Saturday, April 5, 2008

U Bra

The Scene
Take my car into be serviced in the wee hours. Instead of getting a loaner car decide to run home. A little over 5 miles. Eeeks!

I've attempted once before, about a year ago. Almost threw up. Had to have Mr. Diabolina come pick me up at mile 4. Embarasking.

Today I run it NO PROBLEMO. YAY!!!

I do notice a big difference in running outside rather than the treadmill. I get winded faster. Feel how polluted the air is pretty quickly. Ugh, I need to buy a hybrid.

Also have to contend with sidewalk unevenness, squirrels, dogs, and bad drivers. But all in all, a great run. Super energized and proud of myself.

[I wore a purposefully busted running outfit to minimize unwanted attention from my fellow browns who seem to find me uber hot when I am a sweaty mess. Blech. Catcalls REALLY bother me.]

In the late morning, KFR and I hit the fashion district. She is starting a new job in a week. The dress code is much more casual than she's been used to the last 3 years. Plus, we are on a mission to get her in more skirts and dresses.

For the first 4 stores, I am the one doing all the buying. She's not loving anything. Ugh I hate when a friend's not feeling the shopping locale you've picked. Feel like I've failed her...

But then in the alley, she catches up. Finds alot of great drapey tunics and strapless numbers. She snaps them up in a rainbow of colors. Phew.

We have a nice lunch and talk careers. She gives me loads of great advice and I realize how lucky I am to have friends like her who truly care about my well being. She is a rockstar. Love when work friends become life friends.

Tonight, Mr. Diabolina heads out to a comedy show with a fraternity buddy. I spend the night in - cleaning and catching up on work. I have been needing a quiet night to myself.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Marc Jacobs hobo
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 yellow bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
This dress is a dream. So easy and yet so chic. The print is very Marc by Marc. Also a bit Marimekko, no? Weirdly, Burberry at the bottom too.

Love the subtle burgundy stripes. Little detail that just makes it for me. Match my LV earring to it and voila: fashionista heaven.

It was under $25 dollars but has already paid for itself in use. It will without fail garner compliments whenever I wear it.

Today is no exception. I feel like I'm famous with all the eyes on me as we traipse around downtown. One girl even walked back into a store and asked me where I got it.

My sandals also have people mezmerized all day. Odd. I don't think they are that special but people really dig them.

The Riz designed cards for me a while back. Thinking about getting them printed and handing them to anyone who compliments my style. Might be a good way to start marketing the blog. What do ya think?

p.s. I decided to wear the bra I bought for my 30th birthday soiree today. Figured this dress dips pretty low and the bra has a cool dip too.

But I forgot it should come with a warning label: extreme boobage. It does amazing things for the girls.

Mr. Diabolina wanted to capture just how amazing ;)

I have NEVER had such cleavage. It's truly an engineering feat this design. Have bought quite a few for girlfriends' birthdays.

Run don't walk and get one, mamis. And papis - they are fun for the whole family ;)

In response, to the comments:

I bought the dress about a year ago at Forever. Have another color in the same cut.

The bra I got at Macy's. Not sure of the brand (maybe Fashion Forms) since the tag is practically indecipherable. But I know Wonderbra and Victoria Secret make this U shape plunge style too. It really is a life changing article of clothing. KISS!


Ivy said...

Yay for the 5+ miles run! Boo for catcalls! I love love the dress, was this a recent purchase?

Jean Bean said...

Need bra info, please.

weezermonkey said...

My fellow browns?!
I am cackling here.

Cee said...

awesome on the run. It's disgusting when the browns start whistling. Ew. Ditto on Jean Bean, more deets on the bra.

MissJordyPants said...

I'm so impressed! I hate running outside. I make it a few feet before wanting to vomit all over myself.

amber said...

at first i thought you were wearing denim capris and i almost choked on my water. after closer inspection, they look like comfy, functional sweats. much better ;)


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