Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Scene

You can imagine how upset my mom was with yesterday's news. Almost as upset as I was today by her crocs. SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO NEVER WEAR THEM AROUND ME! F!

But Hashimoto's or no Hashimoto's, I am first and foremost my mother's monkey butler. Today she said, "Cinderella, help me pick out fabric samples for furniture I am reupholstering." Much more important than giving her exhausted daughter a few more hours of sleep. Sigh. She may look cute but she is a tyrant.

For those of you who don't know, the Garment District in downtown L.A. not only has trendy fashion on the cheap.

It also has fashionable furniture fabrics on the cheap - some as little as $8 a yard.

Bolts upon bolts of elegant fabrics

And fun prints

My mom is redoing two chairs and an ottoman so my recommendation was to do contrasting but complimentary patterns.

Love a home filled with rich textures.

She was thrilled with the choices I narrowed down for her.

Told me I should add home decor to my cadre of styling services. Hmmmmm...

My reward for being a good monkey butler was spending an hour peeping the fashion part of the Garment District.

Fell for maxis

And jumpsuits

Balenciaga inspired sandals


and bling

In the end picked up this dreamy dress, a romper and embroiddered tunic for Hawaii, and some new Diorette rings and necklaces to sell on eBay.

Still debating whether I should get these sandals. Loved but there was a bit of a choking situation around the ankle. Fie on cute but cheap shoes.

The Outfit
Citizens of Humanity jeans
James Perse long sleeved tee
Marc by Marc Jacobs coat

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes
Dior sunglasses

The Grade
H for Hypothyroid Hot

The Commentary
The rain and the diagnosis jammed my fashion mojo this morning

Opted for comfortable jeans

And pretty polka dots

Polka dots and I go way back

They always manage to make me feel adorable and girly. Needed that today.

Realized today while we were fabric shopping that I gravitate toward prints for my home that I would actually wear.

Especially prints that are tres Louis Vuitton ;)

Today's coat is probably the busiest polka dot print I own.

Happy it is so similar to a DVF Resort 2010 print. Will feel fresh come next year.

Paired the coat with a James Perse top I almost never wear.

Partly because it's a bit see through

But today I figured what the hell - transparancy is in right now.

I just recommend donning a bra with transparent tops. Even if you have robo-boobies like Posh.

Added another little MJ print with the shoes today.

Some polka dot Marc shoes would be great.

These Chanel booties would do. I FREAKING DIE FOR THESE SHOES.

Sea of Shoes is such a bad influece.

It's like she knows Chanel is my crack and gives me the free taste to get even more hooked.


Unknown said...

I used to buy so many shoes downtown ...they were like $15! ...I mean, that was a while ago but I'm sure they're still cheap! I love it down there.

LOVE your jacket ...the outfit is fabulous. Hope you're feeling better :)

WendyB said...

I was amazed by how ... upright...Posh's boobs are. Defying gravity!

tam pham said...

i love the blue shoes. buy them!

it kills me that you're wearing coats while i'm sweltering in dallas while wearing shorts and tanks!

St.Jude said...

FYI - I tried on the dress you bought at a "boutique" in the LBC but they wanted $92 dollars!! I knew you could find it Downtown...leave it to Diabolina.

St.Jude said...

I tried on the dress you bought at a "boutique" in the LBC - priced at $92!! I'll bet you got it for 1/2.

amber said...

Let the comment bonanza begin! ;)

That dress is cuteness. Can't wait to pics of you rockin' it.


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