Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Scene
Party Day!!!

We start the day with an enourmous lumberjack of a breakfast and then hit the city for some sightseeing. The most hilarious thing happens the minute we get out of the cab in the northwest part of town. A bum sees Mr. Diabolina, lights up and LOUDLY proclaims, "Man, that is the BEST sweater I have seen all day!!!" Mr. Diabolina is struck dumb but The Beav and I instantly crack up at this compliment!

He bought that sweater all by himself at H&M and I really do love it. Very Fair Isle. I call him "Oatmeal Chunk" when he wears it :)

Portland is very picturesque and feels like a college town to me. Kinda like Berkeley. Tons of hippie looking young peeps and sporty spices.

Also lots of random statues all over the city that we had fun with all day. Lots...

and lots...

and lots of fun.

Hit an Irish pub and had Guinness floats. Naughty decadence is required on vacation, right?

Popped into a few stores. There was a vintage store that was promising right across from the hotel. Love the sign but alas nothing in my size.

Mr. Diabolina actually allowed a quick Forever 21 trip. That Girl taught him how to meditate while The Beav and I scored some yummy treats.

(Mental note to self: Do not just shove a yellow bag full of new purchases in luggage and forget about travel wrinkling. F to me.)

Went back to the hotel, napped and got fabulous for Mr. T's 30th extravaganza!!!

The Outfit
Mossimo skinny dark jeans
Banana stripped sweater
Fuchsia wrap sweater
Vintage camel coat

The Accessories
BCBG Max Azria chocolate flat boots
Chocolate knit scarf
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Gucci wrap around sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
The boots were perfection today. Lots of walking and they were super comfortable. They garnered loads of ogling from Portlanders who looked confused by them. I took it as a good sign. Also was glad that the skinny jeans tucked into the boots so easily. Was worried it would look all lumpy dumpy. Phew!


Kate and Mr. T did an amazing job with the party. Everyone had a blast. Perfect space, delish food, flowing drinks, hot photo lounge and great mix of people.

ADORE this genius diagram they made showing how all the party guests are connected to the birthday boy. It's an idea I will definitely steal for future events of my own. (Am quite the party planner myself!)

I heart Mr. T. We are very similar. Writers. Nerds. Dancers. We both love attention. And are total camera whores. A real dynamic duo.

I know it meant so much to him to have a great group of old pals fly in to celebrate with the new guard. THRILLED we could be a part of the two worlds coming together.

This Forever 21 dress is a bit weird even for me. Strange shape, different mix of fabrics, very Prada intellectual. Noticed alot of folks didn't know what to make of it. I just LOVE it tho. Hope the professional photog got some better shots of it.

Mr. Diabolina wore his Miu Miu velvet. So cute with his shorn locks!

That Girl looked sassy in a hot strapless number. Yummers! Too bad she and I were drinking champagne like it was going out of style!!! Not a good idea!

Ended up discussing this blog with lots of peeps. Felt good to get such positive feedback and validation for something so personal and creative and non-work related.

Had a fantabulous time. So happy we could get away and share such a special night with a lovely couple.



weezermonkey said...

I am laughing at the bum's compliment on the oatmeal chunk sweater.


Kate said...

You looked HOT on Saturday night. I loved the dress. Yeah, it's def a little unorthodox but it works, works, works. And seriously, I had to force myself not to ask you if I could try your shoes on. Love your recap post, have lots more comments. But those will have to wait until after boot camp this morning!

amber said...

i want to see a better pic of the party dress! i'm curious what it actually looks like. :)

Blue Bird said...

Thank you so much for coming. It's always good when celebrities to show up.

Did you know I fell in love with you a little bit over this weekend? Okay, a lot. Like, A LOT. You're a funny mofo, D. Can't get enough.


P.S. You looked hot like fire at the party. The photos will be available for your viewing pleasure later tonight. The ones of you alone and you and me together are AMAZING.

that girl said...

wow shout outs to me on my fav fashion blog, don't i feel fancy. yet again had a BLAST this weekend, can't wait to do it LA style!

Da Fashionista said...

did you catch that the bum LIGHT UP. Like Mr. D made his DAY! i almost keeled over.

kiss you. you totally should have tried my shoes on. they are insane comfortable. YAY for bootcamp. COMMENT UP A STORM SOON ;)

Boo no great pic of it. It's so weird, it fascinates me :)

Mr. T,
ugh i want to eat your face in all the pictures. YOU are hilarity.
I LOVE looking hot like fire. that's my new myspace tagline, danke!

that girl,
you are seriously my new favorite person. you are one cool chica. needs you in my life more. LOVE BOMBS!


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