Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sequins and Simplethings

Fashion Diary 079

The Outfit
Diane Von Furstenberg dress
Forever 21 vest
Burberry trench

The Accessories
Black scarf
DKNY tights
Tory Burch heels
Vintage purse
Forever 21 bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary
Wanted it so desperately to be spring today hence the floral dress.

Fashion Diary 075

Added the sequin vest because I'm ridiculous as are my hips so I wanted a bit of drape to disguise them.
Fashion Diary 078

Covered it all up with the trench and added the tights and tiny quilted bag.

Fashion Diary 082

Felt very Parisian. Which always equals an A.

The Inspiration




New Picture (4)


The Food

Dinner with little Miss MBA. She suggested Simplethings, sandwich and pie shop. She had me at pie.

Fashion Diary 074

Almost keeled over when I saw the sea of cute savory and sweet little pies.

Fashion Diary 073

And a weekly schedule for pie nomnoming
Fashion Diary 070

And a little heart in my latte next to my itty bitty blueberry pie
Fashion Diary 072

Cherry on top of a tasty meal was wonderful conversation with one of my oldest friends. We met when we were both journalism grad students. Ten years later, we both work in social media. Me at a tech nerd company, her at Smashbox. She wins.

all 056

Or maybe I do. After all, I was the one who left dinner with swag!!! LOOOOVE!

Fashion Diary 091

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love the combo!! do you wear sequins to work? i am always tempted to but have an innate fear of the side eye.

pies are the new cupcakes/macarons I suspect!!


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