Friday, May 9, 2008

The Scene
Fantabulous first day!!! Check it:
  • My new commute is 10ish minutes shorter than my old one.
  • My cube is ENORMOUS. Private, has a window and is cocooned by plants.
  • ALL my logins and access cards actually worked. On the first day. AMAZING.
  • Lunches are catered Mondays and Wednesdays and there are bagels Friday am.
  • They booked meetings FOR ME with all the top top leadership.
  • Co-workers seem competent and HELPFUL and cool. Rare combination.
  • Will have a long department lunch to welcome me on Monday.
  • It's a green office and big into community service (blood drive in the office today.)
  • My fatherly boss threw this into an introductory email: "Diabolina started today. She is great and we are lucky to have her." Hearting him!
  • People were out the door by 5:30. Not in a "I hate work" way but in a "I have a life" way
Cautiously VERY optimistic :)

After work, a lovely smattering of pals made a happy hour/dinner to celebrate my first day.

Juana, Biker Boy, Mr. Architect, KFR, Lauragami.
Such sweethearts for coming out.

They represent very different moments in my life - high school, college, my UCLA job and my rocket job - but all got along swimmingly. What a gift to work closer to all of them now. YAYAYYAY!

We ate a TON of delish pub food. Bangers and mash. Shepard's pie. SCOTCH EGGS!!!

And then hated ourselves for it.
Like supermodels.

So we practiced Mr. Architect's optical illusion tricks so as not to appear so fats in the pics.

Fun fun fun way to kick off a new era.

The Outfit
Twelve by Twelve black and white cardigan
Theory black trousers

The Accessories
Chanel black and white earrings
Banks & Biddle gold bracelet
Chanel black chain tote
Marc Jacobs Mary Janes

The Grade

The Commentary

Unchartered territory today. I've never started a job on a Friday... in a VERY casual office...when I have hideous mosquito bites on my legs...and I have "senior" in my title. Quite the convergence of factors to consider in this critical fashion equation. After all, you never get back a first impression.

Ultimately, decided today I wanted to feel like me, first and foremost. Wanted to sport my signature colors and signature brands. Wanted my look to clearly communicate, "I am fabulousness and professional and well, you are in for a treat!' :)

So clearly that all resulted in Forever 21 mixed with Chanel and a dash of Marc. The simple final ensemble made me feel confident but not too TOO fashion. Don't feel like it was a fashionista home run but it was subtly stylish. Think it worked at conveying how I roll.

My friends and Mr. Diabolina, however, LOVED it. Think the people at work appreciated it. Got a lot of long sideways peeks from the women and dumbfounded stares from the men.

This sweet little cardigan is detailed perfection. Delish pockets and buttons and puff sleeves and peek-a-boo fabric. Plus it looks seamlessly luxe paired with the Chanel earrings and bag. Like Mr. Lagerfeld put it all together for me himself with those fingerless gloved hands.

The sweater top is from Forever's "designer" line called Twelve by Twelve. It's only available in certain stores and skews a little older, a little more avant garde, a little more high fashion.

And it's significantly more "expensive." At $32, this cardigan was not cheap by typical Forever 21 standards. But it's certainly a steal when compared with the hundreds - nay, THOUSANDS - one could spend on an actual Chanel knit piece.

Love the retro flight attendant emblazoned on the inside of the sweater and the adorable tag that came pinned to it. It reads, "This Passport is valid to show off that you shop at Twelve by Twelve. This shows that you have style, good taste and that you know fashion. " Check, check and check.

Then it signs off with "Love Laugh Shop"
Definitely the motto by which I live my life :)


weezermonkey said...

I love the first-day-of-work outfit! Very panda chic! :)

dapotato said...

LOVE the outfit, and the new job sounds like a dream (typed cautiously).

WendyB said...

Nice shoes. ^^LOL at "panda chic."

MissMissy said...

yay!!! You looked great on your first day!!! Perfect outfit - very fashionista!

M&M continues to be in my thoughts.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Vavavoom, teenie meenie! You look great...I wish our Forever had a 12by 12 section. I'm so glad your first day went well, being a "senior" and all. You never know how the people under you are going to handle the new girl with the bigger title.

So sorry about your friend...she'll be in my prayers.

amber said...

those shoes are fierce woman!

Kelli said...

love that sweater,agree it is very panda chic! I wish we had a 12 by 12 at my forever 21

Cee said...

Dig the 1st day outfit. You're oozing Chanel. Lagerfield would be proud.


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