Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Scene
A.M.: Get in shape girl at the gym
P.M.: Kicking ass career Barbie

Though it was a sleepy, dreary day out, I had 5 fashion rays of sunshine:

1) My already forgiving jeans felt looser than they did even a month ago. I tend to trust my clothes more than a scale so YAY to progress!

2) A reader who just got engaged says she channeled me when picking out a sassy yet affordable outfit to visit her soon-to-be-in-laws. Cute!

3) My pretty Riz asked for input on buying his new lady an emerald dress (inspired by the movie Atonement) for V-day. Adorable and brave boy!

4) Styleminded told me this Phantom of the Opera shoe reminded her of me (Was JUST drooling over a similar, much more expensive pair in Vogue this weekend. )

5) My baby was proudly wearing his pink panda pjs paired with black socks when I got home. I have a thing for pandas so MChu and Panda gave us a matching set for x-mas. Heart them & heart Mr. Diabolina more!

The Outfit
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Banana Republic chocolate tank
Marciano butter cropped motorcycle jacket

The Accents
Chocolate wool knit scarf
Karen Millen green kitten heel scrunchy boots
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Green and browny enamel bangle and necklace that match, natch!
Chanel brown quilted sunglasses
Tiffany heart earrings

The Grade


The Commentary
I cannot tell a lie. This casual fab look from WhoWhatWearDaily inspired today's look. The cropped leather, the scarf...Adore!

[p.s. Spy the WhoWhatWearDaily story for Thursday touting the "global bazaar" look. Yawn. That look was sooo two weeks ago for me. Though I am loving the H&M clutch!!]

Fashion inspiration is something I actively seek out, cultivate. Am always ravenous for it. I need it or else I can get i.e. I just buy and buy instead of work with what I have.

I can find inspiration everywhere. In friends or strangers on the street. In magazines or online. In books, movies, art.

It's kinda embarrassing to admit but I love LOVE love collaging looks. Have since I was a (super nerdy) teenager. Think it's really developed my eye for pairing unusual pieces/color together, for discerning which cuts look luxe, for the silhouettes that work best on me.

Speaking of which, I inherited today's jacket from a friend. It's not a piece I'd normally buy because the proportion is wrong on me. Cropped jackets aren't great on someone as thick waisted as myself. But it was free and I likey the color. So I bust it out sparingly. It mixes well with chocolate (the darker color compensates for the figure flaws the jacket plainly displays.) Looks tough chic kinda Chrome Hearts with $$ jeans and my trusty Speedy.

LOVE these slouchy boots. They can be hard to wear with pants and tend to look much better with a short skirt but not feeling trim/tan enough for all that yet.

Heart how today's accessories pick up the green in the boots. Again for me the magic is in the little details, the nuances that tie things together in a look.

Where do you find fashion magic, what inspires you? I want to know!


weezermonkey said...

OMG. Those pajamas!

R said...

I don't have fashion inspiration and my wardrobe shows it. ;)

I'm shocked at the man's pjs. Too funny!

amber said...

trends usually scare me as i know what does and doesn't work for me. i'm pretty much a slave to classic pieces and colors. but, i still love reading fashion magazines b/c sometimes i'll find things that i love. although, this blog is getting me to think more about my wardrobe too ;)

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

awwww.....cute pjs! Now thats love right there :) Love those boots too!

Anonymous said...

If only I had fashion inspiration ... love the PJ pants. Frank is brave, indeed.

Da Fashionista said...

YAY, Amber!!!

yes, girls, Frank is a dolly ;)
I am lucky!


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