Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Scene
Mar5195 has been following my bloggy blog forever. There's always been something about her comments that made me take notice. Maybe it was her self deprecating wit. You know I'm a sucker for funny.

But there was also a certain strength and intelligence and kindness that seeped through her words, revealing the kind of person she is, the kind of friend she is. She just sounded like someone who'd have your back through life's rough patches, someone who'd keep you laughing through the tears. It is still so funny to me how you can "get to know" someone through of all things a blog.

Mari5195 completely won me over late last year after my mom got diagnosed with a brain tumor. She let me know my relationship with my mom reminded her so much of her relationship with her mom. She said we're lucky girls to have mothers we consider friends. She also told me she was running her first marathon and would like to put my mom's name on her jersey. I remember tears streaming down my face when I read her email. An utterly sweet gesture by a virtual stranger.

I'm glad to say that after today, Mari5195 are strangers no more. Today she became my 9th client. YAYAYYAY! During her two hour wardrobe consultation, I confirmed she is one fun and funny chick.

I was thrilled to discover that she had several great pieces in her wardrobe. Unlike several of my past clients, she is not afraid of color, which makes my job alot easier. I helped her pull together old pieces in new ways and challenged her to think more creatively about her office and weekend wear.

Although Mari5195 gets an A+ for her love of color, her sartorial weakness lies in determining flattering proportions for her petitte, curvalicious figure.

She has several pieces that overwhelm her frame completely - aging her and adding pounds. These dowdy dresses made me want to cry.

So did most of her skirts. Without fail, each skirt I had her try on hit her right between the knee and the ankle - a universally unflattering length if one isn't reed thin or 6 feet tall.

I forced her to dig around in the back of her closet and find a couple of skirts that hit her above the knee. I showed her how instantly she became taller and younger and thinner just by raising her hemline. Plus, what's the point of running marathons if you're not showing off the hard-earned gams?

We plucked out skirts and coats and dresses that also needed to be taken up above the knee. Fact: Few people can truly buy clothes off the rack. If you are under 5''4' and not shopping in the pettite section, take it for granted you're going to have to tailor your clothes for the best fit possible. I know because I have a mother and grandmother who I was taller than by the age of 10. I watched them get really good at altering their own clothes.

They taught me how particularly important it is for petitte women to hem pants to just the right length. The length on the right is perfect - covers the heel and makes Mari5195's leg look instantly longer than the shorter length on the left.

I also determined that halters are a HOT shape for Ms. Mar5195. Look at how they soften her shoulders, draw attention to her amazing decollatage and show off her tiny waist. YUM! Mari5195 told me she considers Jennifer Aniston one of her style icons. And I can definitely see that they share a clean classic approach to fashion.

But I pointed out that she has a different shape and very different coloring from Jennifer. In my mind, Salma Hayek is someone she should turn to for inspiration on fit and silohoutte. Can't wait to put together a look book that will help her better accentuate her femininity and her many assets.

After my appointment with Mari5195, it was time to go shopping for yesterday's new client, Yvette. I must admit my mom and I were a bit nervous about navigating the world of plus size fashion for a client. We come from a family filled with many a shapely lady. They've always bemoaned not being able to find enough fabulous and affordable fashion in their sizes.

But that was not our experience today. At all.

We found chic summer pieces at Macy's and Nordstrom and even Forever 21. Sassy and affordable options that will work well for Yvette's lifestyle and figure.

I was particularly impressed with the selection at Lane Bryant. Haven't been in one in years. In my teens, I worked for the Limited Too and Lane Bryant was one of the family of stores where I got a discount. I remember looking for a present there for a family friend and being so disheartened by all the clowny prints and muumuu shapes. Thankfully, much has changed in the last decade.

Can't wait to get Yvette into some amazing, look at me colors.

But for the BET Awards next week, I had to focus on all black pieces. Snapped up a few for her to try on this week. Very excited to see how they fit and how she likes them.

After a weekend of hard fashion work, my mom and I had a nice dinner. And even though I was the one techinically on the clock today, she was the one who ended the day with a massage!

The Outfit
Fashion District wrap sweater
Tiered, asymmetrical dress

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch and heels
Me&Ro necklace
Forever 21 bangle
Fashion District bangle and ring

The Grade

The Commentary
Built the outfit around my pink toes.

Realized today for the first time how perfectly the shoes work with this dress.

Love love love this asymmetrical dress

This trend has been around for a couple of seasons and will continue well into next year.

It was a big trend at the CFDA awards.

On models.

And designers alike.

These are my favorite recent asymmetrical looks.

Is it possible for Camille Belle to ever look bad? Ugh. Must be exhausting to be a little doll :)

But Anna Dello Russo, fashion director at large of Vogue Nippon, is my newest fashion idol.

She without fail cuts a striking figure - head to toe impeccable.

Love women who wear runway with such casual ease, with such graceful elan.

Nothing worse than a person who wears beautiful clothing like a chip on her shoulder.

Added the yellow sweater today for a little contrast.

Wish it had been a white blazer. Need one. Stat.

Picked the clutch for a bit of evening glam for day.

And to draw attention to the new bauble I picked up in downtown yesterday.

Mari5195 loved it on sight.

It's the bracelet version of my Diorette inspired ring.

It comes in silver and gold. If you are interested, email me. Just $44.99!!!!

Also found some new Diorette rings. LOOK AT THAT BUTTERFLY!!!!

Bigger and blingy-er than mine but I am loving. JUST $34.99.

If butterfly sunglasses are more your thang, I found a supplier today who can do these Prada-like sunnies for just $19.99. Plan to create an online store where you can buy these trinkets. Soon soon soon, my pretties ;)


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I know I have no right to feel this way, we are related and we aren't "friends" but I'm soo proud of the progress you have made with the personal styling. You are an inspiration. I have had some moments these past few months where I have been really upset with where I am in my career. I'm working but not enough and not doing enough of the stuff I want to do, but reading about you succeeding in your plan has made me want to double my efforts and not give up. Thank you.

Amanda said...

Yay, you're back and feeling better! Hope Hawaii was beautiful. I was having withdrawals.. From your blog, that is. ;)

Lotus said...

Glad your back:) You have an amazing eye- those bangles are to die for! I love the Prada inspired sunglasses- can't wait for your store!!!! xoxo

Milly said...

pretty the new bangle...sent you an email

lookrichbitch said...

love that bangle!!!! can you tell me what the diameter is? I have ridiculously small wrists and most of the time they don't fit. if only I could say the same for my waist.

amber said...

* Love the pieces you spied for Yvette! Great colors and shapes. A+.

* That Dior-inspired bracelet!!! Eeeek! I need!


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