Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Scene
Work out in a.m. Hair emerges SUPER curly. Yikes!

Takes me half an hour to go a mile on the 101. I'm telling you - it's armageddon.

Work is all about problem solving today. Fires to put out tempered by a couple of minor victories. Blah.

The Outfit
Forever 21 black turtleneck pleated jersey dress
Vintage black wool coat

The Accents
Gucci black sunglasses
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
Marc Jacobs black rafia round toe pumps
Lucite bangles
Faux Van Cleefs & Aprels black earrings
American Apparel cobalt tights

The Grade

The Commentary
Like skinny jeans, colored tights scared me. I had been seeing them for what felt like a year and said, "Thanks but no thanks! Go sell crazy somewhere else."

But I kept seeing them. They kept invading my house via the 10 magazines I subscribe to every month, insatiable-fashionista style. So I slowly came around to appreciating the statement they make editorially. (My reaction to them in a fashion spread is always very visceral. Dunno why. But it's powerful.)

Then I went to New York in October. Saw them all over the place - worn by real women, living their real lives. Saw how polished or rocker (and everything in between) they could look.

Decided to take the plunge. Bought burgundy ones with Jean Bean at the Park Slope American Apparel. Test drove them over the holidays and loved them.

So this weekend, emboldened by my resolution to be fearless (in fashion and life) I bought some blue ones. Bright alien-lady-in-Beetlejuice blue! Bald-Blue-Man-Group blue!

Wore them today with an otherwise basic black uniform. They didn't get as much of a reaction as I thought they would. I had been so apprehensive for nothing. Sure, a few people stared on the street but no funny one-liners by The Office peeps.

Mr. Diabolina did say he was "confused" by them which has become a running joke with us. When he is "confused" it means I am doing something right fashion-wise ;)

Right. Wrong. Who cares. All day these tights made me smile. Kept catching glimpses of my Smurfette legs and would giggle. Fashion should be fun and funny. It should be a playground to explore and learn about our selves, our boundaries, our tastes. It should make you feel good, maybe get a reaction out of people, hopefully make you sparkle. Right?

{p.s. Kisses for all the love for yesterday's post. I will do more "Lucky-esque" posts. It was super fun for me to whip those outfits together!

Ironically after the last 28 days of the love fest, today I got my first anonymous hater. Friends - new and old - said such lovely things to make me feel less hurt. Thank you.

But I realized I wasn't so much hurt. I am a big girl - literally and figuratively - so I can take care of myself.

I was just saddened. Saddened by the choices people make. I feel every day we choose who we are and how we carry ourselves in this world.

Some people choose to be ugly and hateful.
I choose to be beautiful and loving.

Some people choose cowardice and criticism.
I choose class and sensitivity.

I am keeping the meanie comment up (and the HIGHlariously priceless response to it by my favorite high school girlfriend "Juana.")

I hope that it will remind me that this year is about being fearless, about knowing who I am, about letting go of the desire to please other people. Life is too short. This is the year I am just me - come what may. }


amber said...

loving the tights on you! you totally pull them off. so cute.

about the hater comment... that is just jealously, pure and simple. i love your attitude towards it though and am so glad that it's not stopping you from just being you!

last night i was at the mall, trying channel your fashionista ways and while all of these fun pieces look so cute on you, they just leave me looking silly. but, i love living vicariously through this blog. keep it up lady!! :)

weezermonkey said...

Nothing says "fearless" like cobalt tights. ;)

Lynn Tran said...

Too bold for me, but you rock it.

Cee said...

[golf clap] Wonderfully well put. Poop on that negative commenter. They are just jealous that you're fierce!

I totally dig the tights on you. Not sure I'm ready to go down that path since I'll look like I still go to elementary school.

Unknown said...

I'm still scurred of the bright tights. But I actually love rockin the fishnets w/ pencil skirts - they're not just for sluts ya know! Maybe I'll try some burgundy while there's still a bit of winter left. :)

negative anons are whack


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