Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Scene
Attended ITV Fest tonight. ITV Fest hopes to do for television what Sundance did for independent films. It's an opportunity for aspiring television producers, writers and actors to take time off from their day-jobs, stop waiting for the phone to ring, and take their careers into their own hands. Love.

We were invited by The Brown Devil and St. Jude to support a college friend who wrote and produced a pilot for the festival. Very funny. Think The Office meets Taxi. Super inspiring to see someone put their work out there. To risk big. Hopefully win big.

Glad I didn't cancel tonight. Wasn't feeling too well. After weeks of feeling fine, am having a recurrence of symptoms. Sigh. Seriously can't catch a break lately.

Thankfully these three faces were just what the doctor ordered. They reminded me tonight that I can face anything, do anything, risk anything.

The Outfit
Forever 21 top
Robert Rodriguez skirt

The Accessories
Gucci bag
Chanel earrings
Mango necklace
Manolo Blahnik heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around the gorgeous top today. St. Jude gave it to me for my birthday. Super luxe detailing for $30. Love me some Forever 21.

St. Jude almost died when she saw my mom wearing a blue version at my 3.2 party. Remember when I picked it out for her? Great Forever 21 minds...

Loved the pale pink and black today. Ballerina chic for work.

I've said it before and I will say it again: BUY A HIGH WAISTED SKIRT! Instant high fashion glam. Plus they will be around through the fall (Vuitton) and next spring (Stella McCartney.)

Currently coveting high-waisted shorts and pants.

And frankly everything in Sienna Miller's closet.

And Kim Kardashian's too.

Got a glimpse of how all these fashionistas must feel today. EVERYONE was staring at my shoes. All day. Everywhere I went. It all started as I got into my mom's car this morning

A gorgeous gay was walking his dog, stopped short and whispered to me, breathlessly, THOSE SHOES! THEY ARE AMAZING!

Today - a random Tuesday when I wasn't feeling so hot and spent an unexpectedly lovely night with friends - was a great reminder that fashion is so much more than just a shoe or a pretty top. It's more than a friend bonding with you over Forever 21 or a stranger validating your shoe fetish. It's about appreciating beauty and creativity and workmanship and fun and inspiration and talent.

It can be about making someone smile, or making yourself feel invincible. It's about being present and remembering there will never be another day like today. That means you have to live in the moment. And why not look fabulous doing it. No excuses.


Sable Crow said...

Great entry! If you have gorgeous gays stopping you with compliments, I'M GOING TO GET A PAIR OF THOSE BLUE MANOLOS TOO. I CAN WEAR AN F-ING HEEL IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES.

F. A guy can't catch a break.

Love the high-waisted skirt, although in the photo I couldn't figure it out; I had my first Mr. D moment!!

Kiss kiss to you, DiAbolina (that's Diabolina with a capital A!).

Sable Crow

Fabulosity said...

WWWD has a book and now it's your turn. You are getting some use out of your lovely shoes!

Tiffany said...

drooling over your gorgeous shoes. loves them!

amber said...

Sable Crow cracks me up!

LOVING the pale pink and black ballerina look. I wear pale pink, but it looks so much better on darker skin than on my pasty ass self. :/


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