Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Wear Neon: Spring 2012 Trend

The Scene

Ever since my grandmother passed away in March, life's felt like a blur – a blur of work and family and emotional exhaustion. Mr Diabolina has been my rock through all of it, making me laugh and holding my hand whenever I need it most. It's been a roller coaster.

IMG_0203 1

So when I heard the Scissor Sisters were playing LA, I knew I NEEDED to go. I needed to kick up my heels and let loose. For the first time in a long time, I felt like dancing.


Thankfully so did Sable Crow and his mister. They were going to the concert and got us on the "VIP list" too.  Love me some men that smell like cocoa butter and cash.


The view from our perch at the Palladium was perfect. Such a FUN show with fabulous energy.   


Made me feel like me again. I needed a night like that. Any which way.

The Outfit
H&M striped tunic
American Apparel leggings and bralette
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Giuseppe Zanotti heels
Forever 21 bangle, earrings and ring
LA Fashion district neon bracelet

The Grade

IMG_0202 1

The Commentary

For months, I've felt utterly uninspired when it comes to fashion. Probably part of the mourning process, and why I haven't been blogging. But the promise of a night of pop-tastic shimmying with a gaggle of gays to the strains of the sartorially fierce Scissor Sisters managed to light a fire under me.


Don't get me wrong, the outfit wasn't revolutionary by any means: just my go-to leggings for a night out and a long striped tunic to cover my tush. But added the trendy fun with some neon accents: the Nars Schiap lips, the feather earring and the bralette. Did a set of false eyelashes and a blingy necklace for good measure too.

IMG_0200 1

Recently bought three neon bracelets in downtown. Simple, low-cost and age-appropriate way to incorporate the neon trend into any outfit.  Wore the pink one for the concert.


The neon heels were the obvious choice. Nearly squealed when I realized I matched Sable Crow's hot twentysomething!!!

IMG_0197 1

Should have known when the guys asked me to bring them some "fun makeup in black and pink and glitter." The filthy gorgeous sight of them primping made my night. Reminded me of my misspent youth, clubbing with boys that were prettier than me.

IMG_0196 1

Next time: neon nails and false lashes for all, including Mr. Diabolina!

The Inspiration






finalCOFFE RUN 007











Unknown said...

Great outfit and what an amazing concert! Love reading your posts, they are amazing and very motivational all the time. I need more pop of neon in my closet, that's for sure ;) xoxox

lookrichbitch said...

I just got some neon pink shoes. Twinsies!! Except mine are flat.. like my chest.

Rachee said...

You look amaze!!!! Totally in love this this outfit and the super bright lippie, gorg!

Anne H said...

Great photos ! Personally, I'm really impressed! You look amazing!

Jean Bean said...

Your skin and/or makeup looks

Ro said...

I love your whole outfit but those shoes are seriously amazing.

Ly said...

Hi D! So glad to see your still fashion blogging and rocking those amazing outfits! Loves the neon heels!



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