Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina suggests hitting the Body Worlds exhibit today at the California Science Center. YAY him!

We've been dying to go for years and it's FINALLY the purrfect way to spend a muggy Saturday! While we're at it, we decide to go whole hog/nerd and watch an Imax movie too. Sea Monters - a tale of prehistoric sea creatures. So much dorky fun.

The Body Worlds exhibit is shocking and creepy but fascinating and brilliant.

We're a bit surprised that people have brought little little kids to it. We think we'd wait until a kid was at least 11.

That shit would have given a baby Diabolina nightmares fo shizzle.

On the way home, Mr. D and I decide to stop talking about something and just do it already. We are on a mission to find LC's new house. We know we've seen it not too far from our place.

After a few wrong turns, voila, we find it. And proceed to drive by it. Three times. Like total stalkers.

I love Mr. D for being my partner in all crimes.

Have a scrumptious dinner that leaves me in a happiness coma. See my glazed over piggie eyes?

Please also note how I clean my plate and Mr. Diabolina does not. Ugh. It's how he maintains his girlish figure. F.

Then we meet Styleminded at the El Rey to watch a friend of hers perform.

Mr. Kelley James. The same yummy boy we all went to see at the Troubadour back in January. He's a USC alum, talented and always draws a fun crowd. Lots of pretty people.

None prettier though than Styleminded and her chicas. Ah, to be tiny and twentysomething!!! Can you stand how adorable they all are???? Love girls who wear dresses and sequins in a sea of jeans and jackets. Nothing like being over the top and fabulous and OWNING IT.

Please look at how gorg Stylista looked. Tonight Mr. Diabolina declared her a "class act" and pointed out that she was wearing a belt just like me. ADORE!

We found it hilarious when some drunk guy tried to hit on her by smelling her rosette. Felt sorry for him. Stylista may be tiny but she is a force to be reckoned with - she promptly handed him his ass and walked away.

Fun fun night trying to keep up with the young, hep kids nowadays.

Adore my sweetie Styleminded. What a gem. For the last year, she has reminded me that playing hard is just as important as working hard.

She's helped me get in touch with a more carefree, less jaded side of myself. Endlessly grateful to her.

A+ of a day!

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic
Forever 21 leggings
Brown wrap sweater

The Accessories
Chanel brown sunglasses
Damier inspired bangle
Yves Saint Laurent tote
BCBG riding boots
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Still gray and horrid out today so decided again to dust off some boots. Figure I should get some wear out of them before I put them into hibernation for the warm months.

Wasn't sure about the whole black with brown thing but decided to try it after reading an article about it a few weeks ago. Feel like it ended up working seamlessly.

Felt so cozy and comfortable all day. But still felt elegant and unique. Especially at the museum where most women were mommies in hoodies and jeans. This is definitely a new go-to casual outfit for foul weather. YAY!

For the evening festivities, I decided to flash some leg with my new gladiators. Bought this tie dye dreaminess at Forever 21. Under $30. However bought it too big and am too lazy to return it.

Enter this old belt. I used to wear it with jeans in grad school. Lo those 9 years ago. Used to make me feel very rock and roll. What.A.Nerd!

Decided to give it a whirl with a voluminous dress. Wore the belt low slung, the dress hiked up. Especially liked how the belt's circles match the circular print of the dress.

Think it mostly worked. Eek. My first belt adventure. Just wish the neckline of this dress was a little lower - would've helped the all over proportion. But do love me the braiding detail. Inspired me to twist up my hair, Hills style.

Oh and look at the little faux Dior earrings. Got them on Canal Street in New York a few years ago. Adore!

On a final note, I'd like to impart some opinions on age appropriate dressing. I truly do think you are only as old as you feel. In fact, my mom is younger in spirit than some 25 year olds I know. And some 30 year olds I know act like grandparents.

However, as the Body Worlds exhibit today proved, we are more than just our spirits. We are also our bodies. I think we should not only care for those bodies but dress those bodies with care.

We should not dress for the body we wished we had or for the body we used to have. We should take a good hard look at ourselves and celebrate our best features in the here and now. And the not so great features? Well, we should just try to accept them, try to work with them, not against them.

Tonight I knew I'd be hanging with girls 5-8 years younger than me and quite a bit slighter than me. Knew we'd be seeing live music and drinking and shimmy-ing.

So I decided to show the gams, flaunt them even. Because they are - after 30 years - still holding up. Decided to cover the rest up, not fool myself into thinking I am younger, thinner than I am. Decided I could flash a little flirty back too. Why not :)

Meanwhile, my delish Styleminded flashed lots of leg AND even more flirty back. Yum! Perfect choice for a teeny twentysomething in the prime of her beauty who just happens to crush on the lead singer.


weezermonkey said...

What a fun day!

I think I'd be an irresponsible parent who would bring a small child.

But my child would be awesomely precocious, of course.

Artsy Fartsy said...

You and Mr. D. are so full of fun and curiousity. And, darling, your cute little friends might be younger and smaller, but you couldn't tell from the pictures! You are a teenie meenie youngun' yourself!

P.S. Got a new blog makeover should check it out. I think you'll approve!

amber said...

my mom is not a fashion guru, but always told me to dress what you have and be realistic about it. i think it makes a HUGE difference in how you wind up feeling and how others perceive you.

and for the record, i think you held up quite well against the youngins ;)

tam pham said...

i love fun day dates like going to a museum or art exhibit!! ps. the belt with the tunic is fabulous. you really should rock more belts. so flattering and stylish.

Juana said...

This is a fashion blog. I'm gonna go there...what the F is that little girl wearing??? Is that a swimming suit with red ankle socks? At a museum?!!!!


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