Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Scene
Lazy in the A.M. But super motivated in the P.M.

Ran errands. Visited Stella McCartney, Intermix, American Apparel. Then hit the jackpot at Buffalo Exchange. Nabbed a gray Marc Jacobs jacket, Banana Republic tweed coat and a great vintage
scarf - all for a grand total of $67. Savings? In the hundreds.

Worked out in a little Primp deer print tank (thanks, FancyPants!) Then hit the birthday party of a lovely friend from college. Rupal and Scott Speedman were there. Yes, at the same time. No, I am not shitting you. Ain't lalaland life grand?

To the party, I wore skinnies with a Forever 21 bubble top and browny boots and chunky jewelery. Very "world bazaar." Pretty cute outfit for (literally) rubbing elbows with Ben Covington. Was even rocking my Felicity
(geri) curls.

The Outfit

Forever 21 eyelet white dress
Marc Jacobs polka dot white and black coat

The Accents
DKNY black tights
Marc Jacobs eyelet Mary Janes
Gucci black sunglasses
Chanel black chain tote
urgundy cotton scarf
Chanel white and black art deco earrings

The Grade
B+ overall for all three

The Commentary

The daytime outfit was tres Parisian. Me loves. I want to buy more tights. Cobalt blue and grey ones. My new burgundy ones are missing. F to me.

These Mary Janes should come with some Mary Jane. They are hot but the very definition of uncomfortable when you walk for more than 10 minutes. I think they are my most painful shoe.

The coat is another LOUD fave. So comfortable. I wore it to death in Japan.

The gym outfit was cute 'nuff. Ran into a friend at the party tonight that worked out at Crunch today too. She saw the entire cast of the current Biggest Loser show working out there. When repeating the story, I called it the Fattest Loser by mistake. Whoops ;)

The party outfit was just ok. Not terribly inspired. Do heart the shit-kicker boots tho. And the necklace complements everything so nicely.

I really need this rain to stop. It's robbed me of my mojo.

Let me know if you are down with the big guy to help make it happen!


Mira said...

That dress from F21 is so cute. Wish we had F21 in Norway.

I'm actually reading fashion toast's blog almost every day.

Like this blog :)

weezermonkey said...

"The Fattest Loser"!

KFR said...

D - you are inspiring me to both up the dressing ante and go to the gym. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Skinny bixch! Looking H-to the-O-to the DOUBLE T!

Da Fashionista said...


i do it all for you!

kisses, juana!


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