Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Scene
Met my mom at our polling station before work and waited for 45 minutes in a line two blocks long.

Yes, we did!

America's newest citizen was positively glowing this morning. Her eyes brimming with tears but never spilling forward. No, that would come later in the day. In line, she proudly told anyone who would listen that it was her first time voting. That she was so honored to be a part of this election - this truly historic, critically important election.

And people ate her up. I mean they always do but today there was a special sense of community in the air. So many walks of life crossing paths today - coming together, as Americans, to be heard. So powerful. So moving.

Grabbed breakfast together and then spent the day on pins and needles.

In the evening, my mother and I held hands and watched together as our country made the right decision. We wept - tears of relief and pride and joy.

We also wept for the challenges that lay ahead for this beautiful, regal family. May God bless and protect and guide them - and all of us - on this unprecedented journey.

The Outfit
Diane Von Furstenberg dress
Vintage trench

The Accessories
Mango necklace
Manolo Blahnik pumps
Chanel bag and earrings

The Grade
O for Obamanos!

The Commentary
I bought this dress years ago for $30 at a thrift store. Have never worn it. Like most jersey dresses it isn't very forgiving. Shows every lump and bump and my rump. Plus the pattern is quite busy for day. And red isn't the best color on me. Why did I buy it then? Three letters. D-V-F.

Plus I loved the little details. The flirty ruching at the bottom. The ever-so slight asymmetrical dip of the neckline. How the print can look like thunder bolts or high heels if you glance quickly :)

Today for some reason it felt perfect. I pulled on some spanx and stood up straight and felt prepared to witness history - while impeccably turned out :)

When the new first family came out on the stage - gorgeous in color coordinated black and red, I smiled. I knew the dress felt right for a reason. I had tapped into the zeitgeist.

Must confess that I didn't love the Narcisco Rodriguez dress. And I am not alone. My biggest issue was that it was not flattering on First Lady Michelle's figure - the bold spray paint print draws the eye straight to the widest part of her body. Not gouda. Had to blink a few times to make sure the tears weren't obscuring my fashion judgment.

But I LOVE that she took the risk with such a HIGH FASHION choice. Hooray to no more dowdy Barbara Bushiness!!! Just look at this NYTimes slideshow on Michelle's typically impeccable style! There's a new (Ivy League educated) fashionista coming to town, D.C.! And she wears studded belts and chic flats. She mixes Thakoon with H&M. She is one of us. Finally.

I am so excited about the next four years. Youth and elegance and substance and hope are returning to the White House. Camelot revisted. YAYAYAY!

Lady Liberty and I will be watching with bated breath. Yes, we will!


Jean Bean said...

I didn't love the red Narciso either but I give her huge credit for making such a bold and individual selection for such a big night, and for supporting American fashion. I mean, how great for Narciso. That photo will go down in history books. The cardigan spoiled the proportions, unfortunately. Should have picked something longer if she wanted another layer. Whatever. YESWEDID!

amber said...

tuesday was SUCH a great day! hubs came home early from work to watch with me because as he said "i'm just sitting here hitting F5 on msnbc every 10 seconds. might as well be at home actually watching it live." :D

i wasn't in love with the dress, but i still think she is one heck of a stylish lady and am loving that their whole family will be taking up residence in the white house in just a few short weeks! <3

WendyB said...

You're crazy -- you look great in red!

tam pham said...

yeah the narciso was a little lackluster in my opinion. definiteld paled in comparison to the Thakoon floral frock she rocked earlier. whatever. she's amazing.

Victoria said...

yay for your mom! my mom too became a citizen a few years ago and was stoked to be an "obama mama." yes we did!

weezermonkey said...

I loved that you voted together!

Milly said...

you look lovely....i wasn't crazy over the dress neither was my mom...she kept saying..it looks like she has an apron on...oh those mamas..lol

Juana said...

I love that your mom posed with the Diet Coke AND a bomb-a&& Statue of Liberty foam crown.

Ly said...

I think that DVF dress is FAB. Love the cut, color and proportion. I have a few dresses in that style and I always wear my spanx with them:)

amy said...

i'm probably the least fashionable of your commentators, so this shouldn't come as a surprise - i really liked michelle obama's dress! maybe more that it thank god finally was not a stuffy suit as so many women in the political spotlight are wont to wear. and i just read the glamour with a pic of the first lady-elect in a sundress from the gap. now that's great!

i love the foam statue of liberty hat!!


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