny B channeled a more recent Wakko Jacko incarnation with the face mask. HIGHlarious. He won best male vocalist of the evening.

Don't know how I've known him so long and had no idea he had such great pipes. Daisy Duke's looked quite proud. And pretty ;)

The best girl costume award goes to Weemo in Human Nature Madonna garb! I had an idea she was going to do dominatrix chic based on a sneak preview blog post last week. But I had no idea she'd commit to professional corn rows. She is my personal hero. Makes me cutting bangs for Mr. D's 90s party look like child's play. Thought she looked a little Christina Ricci too!

She scored the grand prize of the evening for her get up - my extra Tarina Tarantino bag. Adoring her and Mr. Monkey. They were my mom's fave couple tonight.

The Peeper showed up as limo-riding, bling-blinging, all-white Madonna from her Music video. Eeeks - that's one of my all time fave WeHo clubbing songs!

AM LOVING MY PEEPER BLOND!!! Don't care that her hubby hates it and called it a weenie shrinker.

Poptart Lover came as American Pie Madonna. Wore a lace-y blue tank top, jeans, American flag and tiara.

Easy, casual, GENIUS! Even at 7 years old I somehow knew she'd do me this proud someday :)

Loved watching my three high school friends catching up after not seeing each other for 13 years.

My mom was eating up the reunion too. She loves all those girls.

Len won best female vocalist of the evening - hands down. Perfect song selection and delivery. She should go on Idol.

Need more of her air guitaring ways in my life. Hear she is a fellow fruitfly.

Mr. Pope also made an appearance. Loved watching him work the crowd like only he can. He's hosting a hip hop karaoke night soon. Can't wait to invite some of his newest fans.

All the dueting all night killed me. I was seriously laughing ALL NIGHT! Cackling and crying by the end!!!

Like the PYT she is, Styleminded got to the party after midnight. But she didn't disappoint.

So hot in her Like a Virgin leather and lace. Very in vogue for fall 2008 ;)

Her frilly socks were killing me. So adorable. I want.

Socks were really THE must have accessory of the evening.

Ugh socks socks socks everywhere!!! Oh and the tamborines were also quite popular for those of us with less than bird-like singing voices.

The devil is always in the details with costumes for me. Just like any outfit. For example, my favorite part of my costume was the headset.

Did I need it? No. Did it make the outfit? YES. The boys' dueling arm bands were a similarly purrfect detail.

And don't even get me started about Little Miss MBA's Pop Swatch. I had the same one in white! Think I got it for a birthday as a pre-teen!!!

Think it's always muy importante when you are hosting a costume party to have a few extra pieces for the poopers (usually boys) who don't dress up.

This time that meant gloves. At other parties, we've done sunglasses or hats or jewelry.

A+ of a night!!! This was my favorite picture by far of the evening. The look in my eyes says it all. I adore Mr. D and our friends and our life together. I am blessed.

Um, REALLY blessed. Just LOOK at the presents he had laid out for me when I got home. HELL YEAH! :)

p.s. More fabulous party pictures on Weezermonkey's blog. YAYAYAYAY!

p.p.s. And some vintage Madonna for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.


weezermonkey said...

Best party!

WendyB said...

I'm awed by everyone's costumes. Brilliant!

lookrichbitch said...

OMG! You and your glorious cone boobs just had the party of the century! Yay!

Lynn Tran said...

Faboo! What a great b-day; simply mah-velous. And my, what a good b-day loot from Mr. D. I must C&P that image and leave around the house for my tall, lanky white boy.

Juana said...

Too much fun. Poptart Lover and Mr. Pope win for best percussions.

ShoeZQ said...

What a fabulous party and wonderful hubby you have! Glad you had a great night!

Jax said...

you are my new party-hero. Great idea, pics, and update! I surfed over from WeeMo's blog to see more of the action. Puts my annual Oscar Party-with- themed-food-contest to shame, but maybe i can talk the peeps into movie garb this year!

Da Fashionista said...

LOVING that you guys are all loving costumes. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I would wear a funny get up every day if I could.

Probably the best moment of the night was when I asked my mom if she ever dreamed her little girl would have parties like these. To my surprise, she said "YES." Not even the hint of hesitation.

She said I was always very imaginative even as a little little girl. Ugh. How great is that? How great is it that she came and dressed up and had a blast? Blessed. I am completely blessed.

Ly said...

FABULOUS Party, costumes, and people. LOVED your costumes and wemo's was truly spectacular! ::Running to check her blog now::

Ly said...

oh and D, you could totally rock blonde, seriously, looks fab with your tan.

MissJordyPants said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a fantastic party! You look sensational dearest.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Loved your makeup. Loved that your adorable mom came dressed up. Mr. D's outfit was hilarious, as well. It looks like you had a rockin' good time - Happy birthday!

Kate said...

Everyone did such great job with their costumes!!! I am totally impressed. Can't believe there wasn't more overlap. Awesome. So glad you have fun!

tam pham said...


i think i'm delusional enough to think that mr. d took my advice and went to nordie's to pick up the pucci scarf.

Anonymous said...

You look awesome! Looks like it was an awesome time!

Sable Crow said...

Ugh! You had me all the way until the end with your gratuitous present bragging. I want a man who buys ME 3.1 Philip Lim for MY birthday--oh, wait, I've got me!

I had such a fun time. My favorite part: pulling up in my sleek black convertible to a fashion-hot, red carpeted, searchlight beaming, crowded sausage-fest curb scene and stepping out dressed like--SMOOTH CRIMINAL. Now I know why Jacko keeps his hat low, his head down, and his sunglasses ON. Fortunately, I had all of those accessories, so I played the part and forced my way in past all the guttersnipe straight boys angling for entry. Don't they know who I am?

The f-ing King of Pop. F.

Your costume was FLAWLESS and I was fascinated by your hair all night. Not a bit Betty White in the club-light.

Everybody looked so good. I wanted to take WeezerMonkey home and spank her. Yowzer! And your mom was so cute that she deserved not just Chiquitita but also Fernando and Mamma Mia!

Kisses for your birthday! I love you.


amber said...

what a kickass party! you totally rule!

okay, let's see it. what is in all those pretty bags/boxes?!

Anonymous said...

wow looks like so much fun! the last dress i went to was moulin rouge and that was pretty cool!

JillFantastic said...

Happy Birthday! You and Mr. D looked perfect - so much fun!

dapotato said...

fab party. fab costumes. you are too awesome.


You are always so cute and sweet. Thanks for your comments. PS: I love Bale too! ^_^


oh and you're in my favorites (list of blogs!) ♥

Tiffany said...

happy birthday!

I think you are the coolest person that I "know". I don't know anybody that would throw these fabulous parties and everyone would actually come dressed up. I mean seriously that just shows how cool you are that you have friends that get cornrows put in her hair for your party! (Best costume ever!)

Milly said...

Great Party!! u look great!
and I also had a pop swatch in was a x-mas gift when i was

Christina said...

I did see ur Madonna b-day party cool! You looked fabulous! It also looked like alot of fun. Madonna is an icon!


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