Friday, October 31, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld Halloween Costume

The Scene
Tonight, I hung out with one Officer Poncherello,

Two Mavericks,

A Fallen Angel and that Howard Stern.

Also mingled with a gaggle of Mormon wives,

Some tasty tight ends,

Obama as Captain America,

Another real American,

A centaur

A peacock

A nightmare (click to enlarge if you dare)

And a dream

Just another Halloween in WeHo. Can't wait for next year.

The Outfit
H&M white shirt
Forever 21 black jeans
Theory velvet jacket

The Accessories
Duke wig
Chanel sunglasses and hair ribbon
Sam Edelman booties
Forever 21 fingerless gloves
H&M tie and faux Chanel pin tie

The Grade
D for Dragalicious

The Commentary
So this year I decided to try my hand at drag for the first time in 31 years. Tonight I channeled Chanel in black and white as the Kaiser himself. EEEEEEEEEEE!!

The idea started percolating last year when Sable Crow and I visited Jean Bean in NYC. It was my first Halloween outside L.A. and I had a ball. Literally.

At the Roberto Cavalli Masquerade Ball, we met impossibly stunning sailors.

And Spartans.

And rockstars and pirates

And a few delish, um, six packs.

But no costume made as big an impression as Karl. There was a thin, young queen in the Village who's costume was PERFECTION but I only managed to snap a pic of this slightly heavier, definitely straighter version. Boo.

I couldn't believe it had never dawned on me before. OF COURSE, Karl makes for an evergreen costume. His look is so iconic and consistent that it is instantly recognizable and fairly simple to pull off. I filed it away for future reference. Actually hoped Sable Crow might rock it someday.

As Halloween rolled around this year, I realized I wanted to be something fabulous. But I needed it to be easy and inexpensive. No time or big bucks to spend. I knew I wanted to do something fashionable so I thought about being Coco Chanel - wearing a LBD and some pearls and a black bob. But just the thought of that bored me to tears.

Last weekend, I realized it wouldn't take much effort for me to transform into Karl. I had a solid foundation: uncomfortably tight black jeans, a tailored black blazer, dark sunglasses, my Marie Antoinette fan, heavy bronzer and loads of attitude.

All I'd need was a white button down, a black tie, fingerless gloves and the perfect wig. I went in knowing the wig would be the hardest part of the costume to get right. My back up plan was to spray my hair with that toxic spray paint from my Madonna birthday.

I think it worked out quite well for minimal effort. Plus I threw it on after I had a few cocktails so my tie was a little more askew than I would have liked. And I wish I had borrowed a belt from Sable Crow. And remembered my white lace fan. F.

But the "Duke" wig spelled perfection as did my mom's Chanel sunglasses. Not too many people recognized me but I LOVE the demographic that did: a sassy Japanese couple, a group of forty-something Euro ladies who lunch and a clique of teenage girls who look like they go to West Beverly :) We did see two other Karls out tonight but I was the only girl underneath all the bronzer and sucked in cheek action.

Mr. D was pretty freaked out by my transformation into a man. Wasn't too keen on holding hands at the beginning of the night. HAHAHHA!! Forgot all about me in drag as he started getting loads of female and male attention from Howard fans. Talk about an evergreen costume. He created that nose/sunglasses/wig combo 6 years ago (I was a Playboy bunny that year) and it still gets soooo much attention.

Daisy Duke's was also a HUGE hit tonight as Sarah Pallin. So many people asked to get her photograph - that's the sign you are a star on Halloween ;)

I thought there would have been more Sarahs out tonight but we only saw two. DD was definitely the most statuesque.

Best accessory goes to Officer Poncherello for out manuevering the WeHo parade snarl on his new "hog."

He tried to arrest me for looking so good tonight.

If looking like Karl is a crime, I say guilty as charged.

p.s. For an awesome round-up of this year's celebrity costumes, visit Maholo Fashion.


WendyB said...

You make an awesome drag king! Fabulous costume. I'm impressed by that centaur as well.

Unknown said...

OMG you look awesome!!!!!!

Jean Bean said...

oops, that was supposed to be from me, not james.

tam pham said...


Nololos said...

You shut it down, girl!
Sorry if this posted twice.
(Trouble signing in today.)

amber said...

dude! dude! dude!
such an awesome costume!!

weezermonkey said...

Prettiest Lagerfeld ever.

Milly said...

awesome job as Karl!!

Sable Crow said...

Sable Crow WILL be Lagerfeld. Don't you worry. Filed that away this year, and was wondering how to bring it up with you.

"D, I want to reprise your Karl."

Think of it as an ode. You looked marvelous.

MissJordyPants said...

Absolutely FABULOUS.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG - Absolutely Fabulous!!!!

Kate said...

So funny that you were Karl. Earlier this month Ben and I tried to brainstorm ideas for making a Karl outfit for W. We thought a toddler Karl would be HYSTERICAL. But we were worried nobody would get it. And think we were really weird. I'd like to think the black and white theme of his dalmation costume was a little bit of an homage.

Rachee said...

I love it! Genius.

Rachee said...

I love it! Genius.


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