Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Scene

Stopped by Chin Chin to pick up dinner and was greeted by a huge film production that had taken over Buttercake Bakery. Fie! Had totally planned on picking up a cupcake for um, my mom. L.A. is really a terrible place to be a hog - between the skinny people judging you and the film industry taking over your cupcake shops...

As I was leaving Chin Chin, I snaked through the production people and equipment, only to smack straight into Forrest Whitaker!!! I blurted out "O WOW!" and literally made this face. F. But he just smiled so I tried to recover and say "Big fan" non-chalantly. He bowed his head humbly and said "Thank you very much."

Yay to Golden Eyes bonding! Though technically I don't think he has a golden eye like me.

Demi Moore is probably the most famous true golden aka lazy eye. She even had surgery when she was a kid like I did.

When I got to my mom's place she could have cared less about my close encounter of the golden kind. She was starving.

And dying to show me how straight her hair had dried after showering tonight. Fact: It's going to be the saddest day ever EVER when our curls return. I give this Brazilian Blowout another 3 weeks - tops.

The Outfit
Mango dress

The Accessories
Mango necklace
Forever 21 belt
Kate Spade slides
Marc by MJ heart bracelet
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Belts were still on the brain after yesterday

Love how one simple accessory completely changed the feel and the look of one old as sin dress today.

Especially since the print doesn't feel dated and I want to wear it for years to come. This season it felt like a cross between DVF and Mark Williamson.

The hemline of this dress still boggles my mind though.

When left to it's own devices it is so meh and schlumpy.

Thank goodness for the adjustable McGwyver hemline.

Look at what a difference just a few inches can make

Glad to report: bubble hems were all over the Christian Dior Couture 2010 runway

Love the retro glam of the Dior collection and the styling of the bubbles

Interesting how the same shape feels more futuristic when the hemline is shorter. And when it's Vuitton.

Loved today's Kate Spade mules but striped Louboutin peep toes definitely would have been better.

God I need a flash of red in my life. Maybe maybe for my bday...


Litto Ole Me said...

I love your blog. Love Squared. This might sound strange (sorry!) but I'm really grateful for it. I just moved from LA to the bay, where I know no one. I find your blog not only inspiring, but comforting. It's like a semi-daily chat with a fabulous friend. Thank you for sharing what you love and who you are.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Love your belt, have been trying to find a similar one for ages. You look fab

Jessica Love said...

I love bubble hems on others, but they look terrible on me, since I'm a little lumpy in the hip/thigh area. I thought they would hide my imperfections, but they just magnify. :-\

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I've never heard of that nickname for lazy eye. Where did that come from? And looking at you it's amazing that you ever had it. How do they fix it? Sorry for all of the questions--I know nothing about it.

Forest Whittaker sounds like a sweetie. I'm too much of a chicken to approach celebs :)

You're looking so chic in this. YAY to belts, my favorite accessory!

WendyB said...

I think you deserve a pair of red-soled shoes!

TINA said...

I adore your outfit! The print on the dress is so bold and lively, and the belt added such a chic accent.
Your hair is very cute, by the way :)


P.S. You may remember that sometime in February I disappeared from the blogosphere...just wanted announce to my fellow bloggers that I have decided to officially return to my blog, and I have a new post up! ♥

Tracy said...

Absolutely love your blog!!!

You have style for days!!

Sarah said...

This isn't really related to your blog post, but I *HAD* to share it with you when I saw it!! One highlight of the recession!

Emily said...

Love this outfit! The print and colors of that dress are great.

And yes, having recently incorporated the red sole into my life, I think you may just need it. Mine are just basic black pumps, but damn do I feel special when I have them on.

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

Darn those people always trying to keep little piggies away from their goodies! =D The dress looks fabulous on you btw. As a shortie it's amazing what a little hemming can do.

amber said...

I'd have died running into Forrest Whitaker - <3 him!

Milly said...

cute dress


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