Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Scene
Today was like Bring Your Daughter to Work Day for Mr. Diabolina. Except instead of a daughter, it was his girlfriend, his mom, his dad and his Mr. NBC. :)

As I drove in to watch Mr. D second chair his first trial, I seriously thought I might faint from nerves. As he confidently cross examined witnesses (in the pink tie I picked out), I thought I might throw up, had to clutch Mr. NBC's arm. As I looked at his mom beaming with pride and the jury rapt in attention, I thought I might cry.

Today, I realized how rare it is to see your loved ones "in action" professionally. To witness a a part of them that is brilliantly skillful and subtly artful and above all, assured. Today, I was blown away by someone I've known forever and a day. Love that. And I came to terms with the fact that there is a whole side to the man I love that doesn't involve me. Love that too.

I am overjoyed he has found a profession that he (mostly) loves and rocks and was born to do. What a gift of a day. I only hope one day I finally find my thing and he snags a front row seat to watch me shine.

After court, I needed to wait out rush hour traffic before heading back to L.A. As luck would have it, Miss Rachelle suggested I hit the Nordstrom Rack near South Coast earlier in the week. She knew I was looking for a leather jacket and had just picked up this Phillip Lim for Nordstrom one. $150, marked down from $900. AAAAAAAAAA!

Unfortunately the jacket was gone and the additional 50 percent off designer merchandise was over, but I still spent nearly 3 hours combing the store. If you can believe it, I had never been there. The designer selection was a dream. Chloe, Stella McCartney, Tory Burch, Oscar De La Renta, Peter Som, Missoni. Just one or two seasons old. I pawed everything. Twice. But managed to reign myself in. I didn't feel like spending a couple hundred dollars on any one thing.

So instead I headed over to the shoe department - a wonderland of Prada and Choo and Manolos and Miu Mius and Marc Jacobs. I shoved my foot in every shoe that would fit and some that wouldn't. I fantasized about where I could wear hot pink strappy Jimmy Choos (answer: ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE!)

But again all the shoes I loved were at least $200. Too steep. So I narrowed it down to a few options. Decided to get one totally impractical pair that I've loved for a while. Just $70. Can you guess which one?

Thanks Miss Rachelle for teaching me a very very bad thing. I can't wait to head out there with my momma around the holidays. Major damage will be done.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Banana Republic sweater

The Accessories
YSL bag
Forever 21 belt
Diamond necklace
London sole shoes
"Chanel" earrings

The Grade
C for Court Casual

The Commentary

Mr. Diabolina told me dress inconspicuously, to not wear anything too flashy. Ugh. So I thought monochromatic gray wouldn't stick out.

Originally planned to wear a yellow sweater. Adore yellow with gray. But the proportion of the sweater didn't work with the dress. I looked like a big blob. Even with the belt.

Think my look was a bit too sexy caz for court. Mr. NBC struck the perfect balance in his GORG argyle. Ugh. What a beautiful man.

I think I should have worn pants with my wrap sweater a la Nicole. Maybe a heel. Definitely a higher neckline. Too many suits were peeping the girls. F.

Speaking of Nicole, while I scoured Nordstrom Rack, she was partying with Victoria at the Alberta Ferreti store grand opening.
I die. Liking the soft makeup but that silver satin dress - meh! Feels a bit dated. Much prefer my gray jersey.

Much more on trend tonight were the Olsens at a Borders book signing in Westwood that I wanted to hit with Fashionintelligentsia. Loving the red belt and that leather mini. And is that a wrap-like grey sweater I spy? JINX!


weezermonkey said...

So true that we never get to see our loved ones in action. So cool that you took advantage of the rare chance. So ballsy that he wore a pink tie!

Milly said...

you look lovely...was it the Steve madden ones?...and yes i love the fact that he wore a pink tie

amy said...

i don't think you own a thing that you could have worn and NOT stuck out in the courtroom... you are way too stylish for the law. love the pink tie on mr. d. you may consider another pink tie from brooks bros. that has little sheep knitting from each other's wool... my "mr. a" picked it out all by himself and was so proud and it really is the neatest tie - the sheep are so small and subtle that it is professional yet quite fun when you get close. comes in other bright colors, too.

Jean Bean said...

it's the pradas. you can't fool me!

Da Fashionista said...

my jean bean, you know me well! i WISH it was the pradas. a half size too small for this wicked stepsister.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Oooh, dying to know, which ones????

lookrichbitch said...

ugh. i remember the days when you could find a pair of pradas for $99 at the rack! when did the rack get so spendy??

MissJordyPants said...

I went to the Rack once. It was bad. I'm currently banned.

amber said...

that is awesome that you got to see your sweetie in action. :)

i can't believe you'd never been to the rack?! i always scour the narrow shoe section and have gotten some killer deals there, but sadly, it seems to be shrinking each time i go. :/

Rachee said...

yay to getting to see Mr. D in action. Boo for the jacket selling out. if it makes you feel any better, the leather is a bit stiff ;)

After last week, I am officially forbidden to go to the Rack alone -too much damange can be done.


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