Monday, December 29, 2008

The Scene
Back to work. Can't wait to be old and retired.

Best part of my day: figuring out The City premiered tonight. I am gonna love to hate that Olivia Palermo.

Best part of my night: dinner at Animal.

With my two favorite animals.

I'd been dying to try this gastric gem since it opened and was not disappointed. Read WeeMo's pork-rrific review. Dare you not to lick the screen.

Presented Sable Crow with a little gift Jean Bean sent him: a best dressed trophy. She gave me one too.

It's no Miss America. But I'll take whatever award I can get.

Go crown yourself here.

The Outfit
Forever 21 leggings and top
BCBG jacket

The Accessories
Ray Ban sunglasses
BCBG boots
Marc Jacobs bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Yes the boots and the jacket...AGAIN.

Am obsessed with all the little luxe details on this jacket.

Have you seen this little flare at the waist? Flattering AND cute.

Makes me feel very Rachel.

Meets Angelina.

Crossed with Gwyneth.

Sable Crow couldn't stop pawing the jacket tonight. Knew he'd adore. After all he's been searching for the perfect leather jacket as long as I have.

Wore the new wayfarers today. Whatcha think?? I absolutely love. Make me feel tres retro. A little rock and roll too.

Actually think they change the feel of the entire look.

Fascinating how one simple accessory

Can make such a big impact.

p.s. My hair has been behaving incredibly well thanks to my new Conair blow dryer. Best $20 I've spent in a while.

It's not quite as shiny as bitchy socialite hair but it's getting there.


weezermonkey said...

Isn't Animal the greatest?! I must go back and try the foie gras, as directed by Sable Crow! So happy you guys liked it, too!

Audrey said...

love you blog! happy 2009!

audrey anne

NYCynicist said...

I love your blog!
Would you like to trade links??

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Love the sort of biker chick thing you have going on. Happy New Year. Your blog makes my day.

amy said...

your hair looks amazing.. with a $20 blow dryer? hmph. i need a lot more to tame my nest! i think your hair is just as shiny as bitchy socialite hair - the only difference is that you wear a genuine smile, while bitchy socialites wear fake ones.

p.s. let's talk City... how amazing are Whitney's outfits and how lucky is that dude to be with her?

WendyB said...

I'm impressed by your best-dressed awards, but I am lording it over you with my most-swearing award.

Sable Crow said...

For the jacket alone, you get an A.

F. I wants a leather jacket like Gollum wants the Precious. Like Rosie wants cake. Like George WTF Bush wants human dignity.

Sable Crow

Elene said...

sooooooo how about the City!?!? amazing huh.. I LOVE whitney!!

PS hot outfit!

amber said...

oh, that jacket is suhweet.


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