Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Scene
After work, I run, I don't walk, to Border's. Like all little, nerdy Psychology slash English majors, I turn to bookstores when I'm feeling a little broke down and beaten by the world.

Buy two REDIC books. Their titles really say it all. SIGH!

When I arrive home, two fab catalogs are waiting in my mailbox. Chanel and Gucci.

Thank god - a little beauty in my day. I literally devour them... with some fava beans and a nice Chianti ;)

These were my favorite pages inside. Simple Gucci color-block flats and purty sketches/photos of the grand Coco-licious dame herself!

Would LOVE to work at a luxury brand and use my writing slash marketing slash PR slash Web skillzzz to create pieces like these.

Perhaps, perhaps...someday, someday.

The catalogs remind me that I keep meaning to share one little tip that can make a big difference. A simple way to stay current on trends and train your eye is to sign up to receive emails from sites that you love. I love Neiman Marcus, Netaporter, Shopbop. Though these sites are primarily portals for hawking designer goods, all three also have really strong editorial voices and luscious art direction.

Another option is getting email newsletters from online versions of magazines you love. I subscribe to Elle and Vogue on and off line.

These emails are also just a fun way to get a bit of escapist inspiration in your inbox during the work day - no effort required :)

The Outfit
C&C California tangerine tshirt
Marc by Marc Jacobs full skirt
Beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton "Sweet Monogram Earrings"
Banks&Biddle gold bangle
London Sole flats
Marc Jacobs hobo in putty

The Grade

The Commentary
Since my mind is uneasy, decided my body should be comfortable today. Hence the dowdy, functional feel of the outfit.

Built everything around the skirt which was inspired by yesterday's top. I wanted to make the point that the Forever and Marc prints are almost indistinguishable.

Just take a side-by-side look at some other Forever and Marc lookalikes.

Can you tell which is which at a glance?

Mr. Diabolina had some trouble when put to the test. (Adore that he plays my silly reindeer games.)

With today's skirt (as with most of my favorite things) it's all in the details. The little translucent globes that function as buttons... the dots of turquoise...the cheerful pocket detail...the fact that there ARE pockets...

This cut is not especially flattering on my hips. This is definitely not the type of skirt to show off the effects of bootcamp ;) The full skirt adds (duh) fullness but I enjoy the retro feel of it all so I sacrifice figure flattery.

The top I got at the Camarillo outlets. Not sure if I should have tucked it into the skirt or not.

The sweet little flats I got resale at the UCLA Thrift Store. They are a purrfect neutral shoe that I can - and do - pair with anything.

Realized photographing the new LV earrings was going to be close to impossible when The Peeper shot me today at work. She instantly suggested I make a video instead. GENIUS!! That's why she's the Phd and I'm not.

So here's my first foray into video. I'm kinda shy - didn't angle it right and felt a bit retarded. But also kinda SUPER excited by the possibilities...Maybe a tour of my walk-in? Maybe some scarf tying lessons for KFR? Maybe a post-bootcamp confessional? hee-hee

p.s. Also felt like sharing my first ever blog entry. It's from 2006 but still crystallizes my search for professional purpose.

By reading this blog, you have become a part of my journey and I want you to know just how much that means to me.

It's pretty much everything to me in this moment!

With a kiss,


Artsy Fartsy said...

Ooh, okay, I want to play "can you spot the designer game!" My guess is for the purple tops - Marc on left, F21 on the right. For the sleeveless tunics, F21 on the left, Marc on the right. I probably got them both wrong, but that's my guess.

Also, checked my gym schedule, and yours truly will be going to her own bootcamp cardio class tonight!

ljlkc said...

The video was both silly and cute. I liked it!

MissJordyPants said...

How did you know about MY dream job?!

Feeling like I need to make it to this UCLA Thrift Store. Never heard of it before you. Chris is out of town, so I'm thinking I'm going to shop my worries away all weekend :-)

weezermonkey said...

Soy "dowdy and functional" todos los dias!

That's just how I roll. ;)

Kate said...

I'm swooning over the skirt!

And the video idea is great. I was JUST thinking about adding a video element on my blog yesterday! There are so many possibilities with video, I hope you'll explore that more.

that girl said...

awwww i loved the video. it was like getting an extra shot in your drink for free!!! also you looked adorable you absolutely need to do more. loving it.

Jean Bean said...

Just work in fashion already! No more lollygagging! xxxx

Fabulosity said...

Cheer Up Diabolina! I find you very inspiring. I hope you find your niche soon!

amber said...

can't see the video here, but i'll look when i get home tonight. that tangerine color is gorgeous on you :)

KFR said...

D, just catching up on your blog after days apart. Glass(es) of wine by side and your blog ... a perfect evening.

You must help me solve my scarfing dilemma. Perfectly lovely Missoni piece is sitting quite unworn.

Wore the grey F21 belt today -- found the right pants to go with BCBG top/F21 belt combo. Got compiments today which means major breakthrough at my office. Felt very appropriate therefore to look steely while boss offered me promotion (someday, just not today) and more money (thru near-worthless shares that I can cash in someday, just not today).

(Note: plastic belt is a bit sweaty betty after a long day. But only saying so since I'm near anonymous in this forum.)

Da Fashionista said...

artsyfartsy: opposite on the first on, right on in the second one. it's tough to tell. dying to hear about the bootcamp...

yay to all for the love

and SO glad the belt worked out KFR!


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