Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Scene
Back to work. Ho hum.

Best part of my day was when my bestie Peaches emailed to say the Jerry Springer show we went to in December was airing today. AMAZING!!! We are ridiculous. That's me in the raspberry scarf looking afeard and him in burgundy looking pretty pensive. Am having a viewing party to analyze every time the camera flashes on us being horrified. You're invited.

The Outfit
Black leggings
Forever 21 geometric tunic
in white, brown and yellow
Chocolate wrap sweater
Vintage eggshell trench

The Accents
Slouchy black boots inspired by Chloe
Yellow circle cuff
Chanel black tote
Canal street earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt super Valley of the Dolls today. I think it was the hint of a bouffant in my half up do. Plus the retro feel of the top.

Oh and the boots. The boots definitely make me feel like a 60s glamazon. They have a (super comfortable) platform that makes me at least 5'10''. Feel powerful in these shoes. They are Steve Madden but look super luxe, no? Want them in burgundy and grey and brown...o my!

This girl that B-U-G-S once said snarkily, "Are those your "fuck me" boots?" And I snarked back, "No they are my "fuck YOU" boots."

F. Don't snark at me.

I am all about women making other women feel strong and beautiful and smart and supported.

I do not dig on insecurity and cattiness. There's just no point. Plus it's bad for the skin.


weezermonkey said...

I love Fuck YOU boots.
I hate people who bug.

Mira said...

Oh... I wish we had f21 i Norway. Like this blog :)

Anonymous said...

HAH! I love your line back to that girl. Too funny! I love your boots! they are so cute! Makes me wanna get some now. Are you sure they are comfortable? They just look kinda high.

fancypants said...

She obviously has no idea about the sheer awesomeness of the panda. We kill people like that where I'm from.

amber said...

so lame! jealously is quite ugly.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Springer screen capture: LOVE IT TO PIECES.
But your catty response to bitch girl is the QUOTE OF THE MOTHER F*&^ING CENTURY!!

styleminded said...

Snarking no good, no good at all. I agree with weezermonkey, i love Fuck YOU boots too!

Anonymous said...

I love you crazies on Springer! In front of the camera where you belong!

Anonymous said...

'Hold on hold on, Jerry, I just have two questions for you and your panel: First, I look gooood, and second, You don't know me!!'

- As stated by Dianne on yesterday's airing of Jerry Springer.

Anonymous said...

OMG, love it - the JS airing and the retort. Classic Dianne. Wish I could pull off yellow, but alas, not with my skin tone. Digging the bracelet.

Da Fashionista said...


I love international readers!!
kiss you!

They are comfortable. The platform really makes a difference. GET THEM!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the fashion police you need to be arrested for:

A: Bad Fashion

B: Horrible Pictures who took these Helen Keller?

C: Admitting you actual watch and were on Jerry Springer.

D: You have cankles (= cow ankles)!

Anonymous said...

You should SOOO give me your name and number. That way we can chat about how lame you are.
Juana black eye

wan said...

i'm cracking up at the jerry springer screen capture! and, your response to the b-u-g was awesome. i always think of stuff like that way after it's over.

Trisha said...

Anonymous: Cankles? Those are the boot, for crying out loud! And it doesn't mean cow ankles, it is where your calf blends into your ankle. Epic fail on your part.

BTW, the "fuck you" boots line is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Spring's 6 fashion "MUST HAVE'S" for Anonymous:
1. Get some friends who don't hate you, and whom you don't quietly resent.
2. Get a job that makes you happy. Clearly you don't have one. You'll find--if you're lucky--that it's more than the money.
3. Learn that fashion is also about how you treat others.
4. Get a clue: Yes, everyone sees through your attitude, at every moment of your life. And what we see isn't pretty.
5. Get a life: make a contribution to the world around you, and it might be kinder to you in return. Take a look around at the life you've managed to cobble together; it's probably a good reflection of what you have to offer--and I'm sure you deserve it.

I hope Diabolina keeps your comment up, though she has every right to take it down. Meanwhile, she's busy living a fabulous life, surrounded by caring people and bags you couldn't afford. You should try it, if you ever can.

And from high in a skyscraper, from a world to which you’ll never really belong, I offer my final spring essential: Get out of here. You aren't worth a broken Blahnik heel and you’re not welcome.

Jean Bean said...

Just think how EMPTY anonymous' life must be, to be such a motivated hater. I have a novel, high-tech solution for him/her: find something you like and read that instead!

weezermonkey said...

OMG. I am LMFAO at "epic fail on your part."


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