Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Wear the Red Jeans Trend

The Scene
For my birthday, Mr. Architect and Silver Haired Fox took me out for a Little Door dinner. One of my favorite restaurants with one of my favorite couples. Lucky ducky piglet me.

fashion blog 008

fashion blog 001

fashion blog 002

with a Tomato Pernod Sauce and Carrot Flan and Saffron Braised Leeks

fashion blog 004

Basil Pesto Fingerling Potato Puree and Grilled Yellow Summer Squash

fashion blog 005
And a vegetarian option that made Silver Haired Fox's eyes roll back in his head. Good vegetarian options are hard to find.

fashion blog 006

And some delicious puff pastry dream for dessert
fashion blog 007

Love friends that feed my brain, my soul and my belly.

The Outfit
Target silky blouse
Forever 21 jeans

The Accessories
Sam Edelman heels
Gucci bag
Forever 21 bangles mixed with Angel bangles

The Grade
(mostly for the AWFUL ASS FACE! Why did I feel the need to put no makeup on??? Ugh!)

fashion blog 009

The Commentary

I've been debating colored jeans for nearly a year. Remember my red leather pants post around Christmas?  The older I get, the more I tend to agree with the rule of thumb that if you wore a trend the first time around, you should be wary when it comes back around. And I distinctly remember OBSESSING over a pair of peach jeans at Guess when I was 10... 

colored jeans

Almost bought a pair of crayola blue Rag and Bones on sale a few months ago.  But spending over $100 on a trend I'm not sure about isn't so much my style. So I waited and waited for the trend to diffuse down to the mass retailers, which, if you've watched Devil Wears Prada, you know always happens. Sure enough, I found this pair of red jeans at Forever 21. The fit is good enough for $24 and I love the zippered ankles.

fashion blog 011

Ironically I paired it with a silky pocketed cargo blouse that I'd wanted for a long time too. Saw tons of expensive versions but waited for that one to trickle down to the masses too. See, I wore that look the first time around too. When I was 11. Because Brenda Walsh had one just like it.


 Ugh I'm an old, old nerd.

The Inspiration














Ronida said...

Even though the red was a pop of color, I think your top and accessories made everything very wearable. And you always have such great shoes!

Silver Fox said...

Miss D is Red HAWT!!!!

adeleno5 said...

From someone who is even older and (possibly) nerdier than you, the red jeans look great. The way you styled the look is both chic and age-appropriate.

temple dresses lds said...

I've never been brave enough to try red pants, but your look is subtle. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jean Bean said...

I don't think of them as retro. The silhouette is completely different this time. Do it.

Kileen said...

i have a pair of red pants and am always looking for inspiration on how to wear them. great post!

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