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Things To Do With Kids: Quarantine Edition

 This is what I looked like before quarantine. 

More quarantine fashion

This is what I look like now. Ha ha ha ha. Just kidding...sorta. :(

Quaranine Fashion

Actually, this was how we dressed up for Mini Diabolina's 100th day of kindergarten... spent blissfully at her school a month before quarantine. 

But, um, it's how I FEEL after 190ish days at home with my child...all day...every day...with no end in sight. {screams for help}

Quaranine Fashion

Thankfully, I stayed home with Mini for a few years so this isn't my first rodeo. I've needed to fill hours and days and months with my child at home before. Creativity, resourcefulness, patience and grace were key then and even more so now in a pandemic. 

On March 11, when we started quarantine, I was pretty prepared. I always stock up on crafts, toys, and books that I hide away for rainy/shitty days. But when it became clear the weeks would turn into months at home, I researched new ways to keep my chattering-inquisitive-constantly-moving-demanding-Tasmanian-devil-meets-Energizer-bunny busy.  

Here are some of the activities keeping us sane at home. If even one is new to you, YAY! That might be the very thing that saves your life on a Sunday at 4pm, staring down a bored child sheltering in place. You're welcome.


My child is NOT a child that prefers to play alone...ever. But with these pricey magical magnet shape thingies, she will play independently, contentedly for an hour. Since she was about 3. Bless the ingenious makers. 


Expensive, yes, and almost never go on sale, yes. BUT that's most good things, right? Think Chanel and Disneyland. Go get them...yesterday. Also follow MagnaTiles on Insta for inspiration. 


I have issues with the Lego sets marketed to little girls. In a nutshell, they are pretty lame. I prefer the City line. More gender neutral. Looooooved this LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle one. EXCELLENT for the price and for all the time it kills assembling and playing with afterward. 

More quarantine fashion 

Legos are also pricey but it's a brand we can feel good about supporting after the firm stance they took against racism and inequality a few months ago. 

Play Doh

We love all things play dough. Made our own during Zoom art camp. 

More quarantine fashion

I usually pick up random kits discounted at Marshall's. We especially love food ones like this pasta one and desserts one. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.29.32 AM

Hair growing ones (Rapunzel and Trolls) were in vogue for a while around these parts.

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.31.41 AM 

But this Doctor Drill and Fill set is a scream. Tooth fairy brought it when she lost her first tooth last year. 

Play Doh Doctor Drill and Fill Set.

On heavy rotation lately because some tooth is always loose right now. 


Jewelry kits

Feels like a lot of kids (read: annoying moms like me AND their kids) got into making jewelry and tie dye early in quarantine. What was that collective fashion crazy about???  Here's one of the kits I liked best. Some letters to supplement. 

More quarantine fashion

I got myself a grown up version from my favorite Roxanne Assoulin for Mother's Day. This DIY necklace kit (currently sold out) + some magazines = a blissful Saturday night for mommy.

zoom dressing

I think ultimately there is something cathartic and reassuring about MAKING something with your hands. Coloring and lettering have had the same effect for me. Words I never thought I'd say.

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Kiwi Crate

We've been getting this monthly subscription for about two years. But you can get specific boxes/projects to try it out. Each box includes 2-3 STEAM projects leveled for your child's age. Very hands-on. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 5.10.10 PM

The projects required more of my help when she was 4. But now she does 80% of the work. Remarkable to see the progression in fine-motor skills and engineering ability <3 

Every month we say, "This one is our favorite one yet!" like nerds. But truly we look forward to it. Quality bonding guaranteed. 

More quarantine fashion

I save it for mid-morning on Saturdays because it's an activity that kills at least an hour and gives us a couple of fantastic toys we MADE that we can play with the rest of the weekend. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

Little Passports

Always saw the ads for this one because social media knows I am that mom. Finally clicked early in quarantine and got the monthly subscription. Takes your child around the world to learn about different countries and cultures. 

zoom dressing

We like but don't love. Wish there was more to MAKE instead of read. She might be a bit young for it. Also she's more of a maker than the nebbish reader I was. 

Speaking of...her reading took off this summer! So I got this monthly subscription box of books - broken out by age. You keep and pay for what you like, send back what you don't. Wanted to try it since we're no longer going to the library or book store weekly. 

More quarantine fashion

I loved the idea, she was less enthused. Liked the non-fiction better than the fiction picks. I think she prefers to choose her own books. Wish there was more of a way to customize selections. I cancelled after two months. 

Think it would be great for older kids looking for an easy way to find new chapter books. Maybe 8+. But frankly it's great for mamas of littles who don't feel like reading the same book one more time.  Also a nice gift to give.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their crafts and content marketing and brand. Have bought Mini Diabolina most of the kits over the last couple of years. Wonderful for travel because of the built-in storage/containment. Got the big craft library when quarantine first started.


And these paints shortly after.  High quality. Still going strong. 

  zoom dressing

Truth be told I'd normally stock up on most of this stuff at the 99 cent store. But the ease of getting it all sent to me with built-in storage AND not having to brave a dollar store in a pandemic...worth it. 

This was my 43rd birthday present from my doll. She made it with their purty Petal Party Jewelry kit. 

Quaranine Fashion

This is the haunted house kit we made this past weekend as we count down to Oct. 1. 


They also have great activities and print-outs on their blog. Loved this one early in quarantine. Made a lot of people smile and helped me with gratitude and perspective. 

zoom dressing

They just started a monthly subscription box option, btw. Another good gift. 

National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit

I got her this kit for Easter. Bought us hours of quiet digging time over the next week. Huge dusty mess but isn't your whole house a trash can by now? Pondering some more geology ones. The National Geographic store is pretty cool nerdy fun. 


Easy Playhouse

My kid never met a box she didn't love. Also adores cramming into places that are too small to fit her comfortably. Et voila! This playhouse was everything. She painted it and played with it for weeks.

Easy Playhouse

One mom told me she gets one over the holidays when the kids are out of school and need a project. Smart. We got ours around Fourth of July.  Sparklers sold separately. 


Next up in the Things to Do with Kids series: 

Screen time and learnin' resources in quarantine.

  zoom dressing 

Spoiler: We went from no screen time to two devices in under six months.

Quaranine Fashion


This rather devastating article today about children and vaccines confirmed parents and our kids are in this COVID fight for at least another year. 

A Kids' Vaccine Isn't Coming Anytime Soon
That's in addition to continued political upheaval and civil unrest. Plan accordingly. 

Share any of YOUR fave activities, toys, monthly subscriptions, recipes, booze in the comments. 


We can do hard things. 

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