Monday, July 7, 2008

New Feature: Diabolina Does Deep Thoughts - Jack Handy Style

So I've decided to share some other writing.
Put it all out there. Why not :)

Nothing earth shattering. It's all very stream of consciousness. A little like poetry. Mostly about duality and human nature and the view from my prism.

So here goes. An experiment. Just for kicks.
Hope it speaks to you but if it doesn't that's ok.
Maybe it makes your day a little more lyrical. Maybe not.

It's all just part of my journey and part of my opening up :)


i'm watching

People fascinate me.

How they reveal themselves in quiet moments.

How they let you glimpse their souls in the stillness.

How they cry and flirt and forget and giggle and celebrate and grow and care.

How they hurt each other and love each other and forgive each other.

How vulnerable they are when you know what to look for.

How strong they can be when put to the test.

How they either get it or they don't. Get you or they don't.

How they hide themselves and wear masks. And feel scared. Or not enough.

But they are. They are everything. They just can't see it.

How they live out their dreams. Or fantasize about them to get through the day.

How you can love them and hate them and trust them and feel betrayed by them.

How they disappoint you.

How they make you better.

How they hand you their hearts and fill yours.

How they become family. How they become strangers.

How they hold your hand and give you strength
even when they are thousands of miles away.

How they can say things that change your day, your perspective, your soul.

How they make you see yourself through their eyes.

How they become mothers and fathers. And husbands and wives. Women and men. Instead of the kids you once knew. How they change and how they stay the same.

How beautiful they are in their ugliness.
How much texture there is in their pain.

How they surprise you and delight you and make you cackle

when you least expect it. Or need it the most.

How they look at you with love or fear or desire or judgment or contempt.
And then look away.

How they want more. How they settle for less.

How their gifts are their curses.

How complicated or simple or tragic or blissful their stories are.

How they ache.

How their quirks are endearing in ways they will never quite get.

How they try to connect. Need to connect. Fail to connect.

How they want to know you. Or think they know you. Or do know you.

Sometimes better than you know yourself.

How human they are.

All these people I cross paths with. Everyone. The waiter at the restaurant. The friend who I've known forever. The friend who I just met but feel like I've known forever. My mother. My love.

They fascinate me.

I try to understand them. Touch their hearts. Make it better.
Because they inspire me and make me feel alive
when I watch them and see how they are and who they are.

This is my life. These people are my life.


tam pham said...

beautiful words, my dear.

Juana said...

that armani table almost made me vomit (sorry) but then your poem saved the post. :)

MissJordyPants said...

I am sitting in my cubicle with tears in my eyes. The duality of people, wow. The texture of pain part really moved me. STUNNING words strung together into beautiful sentences!

I'm so happy that you're opening yourself up and sharing this amazing part of you!

Sable Crow said...

I kiss you with my little black beak.
Sable Crow

weezermonkey said...

So NOT Jack Handy. :)

amber said...

love this so much.


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