Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last Day in NYC: Window Shopping, Hogging and Celeb Spotting

The Scene

They may live in the city that never sleeps but Peaches and Jean Bean sleep in late on blustery Sundays.  No matter, I hopped in a cab and met up with one of my dearest friends, Fifth Avenue.  Gobbled up the rain soaked windows at Chanel, Burberry, Vuitton, and Prada. Heavenly.

Then I pulled my favorite tourist move: lunch at Bergdorf's.  Gawd, I love everything about that joint The decor, the hushed tones, the uppity patrons, the tasty if overpriced food and that view of the start of the park.  It's become my little tradition every time I hit New York. 

After lunch, I wandered around the Bergdorf shoe department, mouth agape, at all the beauty.  And then right as I was about to leave, my eyes met with none other than Anna Sui!!! She was patiently siting and waiting for a pair of shoes.  I smiled and she smiled.  

Like a magnet attracted to something shiny/famous, I walked over.  Like a star struck teenager, I shook her hand, telling her I am a big fan of her work.   She said a gracious thank you and said she loved my coat.  Said she had been staring at the shoulders.   

I proudly said it was Phillip Lim as if wearing clothes by an Asian made me Asian too.   She smiled a bit tightly and I scooted away, realizing I shouldn't have assumed all Asians are besties just because all my besties are Asian. Doh!  

Then I headed over to Henri Bendel to pick my mom up some little baubles.   Tried on those aaaaaaaaamazing new Alexander Wang sunglasses.  Drooled over drawstring, studded purses.  And met up with Peaches who was picking up a present for his boyfriend's birthday.

Then we headed to the meat packing district to meat up with Jean Bean.  Did some more window peeping at DVF, Stella McCartney and the late great Alexander McQueen.

After nourishing our souls, we all popped into the Standard for actual hogging with a side of gossiping.

 Finally - as a ploy to get me to stay, me thinks - Jean Bean busted out a parade of presents.  A Psycho Bunny scarf and Missoni notebook for me and, so Peach wouldn't feel left out, a John Varvatos scarf for him. LOVE!

Hard to say goodbye to such dear friends and such a fashionable city...per usual.  But seeing Lea Michele on my flight home helped.  I'm an L.A. star f*cker at heart.

The Fashion Commentary

Still raining most of the day.  Thank god for my Brazilian Blowout (Nelly at The Argyle is offering my readers a discount again - email me if you're interested.)  Looked more Lanvin Fall 2010/Jean Bean/Anna Sui than I would've otherwise.

The fierce Phillip Lim coat helped make me feel pulled together too.  The buttons and shoulders got lots of compliments from the Fifth Avenue set.

Wish I had tried a little harder with creative fierce separates though

At least the cobweb scarf dotted with pearls and wrapped up like a snood added a dash of bundled up sass.

The one accessory I plan to rock next time I'm on the east coast: a turban.  I have been OBSESSED with them for months. I remember my mom wearing one in the summers when I was little.  She looked so glamorous and Elizabeth Taylor.

Not unlike Peaches when he wrapped up his snood around his head at lunch.  To make fun of me. F.


weezermonkey said...

I love your Anna Sui run-in.

WendyB said...

Nice fashion-celeb encounter! I never notice anyone!

I was just in Bergdorf's shoe department yesterday. Love that store.

tam pham said...

can jean bean be my friend too and gift me with designer goodies???!


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