Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Scene
Happy Super/Fat Tuesday.

For the next three days I will be in uber glamorous Simi Valley for a Search Engine Optimization conference. SnOOOOzer, you say? NO WAY, I say!

Truth be told, I heart SEO. I love all things techy. Yes, I am a total Web geek hiding in fashionista clothing. Hope you can still look at me the same way.

Hit my polling station on the way home and then tried to get my skinny on at the gym. Great day!

The Outfit

Theory black slacks
Banana Republic black sleeveless turtleneck
Jones New York red/white boucle-ish jacket

The Accessories
Bruno Magli cream slingbacks
with black cap toe
Canal Street studs
Faux Van Cleef and Arpels black/white necklace
Forever 21 quilted red headband
Chanel black tote
Luella for Target cherry tote

and today's MUST-HAVE: an "I Voted" sticker :)

The Grade

The Commentary
M. and I agreed to dress up for the conference. You know, represent. Doesn't matter that no one we work with seems to value professional attire, WE DO.

Almost wore a suit but decided to challenge myself, be a bit more creative with straight-laced separates. Decided to build the outfit around my new red quilted headband. Do you love it??? So Chanel. Plus sooo perfect for the first primary with a really viable female candidate. Remember how Hil worked those headbands once upon a time?

The headband then led to the jacket (bought resale for under $25) which I've been wanting to pair with my new Chanel purse. Then came the dark pants and the turtleneck. Finished the look off with the cap toe Maglis (also resale scores at The UCLA Thrift Store.) Threw on interlocking C earrings and added one final touch: the black/white necklace. I have been trying out the necklace over a turtleneck this winter. One has to be careful tho - it can be really aging. Over all, I think the result was professional but not boring. Hope Karl would golf clap in his fingerless gloves.

Oh and I brought my personal computa to the conference. Carried it in my fave Target Go International purchase of all time - the cherry Luella tote. So cute. Whoever said technology couldn't be fun and fab hasn't met me! Tee-hee!

p.s. M. wore her delish new glasses. J'adore Dior on her!!! Loving that she is working a bit of bling because she is usually so buttoned up for The Office.

Plus I am the ultimate sucker for a big emblazoned "D" on anything!


Cee said...

Love the outfit. You look like you are one of Hillary's staffers.

weezermonkey said...

I totally remember the Hillary headbands. I am loving headbands all over again.

The current president of Chile is a woman!

Unknown said...

I thought I would take a little adventure yesterday...I cut out of work at 3:30p and headed west to check out the UCLA Thrift Store. Battled thru downtown and over the Sawtelle and then boo hoo for me - the stores hours are 10a-4p!! I arrived at 4:10! And for those of you venturing out on the weekend instead - BEWARE!! Sat. hrs. are 10-3 and Sun. is closed! However, I am not deterred. I will return. Me likey a little discount shopping. But just not M-F.

amber said...

totally digging the red and white jacket. that's my kinda style right there!

Da Fashionista said...


I am missing your posts, Monkey!

Boo!! Yes it's definitely a Saturday midday thing. And beware, it's really hit or miss. Do you wear alot of suits? I have gotten some great suits there. And they have two big INSANE sales every year. One year JLo donated a bunch of stuff. Ugh. I have to work on the Westside again and go during lunch.

kisses, amber!


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