Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Scene
Happy V-day!

Mr. Diabolina and I are funny valentines. We never celebrate on the actual 14th - too much of a zoo. And we only sometimes do presents - each of us is notoriously hard to shop for. Sigh. We've been together for 10 years. Can you tell?

Last year tho he outdid himself with a gorge DVF dress as a gift. Ironically, it was the dress that started the runway show I saw with Jean Bean at Fashion Week. Something cosmically right about that connection.

It remains my only full price DVF. Wore it to his 30th b-day dinner with his family. Felt like a delicious kept woman ;)

Last night, we went out to a low-key dinner, talked politics. Tonight we caught up on Project Runway. Discovered Christian has the same Prada glasses as me. Ugh.

We're both stressing at work because we are taking the weekend off and going to Portland for the fab 30th celebration of Kate's hubby. VERY excited to dance and giggle and eat and see a place I've never seen with some great college friends.

But that means I won't be able to blog until Sunday night. Wah. Boo. Hiss. So here's a peek at what I'm packing:

Friday plane outfit - comfy Uggs and warm cashmere with a splash of color via the scarf. Bringing my camel coat since it's doing to dip down to the 30s at night.

Plane outfit revised with some sparkle for going out when we land. Switched out the boots for some Cole Haan flats and added a sparkly clutch, bangle and my NEW bow belt from H&M. Just bought it in four different colors. LOVES.

Saturday day outfit - Remember when those beaded purses were so popular? I just spied it in my closet and decided to revive it. Love this hat and the raspberry scarf paired with the color of the Uggs.

Saturday night outfit - Gonna rock my avant garde Forever 21 dress that I've been dying to bust out. Finally the right occasion has arrived. May pair it with leggings and the scarf. We'll see. The Prada shoes continue to kill me - so hot. In a very prissy way.

Sunday day/plane outfit - These boots were made for traveling and that's just what they'll do. Bringing two thin sweaters as options to see what I am feeling that day. It's so important to bring easy mix and matchable pieces when you are traveling. I'm usually a ninja packer but throwing stuff together kinda late for this trip. F to me.

The Outfit
Navy Jackie O shift
Vintage Burberry trench

The Accessories
American Apparel burgundy tights
YSL pumps
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
Me&Ro gold and turquoise hoops and necklace

The Grade

The Commentary
This shift was also a downtown score. I adore it even though it's a bit big. I feel so retro in it. Especially with the big bouncy curls today.

My boss' fiancee asked me the other day what color shoes to pair with her new navy suit. I replied you can always go nunish boring with black but that a rich brown and beige also work. Borrowing a page from the Proenza Schouler boys apparently so do mustard and burgundy! So hot! Uber inspiring to me.

The turquoise with the navy also sets my heart a flutter. I saw the pairing in a magazine once and it has become one of my favorite unexpected combos.

Mr. Diabolina got me these dainty Me&Ro pieces for Christmas two years ago. Love wearing them and thinking of him. I did that all day today.

That and, well...ate this delish red velvet cupcake too. Don't tell my bootcamp instructor :)


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amber said...

love the dvf dress. we're in vegas this weekend and one of her shops is in our hotel. mmm hmmm. could be bad for the hubs wallet ;)

happy v-day m'dear!

MissJordyPants said...

Lurker here - but I just had to say that I adore the navy/turquoise combination and never in a million years would have considered putting the two together. Thanks for the inspiration!

Da Fashionista said...


did you get anything? did you see the whowhatweardaily feature on her a few days ago? that dress is a bit bland but it was one of my faves for this season.

you are my new fave. great musings on your blog. yay to new cyber girl pals!



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