Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Scene
Last day of vacation. Wah.

Frittered it away reading and tanning and watching TV and emailing friends and surfing the Web. Heaven. I really could never step foot in an office again.Sigh.

Mr. Diabolina came home and asked me where I wanted to have my "last supper." I immediately responded with bld. Have been wanting to take him there since G took me back in February.

Everything was delish. The meats and cheeses to start. The mussels for me and this DREAM of a salmon salad confection on flatbread for him.

Everything was going swimmingly until he asked me what nutella was on the dessert menu. I almost had a heart attack. Who is he????

HOW COULD HE NOT KNOW THE WONDERS OF NUTELLA??? He lived abroad for a semester. Ugh. So clearly I was FORCED to order a nutella banana crepe. He loved it as anyone with half a taste bud should.

Ended the night with a little Office and first day pep talk from Mr. Diabolina. Feels like it's my first day of kindergarten and it always sucks to be the new girl ;(

The Outfit
Forever 21 nautical halter
Mossimo skinny jeans

The Accessories
Banks & Biddle bangle
Fashion district gold and red leopard bangles
Urban Outfitters sandals
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Spent most of the day in a turquoise Roxy bathing suit. Would read on the roof for a while and then come inside for a technology fix. Perfectly relaxing.

Grabbed this nautical top for dinner because it makes me feel like I'm on a cruise. Wanted to eek out as much vacation as I could for the final hours.

This top has great little details at the neckline. Plus it's an overall flattering shape on me with the halter and the A-line cut.

Paired it with the skinny jeans and UO flats to cover up the legs and feel comfy. These sandals are one of my best purchases of late. Think they look pricer then they are and work so well with a wide range of items in my closet. I ADORE how flats look with these skinnies. Love the bunching at the ankles.

Have been LOVING the LC braiding action in the tabloids. But today I saw it on Reese Witherspoon, a smart mother of a certain age. That inspired me.

As I walked out the door I kinda twisted more than braided a little piece of hair at the crown and fastened it with a bobby pin.

Fun little easy way to be on trend and feel summery.

Think good thoughts for me tomorrow, pretty please. The outfit is laid out and the heart is open. Let's see what the new chapter holds...


Michelle said...


weezermonkey said...

He didn't know what Nutella is?!

You are hotness with your tan. :)

Ivy said...

Good luck on your new day! You'll be the hot new girl everyone talks about.

(one of the pics, you had your hair pulled back and it looked like you had cut your can totally do a bob!)

amber said...

i'm smiling at the blackberry on the table in the pic of mr. d's salad. our dinners look the same ;)

tons of luck to you tomorrow!! :D

tam pham said...

hope the first day goes well!!! i'm sure you'll win everyone over in mere seconds!

MissJordyPants said...

Have a super fabulous first day! Good Luck!

Lynn Tran said...

Good luck, though you won't need it. You will dazzle them with your brain & beauty.

lookrichbitch said...

fun! first day of work to show 'em who's the new fashionista in town!

gawd, I wish it was warm enough for me to wear cute tanks and camis! I'm literally wearing a long sleeve shirt under a juicy hoodie and a down vest today. (it's Friday! I'm allowed to dress down!)

WendyB said...

Cute nautical top!

R said...

*whispering* I've never had Nutella either.

Good luck on your first day! Soak up your vacay and make it worth it. :)

venn said...

30 years without Nutella is tragic. It should never happen.

Your tan is glorious.

I can't wait to see what you wore on your first day!


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