Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So yesterday's dress was from Mango, the Spanish H&M. Have found some pretty delish deals there in the last year. Very hit or miss.

I was sure I'd have some guesses that the dress was a DVF. Forgot you can't trick tricksters ;)

The Scene
Today was all about counting down the hours til our little soiree at Saks Fifth Avenue. A friend of Styleminded works in the Men's department there and lured us with tales of food, drinks, music, male models and a $25 giftcard. He had me at food.

Had a lovely time sipping pear martinis and perusing the merchandise and the high fashion boyz. Thought about getting Mr. Diabolina something with my giftcard but he is too picky. Knew it would only end in tears so instead got myself a great set of three books on Chanel .

After the party, we headed to Hollywood originally for a Snoop Dogg event but ended up at Geisha House instead. Met up with Mr. Honorary Hot Chick.

My work friends are the best. They have become my sanity over the past year.

So much fun dancing with new friends. These cutie boys work in fashion. SWOON.

The Outfit
Forever 21 turquoise/chocolate chiffon bubble dress
Chocolate wrap sweater

The Accessories
Red coral necklace
YSL chocolate tote
Manolo Blahnik chocolate d'orsay pumps
Faux Van Cleef and Arpels earrings
Red leopard print bangles

The Grade

The Commentary
Today's outfit was inspired by the new Louis Vuitton ad I keep seeing in all my April fashion magazines. The turquoise and red feels so fresh and springy to me. It's unexpected chic.

Love this coral necklace. It always makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii. Not sure where I bought it. Maybe downtown. Feels like I've had it forever.

And these new bangles are my absolute faves. Got them downtown- 2 for $8. They look like a Vuitton print from a few seasons ago. Yummers.

This dress was one of those tricky calls at Forever. You see, when I tried it on, it had this HIDEOUS brown velvet trim under the chest that was fastened with a HUGE gold clasp. It was so bad I almost couldn't see past that detailing. But upon close inspection and with my mom's reassurance, I determined I could trim off the tacky.

Thank god I had a little vision and didn't miss out on a terrific piece. It has such a great shape for my figure - highlights the positive and camouflages the wobbly bits.

Wonderful print too. Very DVF. So versatile. It's a bit low cut for the office so whenever I had a meeting today, I'd just through one of the wraps over my shoulder casually. Covered up the girls but showed off the necklace. Problem solved.

Felt a bit old when we hit Geisha House. Lots of barely twentysomethings. There were many horror scenes out on a WEDNESDAY night. Lots of skin tight short bright dresses. Just look at this hot pink "don't."

This is how you do bright and tight right: Styleminded rocked a short jersey dress in a great color that hugged in all the right places.

The tights and the amazing Marc Jacobs Oxfords she scored at the Barney's sale all make the outfit classier and a more high fashion interpretation of sexy.

Styleminded's friend S also looked tres adorable in a backless dreamy confection. She was flashing just the right amount of skin. So hot but sweet at the same time.

M and The Peeper always look classy and chic and clean. Today they wore dresses.

Seriously, I feel compelled to edumacate women to dress for their figures and pay attention to the details and raise their taste level. Sigh. So much fashionista work, so little time :)

In the meantime, I'm thankful for the women who surround me.

Their inner and outer beauty inspire me and challenge me to be better - in fashion, friendship, work and play.


Kate said...

Loving that dress! Need the details...cause I might Copy Kate you.

tam pham said...

love the necklace!

Samantha Smikle said...

Love your blog too! :) We should link each other! Let me know.

styleminded said...

hot chix in hollyhood. lovvees it.

amber said...

that whole "dressing for your figure" was something my mom impressed upon me from a very young age. i don't know that i always get it right, but at least it's something i'm always aware of. :)


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