Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Can you believe it's June and another wedding season is upon us? My old unmarried ass certainly can't ;)

I've been wanting to whip up a little post on how to be the best dressed guest at any wedding FOR EVA. And getting a Shopbop email with summer wedding dress picks, was just the reminder I needed.

When getting dressed for a wedding - and really any major event - I have only one tip:  do your homework.  I INVARIABLY take into careful consideration all the nuanced event details - the setting, the weather, the time of day, how formal it will be, the guest list, the itinerary.

This might seem like a trivial, yeah-duh point but I don't think enough people really take the time to think about choosing the best outfit for each particular set of circumstances. Sadly, most people aren't Type A fashionistas like me.

Before any important event (read: one where your outfit will be photographed and immortalized excessively), I suggest you not make any last minute decisions.  Well in advance of the event, ask yourself some key questions.   Like: Will I be inside or outside most of the wedding? Will my  former boss or my ex boyfriend be there? How much dancing versus sitting will be happening?  Just how much imbibing will I be doing?

The answers to these questions can affect everything from your outerwear to your hem and neckline to your heel height to your shapewear.  They can mean the difference between being the Debbie Downer complaining about sinking into the grass in Louboutins or being the Belle of the Ball dancing by the ocean all nite wrapped in a warm pashimina. I've been both at weddings and believe me the Belle of the Ball is betta.

So my top tip for surviving wedding season: be a fashion McGwyver. Be fearless, resourceful and prepared for anything.

Por ejemplo, back in February, I attended the sublimely charming wedding of my former coworker Rocket Man to his MChu at St. Vibiana's (they were featured on Martha Stewart Weddings just last week!!!),  I chose a BCBG strapless dress in a rich jewel tone with an asymmetrical hemline. Very sweet but also sexy in the city.  After all, it was to be a fancified, mostly traditional affair in the heart of LA with a bunch of my favorite twentysomething boozehounds.

The wedding was right around the Golden Globes and I wasn't shocked by how many similar dresses walked the red carpet.  The color and shape make the dress an instant classic.  Plus it's flattering on almost any coloring, shape or age.

I stepped things up by getting creative and pairing the dress with contrasting Manolo, Marc and Me&Ro accessories in complimentary shades of turquoise and purple. Amazingsymphony of bold colors  - perfect for standing out at a winter wedding.

Love how the look worked equally well for mingling with my favorite former boss
and hitting the dance floor with Mr. D.

Some other great wedding wear options: a chic LBD or an on trend maxi or a classic black and white print.
A+ to all my girls for bringing it!

And A++ to the DJ for bringing it.  Best wedding dance party EVER.

 I was seriously on fire all night. REDIC.

Only one gorgeous single lady had me beat.  This baby girl had moves I had NEVER seen before.  She was my shero of the nite.

That is until this lady came around with a tray of bacon wrapped hot doggs around midnight.

The USC girl in me couldn't refuse.

Plus I make pigging look gooood ;)

Here are my current favorite BCBG options for summer weddings.  Squint your eyes and they are a mix of  Alexander McQueen, DVF, Pucci and Missoni references.  Some are even 30 percent off right now!

Pondering getting one for Mr. D's sister's wedding.  Which one gets your vote for a late summer Maine wedding?


fshnonmymind said...

These pics are too funny, it looks like everyone was enjoying themselves to the nth degree at this wedding.
You looked fab! I love the pop of turquoise your shoes gave the outfit. I might have to steal that idea the next time I wear purple.
For the Maine wedding, I vote for the royal blue draped, ruffled number only because that says east coast to me, but I also love the strapless teal and purple flower dress. It says fun and isn't too loud that it would take attention from the bride. Of course it depends on the time of day and venue. I'm sure you'll pick something fabulous.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

You look really hot at that wedding, seriously, killer dress. I recently attended the "Married on Myspace" wedding and wore black on black as usual.

Monica said...

Love your dress at the wedding! I love to wear bright purples, and shades of turquoise. I agree that it complements my skin tone, summer or winter.

My picks for Maine are #4,5,6.

mindy said...

Ah, what a fun post! You captured so many great moments of the night! You looked fab at the glad my girls brought their fashion game to the made for great pics :) I seriously LOVE every BCBG dress you posted. I love the maxi's but by late summer you'll have hot tan legs! You can't hide those stems! xoxo

Rosemary Brennan said...

Fab tips, per usual! :) I love getting dressed up for weddings. And eeps, that little gal melts my heart. What a cutie! Looks like your friends had a really fun wedding.

WendyB said...

Damn, I want one of those dogs.

lookrichbitch said...

ditto what WendyB said. *drool*

Lynn Tran said...

Wish I have your daring and eye to mix colors like that. I am so boring. As for the BCBG dresses, I like the royal blue one as well. I like the ruffled details along the shoulder - very feminine, and sexy.

Kate said...

Dude. Just get married. It's nothing more than an excuse to party in your honor, celebrate all that is super fly about F and D, and for all your friends to marvel at your impeccable taste.


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