Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Scene
No Mommy today - she's still sick with the flu :(

Putz around at home all day before meeting up with Mr. NBC and Sable Crow for an OUTRAGEOUS Oscar viewing party benefiting my newest fave charity The Trevor Project.

The event is hosted by some Ugly Betty actor who claims to be America's Gaysian Sweetheart (AMAZING title that I covet) and a former Miss Universe (not as funny but still ADORE any type of queen!)

Within five minutes of getting there I am wearing the Miss Universe crown.


Five minutes.

I mean there is just something so right about that crown finally resting atop this head ;)

Have loads of tasty drinks and laughs with seriously hot boyzzzzz - some who actually claimed to be straight. Gotta love the Weho guessing game.

Mr. Diabolina picks me up to continue the party at Peach's posh hotel. The two of them and Mr. B giggle at how tipsy I managed to get by 8 p.m.

Wonderful night.

The Outfit
Gucci satin coat
Theory black slacks
Ellen Tracy sequin tank

The Accessories
Vintage silver sequin clutch
Dolce and Gabana heels
DKNY black tights
Chanel art deco earrings
Gucci sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
This party created quite the dressing conundrum.

1. The location was a half indoor, half outdoor setup. And it had been gray and threatening to rain all day. FIE ON THIS WEATHER!

2. The party started at 4 p.m. in broad daylight.

3. I knew I would be going out afterward with Peaches and didn't want to bring a change of clothes.

4. Found out there would be people coming by from neighboring parties in full on black tie and didn't want to feel under-dressed.

5. But also didn't want to look like a country mouse who dresses WAY up like she's going to the Oscars instead of just an Oscar viewing party.

6. Not feeling super skinny.

7. Legs are white. We're talking deathly pale. Not a pretty sight.

All of this adds up to me thinking simple and black. Talk it through with Sable Crow about an hour before we meet. He decides to wear a suit without a tie which helps me confirm that I should keep it classic, no-fuss.

Knew it would be too chilly for any of my party dresses. Didn't want to be uncomfortable and force the boys to be inside if they wanted to be mingling outside. Hate being the inappropriately dressed party pooper.

So I opt for a great glam sequin top with sheeny black pants. Easy. I think women need to have more formal pant outfits at the ready. They are inevitably a god send for me a couple of times a year.

I adore this Gucci jacket. Would wear it every day if I could. It was another hand-me down from a friend of my mom's. THE purrfect party cover-up. Every woman needs a version of it. Not bulky but warm and just oozing fabulosity.

It was one of Tom Ford's last collections for Gucci and has a slight S&M feel that I think is so hot. Love unsnapping it for the big reveal of what's underneath and tying up the wrists again is just Y-U-M.

BTW, always manage to forget that this top is a bit see-through in pictures - ruh oh!

Let's talk about these shoes. Delish, right? They are a true spike heel. Four inches. The tallest most treacherous shoes I own. Have to be uber careful when walking. Add drinking to the mix and I'm in trouble. I could really hurt myself. Loves the light pinstripe.

After ONE drink, I decided that wearing my sunglasses would be a good idea. What a mess! But judging by how many gay hotties chatted me up I think I was a hot mess :)

p.s. This was my favorite look from the Oscars. The gays all gasped when she came on screen. Always a good sign :)

I also liked Jennifer Garner's jewels and the shape of her gown.

Thought Penelope Cruz looked regal and had exquisite hair and makeup.

The best actress winner looked hot in Galliano.

Poor Ellen Page was a dowdy mess.

Ugh and that Cameron Diaz. Such bad hair. Such a wrinkled unflattering dress. Can she not look like she tried even a little bit? F!


weezermonkey said...

Eeeeee! More, more, more!

Kate said...

Fun fun fun! I love Katherine Heigl's dress too. Also my fave. And I am DYING of jealousy over the crown and sash over here.

Maybe you should rethink the baby fever. Cause while you were doing all that, I was at home thinking my night was a huge success because somehow I got W to bed without the fits he's been throwing at bed time all week. Not as glam.

Jean Bean said...

Like Heigl's dress but hate her old-lady hair. And I think Marion Cotillard is lucky she won because that dress was IFFY, especially the fish scales swirled on the boobs. Whole thing reminded me of Donna Martin rendered immobile in her mermaid costume. Donna Martin graduates!

MissJordyPants said...

You're right, formal pants outfit should be a staple of any good wardrobe. I should go buy a pair. Never thought of them before.

ADORE the jacket. I think you could get away with wearing it everyday. No problem!

amber said...

<3 katherine heigl <3

so stunning. great smile. loves her!

totally agree with you about the dressy pant outfit. i scored a killer pair of "sheeny" (cute word! totally apropos) black pants on super sale at BR this winter -- still in line with my usual work pants, but the fabric and drape kick them up a notch. so great! i'm still working on my formal outerwear though. poo!

Da Fashionista said...


where you shopping with granmama???

kate of all trades,
f said to me the other day you are kidding yourself if you think we are kid people. it's true. everything i've done for the last 5 days would have been impossible. or maybe just different. i really think I just want to borrow babies to cuddle...

jean bean,
peach said the same thing about the hair. agree on the mermaid iffy-ness. but she was working it all french style. DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!!!!!!!!!

kiss you. do it. they just have to have a bit of weight or a slight shimmer. I covet a delicious Stella pair with a tuxedo stripe down the side.

yay for br. their pants really fit me me so well. thanks for the reminder! oh and the forever in pasadena had some good formal outwear. Interesting 3/4 length jackets that looked really expensive. Almost bought a couple but refrained since i want to wear out the gucci.


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