Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Scene
Get a ton done at work. Incredible what the promise of a holiday can do for one's motivation.

All afternoon I play text tag with an old coworker who is in town for the 4th. He wants to meet up for drinks near work.

S2H (aka Scotty too Hotty) is a gem, an honest to goodness well raised kid. Rocket scientist brilliant and pretty boy pretty.

He's also quite ambitious, sweet and disarmingly hilarious. Check check and check. Everything I look for in an adopted little brother/mentee.

We actually became better friends after I left the company where we both worked. Funny how that happens sometimes. Love that he's a boy whose actually good at keeping in touch.

Has served him well since he moved to San Francisco last fall. Switched careers. Very proud that he took a leap of faith, shook things up. But I miss our silly times.

Today, he wasn't quite sure when he'd be able to leave work and then he got stuck in holiday traffic. Blah blah blah. I ended up waiting practically an hour for him. Ugh. There aren't too many people on the planet who I'd do this for.

When S2H finally arrives, I'm happy to see he hasn't changed a bit. His Pantene hair is still prettier than mine!

Over mojitos and martinis, we discuss life. Mostly our quest for personal and professional success. We share theories on how to find fulfillment and perhaps become richie rich along the way. We chat about making our own rules and throwing off the yoke of obligation and expectation. Love him. Excited to see how his story plays out. Think it's going to be good...

Have a late Mexican dinner with Mr. Diabolina. As we head home, he insists he wants Pinkberry. Now Mr. Diabolina never actually wants Pinkberry. He just wants me to be happy so pretends to crave it. And I play along.

The things one does for love.

The Outfit
Fashion district creme shift

The Accessories
Fashion district necklace
Forever 21 bangle and sunglasses
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Marc Jacobs hobo
Faux Chanel earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, let alone pull together a fashion homerun. Got super overwhelmed super quickly in my closet. It's starting to look a little like Forever 21: overstuffed and disorganized. Ugh. Must clean out.

So I just grabbed the first dress that looked presentable and summery. This $30 dress always reminds me of Jennifer Lopez. Probably because I heart that bitch. But more likely because the neutral palette resembles those pretty album covers.

JLo rocks beiges/whites/nudes like no one else. With the tan and the highlights and taut body, she so often looks glowing. Love that effortless glamour. Very California.

Instead of doing a pop of color I decided to keep all the accessories - the bag, the necklace and the bangle - subdued. An external reflection of how ho-hum I'm feeling on the inside.

p.s. How annoying was this week's big hullabaloo about JLo daring to wear a bikini just four months after having her twins? Realized I don't look too different and I haven't had the pleasure of bearing children yet. Just alot of Sprinkles cupcakes up in this belly. Sigh.

Think JLo looks hot though. Love the post-baby curves.

And how her style seems softer somehow. A little less calculated. A little less perfect.

Love the idea of a mommy who still looks fierce.

Clearly a woman doesn't have to leave her fashion sense or identity on the birthing table. Good to know ;)


Kelli said...

If you clean out your closet, you have to let me know! I am sure even the things you no longer want are awesome!! I wil fly to LA just to hit up the store with your goods or you could just donate to the Kelli charity:)

dapotato said...

love that the mr. pretends to crave pinkberry to make you happy. <3 for sure.

amber said...

i missed the hubbub about jlo in her bikini, but from what you're saying, it sounds like a bunch of ridiculousness from crazy lalaland. ugh. you're right though, she really does do neutrals better than almost anyone.

weezermonkey said...

Your little pinkberry is a sweetheart for feigning love for pinkberry.

Milly said...

nice need for a pop of color...its looks great!
and i also love/hate JLo :)

tam pham said...

i love a neutral dress. so easy to change up with accessories. j.lo ain't got NOTHIN' on you, mami!

R said...

How cute is that fake craving? So cute.

EvaAmarri said...

I really like ur outfit

WendyB said...

She always looks fabulous.

Juana said...

Who is responsible for the Fruity Pebbles? If it's you...KISS. If it's Mr. Diabolina...give him a little slap on the bum for me. High 5!

Da Fashionista said...

the pebbles are mine :)

MissJordyPants said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the neutrals. Look fantastic on your tan skin. Never really think to do it. Because usually I'm pasty-Irish-White. So not sexy. These days I'm red. and kind of orange. I still think not so sexy.

Juana said...

KISS!! Ah, give him a slap on the bum, anyway.

You know that girl in white with the satiny clutch--pictured with Maria Sharapova--Camilla Belle? She went to Marlborough HS. Rich before she was famous!!


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