Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Scene
Ran some errands in the morning and then went to return the Rogan for Target stuff at Barney's. The salesboy was snarky as all out about it. Ugh. Reminded me why I LOATHE shopping at "trendy" stores. Why I should pay for some retail person to think they are better than me/ judge me I have no idea. Give me my Forever 21 girls who could care less about me any day ;)

Plus the guy was no Mensa candidate. He almost refunded me the whole amount of my THREE purchases when I was only returning two items. Had to point this out to him. I worked retail in high school and at a rocket company two years ago. I know retail isn't easy but it's not rocket science. F.

Since their sale was still going I walked around. Saw lots of strappy gladiator shoes. All still waay too expensive. In the $200-$400 range. Bought some resale ones yesterday for $60 that look way more pricey. Can't wait to debut.

Sidenote - Noticed that EVERYONE had gorgeous shoes at the Chanel party. Invariably, I wanted every shoe. Even the unfortunate lady of a certain age in a Target dress had some amazing Vuitton sandals on. Shoes can really make a dress. Not sure it works the other way around tho.

Peeped some Marc and DVF dresses I liked in the $100ish range. Didn't LOVE them so kept on truckin. No shopping frenzy today.

Then I happened upon this Diane Von Furstenberg that I've been eyeing. Marked down to $110. Tried it on and liked it but again didn't NEED it in my life so walked away. Besides the angle from the front wasn't as flattering. Too bouchy under the boobs.

Decided to take a peep at the sale shoes and guess who had the same idea? RACHEL BILSON. I was dazed by the sea of shoes and nearly didn't recognize her. She is MINISCULE. She STARED me down as she walked by, gave me those "Come on, recognize me" eyes. No me gusta. So I stared back at her blankly even though I wanted to bust out the camera.

Refrained tho. At the Chanel party I justfied talking blatant pics because everyone expected to be photographed. It was a party. Celebrities were technically working. Today she is just shopping, living her life. But what are the odds that I would see her today when she was the ONLY celebrity I wanted to see at the Chanel party and didn't??? Weird. I texted G and she said it was fashion fate. Must be.

She was wearing skinny jeans and flats and a generic black sweater. Yawn. Did I mention she was TINY???? Looked like a 14 year old. I picked this picture just to show how small she is. I imagine her dog walking friend is not an Amazon. She's just normal, my height.

Summer was talking a bit loud in that "notice me!" way. Again, ugh. Had about 20 pairs of shoes strewn in front of her. Was fingering a pair of pink ruched Christian Loubatins last time I looked.

Oh and she was with a friend who was SUPER dressed up. Full makeup and hair and dress and heels. Ironic because Rachel was totally raggamuffined out, not a drop of makeup or hair product. I imagine you know you are going to be photographed when you go shoe shopping with her and want to look your best. In fact, when I was leaving I saw this paparazzi in the window looking for the best shot. Mental note: Maybe I should become a stalkerazzi.

Headed out to the hospital with Mr. Diabolina to see M&M. She was as bubbly and positive as ever. So inspiring. With a little help from her hubby she got herself in a brace and in her wheelchair and showed us around her PT facilities. She wore weightlifting gloves to wheel herself around and not chaff her hands. Heartbreaking but amazing.

Doctors are saying she's likely going to be there another 5 weeks. Her goal is to be able to stand on the day she leaves. In the meantime, tomorrow is her anniversary and she is HOSTING A PARTY IN THE REHAB HOSPITAL COURTYARD!!! Amazing.

She is the ultimate party planner and it's great to see her acting like herself. Have a lovely visit and am very positive she will walk again.

Got dinner with the mister and then called it a night early. Fun but emotional day.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Chanel black and white earrings
Forever 21 bracelets
Chanel chain tote
Steve Madden wedge patent gladiators

The Grade

The Commentary
Have been dying to pair these shoes with this dress for a while now. Love the contrast. So Euro, so Chanel. Simply chic.

Seeing Gwyneth and Natalie do black and white ensembles it at Cannes over the last week made my need even more urgent. Gawd did they look radiant in their confections ;)

Today's outfit was really the warm weather version of this January look with the same eyelet dress and color palette. Felt a bit chunky monkey today even after a good workout. Boo. White tends to do that to my psyche. Sigh.

Please note this dress is as scandalously short as I get. Was super conscious of the attention flashing this much leg garners in the viewing public. Women scowl, men leer. Eeks.

I detest being perceived as ho-ish. Mr. Diabolina is bemused by it. Think he likes the attention. Actually I know he does.

But I think the shortness is balanced by the high neckline. And the good bag, frankly. Ultimately, it's not the outfit. It's how one carries oneself. And I like to think I hold myself in a way that says high fashion not low rent - even when I am in ostensibly "sexy" looks. (p.s. The word sexy bothers me. Peaches and Mr. Diabolina like to draw out the "s" to gross me out. F!)

The bracelets are new. Me loves. Very Marni.

Except mine cost $5ish instead of hundreds.


tam pham said...

i love your life! Chanel parties, running into Bilson at Barneys, etc. lucky biatch!

tam pham said...

oh yeah, i took some better pics of the new Chanel earrings i got for you to peep on! i put up the new pics on the post.

amber said...

sophia bush wore that dvf strapless dress in the season finale of one tree hill. let's just say i had been eyeing that dress for some time, too ;)

Jean Bean said...

You look HOT in that dress, Mama. Now we've seen the hotness and it didn't cost a dime. Ba-ha! You 1, Barney 0.

weezermonkey said...

The correct way to react to Rachel Bilson's fishing for recognition:

"Ooh! You're the chick from that old Subway commercial!"

Fabulosity said...

You are lookin' good! Keep up what your doing...I'm no help, but that dress looks awesome on you.

Amber Nofetari said...

Thanxx your blog rocks too!

&& I bought a cute yellow dress from Forever21 yesterday I am so addicted to that store <3

WendyB said...

Does that Rachel Bilson girl ever do any, you know, acting? Or does she just trot around in little outfits?

TINA said...

wow, i love your dress. it's ADORABLE. the chanel shoe sounded like fun~!
and those bangles are so cute! they are VERY marni; they look almost exactly like the resin bead/disc necklaces. love them!


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