Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Scene
I was either very very good today or very very naughty. You be the judge. I simply ask that you keep a few things in mind before you judge me: I've been a homeowner since 2001, have zero credit card debt, and no intention of procreating any time soon. Now you may proceed.

Felt like getting out of the office during lunch so headed to one of my favorite resale haunts. Had no intention of buying anything. Been in saving mode all summer. Plus, Mr. D has all kinds of real estate schemes he is cooking up. Apparently he thinks we are Rockfellers.

So I thought I was safe today. No harm in a quick looksee, I told myself. The merchandise hasn't been very good lately anyway. But as soon as I walked in I saw these two Burberry jackets. F.

Now my mom has been wanting this Burberry jacket forever. Or at least for the last two winters. As the air starts to get chilly, like clockwork, we linger over them at Bloomie's.

But at $425, my mom scoffs every time. Too expensive, she spits out angrily as she lovingly paws the quilting. She refused to let me get her one for her birthday or Christmas. And yet she practically drools whenever she sees another little lady wearing one.

But today I found the jackets in pristine condition for just $125! The only problem? Which one to get. The cropped one would be perfect for her but it was a small. Might be tight at her chesty chest.

And the black one was a medium but cut longer. I recalled the long one in medium had been too big for her when she tried it on at Nordstrom. Ugh.

So I did what any rational crazy person would do: I got both!! Figured I could take the one that didn't work.

I know, I know. What a daughter I am, always willing to sacrifice myself ;)

Now I wasn't feeling bad about these purchases. Felt completely justified. A light weight designer jacket that's perfect for California winters and that my mother's been dying for at more than 75 percent off retail? No brainer.

Enter this YSL Tribute Platform heel. The demon/saleswoman was kind enough to unfurl it from the new merchandise stockpile in the back room. She thought I might like it. Worn exactly once. Marked $350. They retail for $660.

When I saw it was a 10. I sighed a sigh of relief. They are too big for me, I practically screamed at the woman. Try them on, she urged like the snake in the Garden. The girl who brought them in is normally a 9 too, she informed me.

Ugh. So I tried them on. And I got dizzy. They fit like a glove, like Cinderella slipping on a glass slipper. Except it was a patent leather mary jane with a four inch spike heel.

They were shockingly comfortable thanks to the platform. And even more shocking, they didn't look stripper-like at all with jeans. I mean they ARE YSL people.

I flashed on the fact that every fashionista had these shoes a few months ago.

Worried that would make them sooooooo last season.

Also considered the fact that I'd seen countless knock-offs made for a third of what I would pay. Hmmmm. Plus it seemed like such a splurge for such an overtly sexy shoe. The sensible nun in me was none too pleased. Ugh. Decisions, decisions.

The saleswoman must have noticed I was gripped by an internal moral struggle and suggested the unthinkable. She said, If getting your mom's jackets AND the shoes is too much, why don't you do layaway for the shoes?

Layaway???? What is that exactly, I asked suspiciously but delirious with YSL lust. She explained I could pay part of the $350 today to hold them and then pay the rest within 30 days. Voila! Like a payment plan, I said incredulously. Exactly, she purred.

Now I had vaguely heard of layaway in the 80s. At places like Walmart. Had no idea it was still an option in 2008. Much less at an uppity consignment store where I've bought all my Manolos. Before I knew what I was doing I said sign me up.

Look, I knew those heels would not be there long. Resale shops are not Neiman Marcus. There's only one of each item and when the shoe fits I take it as a sign. Today I figured if I spaced out the payments, I wouldn't feel so bad about dropping the cash.

I know, I know. I could just do that by buying it with my credit card. But I wanted to delay the gratification. I'm just Catholic that way.

Besides I thought it would make for a great story. Buying YSL on layaway when you don't have to? C'mon that is sheer hilarity.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic
Image wrap sweater
J Brand jeans

The Accessories

Louis Vuitton Speedy
Giorgio Armani flats

The Grade


The Commentary

PMS+curly hair=Frumptified Diabolina.

No desire to sass it up today. Wanted to feel comfortable. Built the outfit around this pretty top that I haven't worn since January.

When I took the jackets over to my mom's (she loved them!) she said my top made her hungry. The detail at the neckline reminded her of sprinkles. Seriously, we have issues.

Saw this very similar top on Shopbop recently. $145. What a score mine was at under $30. Thinking I will tuck it into my highwaisted Robert Rodriguez skirt soon. All I'll need is the studded clutch. Yummers.

p.s. I cannot wait to roll around in matching Burberry jackets with my mom. Maybe we'll wear our matching Giorgio Armani shoes too.


WendyB said...

Those are some bargains! But what is this "last season" shizz, young lady? Who cares about that?

lookrichbitch said...


Love YSL! Love layaway!


Seeing you with your Louis, makes me feel like using mine again. Maybe when it gets cooler for us? Beautiful, as always. You always dress so well! :)

Thanks for the B'Day comment. I like what you said, "another year of fashion.." fun way to look at it! <3

xo/ fashion chalet

Sable Crow said...

Delicious! I loved this post. God you're a talented writer. F.

weezermonkey said...

I cannot judge. See Exhibit A.

Let's be triplets. Or my friend can come, too, and we can be quads.

Lynn Tran said...

It's always when you don't expect to buy anything that the best deals and items shower themselves upon you. Love YSL on layaway - great story.

Kate said...

I don't even think you can really argue that you are naughty. Unless you want to because its fun.

Seriously, given your circumstances, there's nothing irresponsible about the jackets or the shoes. And I covet all three.

Way to go!

Can't wait to see outfits featuring those shoes.

jane said...

Burberry for $125! Great job on a GREAT find! I bought my quilted coat about 4 years ago on sale and it is perfect for California weather! Not too heavy and it keeps you nice and warm!

MissJordyPants said...

I.Love.Those.Shoes. Absolutely and utterly stunning.

YAAAAAAH for you!

Milly said...

2 Burberry's & YSL shoes??
Big time F! you're so lucky
Ok me has to move to LA :D

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

you should def NOT feel bad about any of your purchases! :) so jealous of the tributes. What a deal! are you referring to a resale on 3rd or one on wilshire??

Emily said...

Really, you SAVED money. And made your mommy happy. And got two things for yourself that you will love and treasure forever. Plus a silly story about putting shoes on layaway! So when you compare all of that with the amount you spent, you should actually feel quite proud of yourself :)

amber said...

no negative nellie comments here.

that is a great deal on all of those pieces! score!

tam pham said...

LOVE you and your layaway!


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