Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Super Sweet Closet and another Pete Carroll sighting

The Scene
Today I spent FOUR hours organizing my closet. Oy vey! I thought I was going to find Jimmy Hoffa in there.

Figured I'd dress more creatively if I could SEE everything better. It certainly didn't hurt to do a full inventory - kept discovering great mixable separates I had completely forgotten about. Feels like I got a whole new wardrobe out of this exercise.

Also found a box full of belts and one full of scarves that I never bust out but both of which will be great for spring. I am resolved to accessorize more boldly as now I am a lady of a certain age :) Very excited about the possibilities that will arise from this much needed reorg...

(BTW - Organizing like items together really minimizes the morning fashion emergency for me. I group jackets with jackets, skirts with skirts and so on. Just makes it easier to build outfits.)

In the afternoon, I worked out HARD (p.s. I have lost 3 lbs since Christmas Eve. Truly amazing - this gym shit works! Don't really SEE any difference but definitely feel less slothy.) Then ran some errands to get the house ready for pals to come over before going to see a friend perform at the Troubadour.

The Outfit
Banana Republic "safari" wrap top
Forever 21 black jeans

The Accents
3 bangles of various browns that all look safari-y
Alice Roi snakeskin clutch
Tall slouchy black boots inspired by Chloe
Brown wood circle dangly earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

I was going for rocker tonight. As I was organizing the closet realized all my old rocker wear (think: stripes, 80s style) doesn't quite work anymore as I am a fleshier thirtysomething now. Boo.

This was the first time wearing this top and it was a bit of an adventure since it kept riding down. Mr. Diabolina was in heaven. I was self conscious but tried to work it.

Had a blast as we always do with my lovely lovelies and managed to end up hanging with Coach Carroll AGAIN. I was super star struck. He is my celebrity crush of the moment. Makes me giddy like Donnie Wahlberg did when I was 10.

Ugh. My life is truly great, blessed. Slap me if I ever complain.


weezermonkey said...

Will you organize my closet, too? Pretty please? :)

Kate said...

Swoon........tell me about Pete. What's he like?

Anonymous said...

I imagine Pete's wife to be thinking in her head:

"Get your picture, girly. But I WILL scratch your eyes out if you make a move on my man."

She must have to deal with so many fine young things coming at her husband.

styleminded said...

sigh. you are so beautiful and fabulous both inside and out

Da Fashionista said...

monkey, yes! I want to come over and play in your treasure trove. did that sound dirty???

ugh. he is so hot. he actually wanted NOTHING to do with me. the wife was actually the gracious one and chatted. it kinda dimmed his shine a bit for me because i didn't anticipate it would be such a chore to take pictures with a girl whose top was falling off but apparently it was. boo!

the king,
I LOVE THAT YOU ARE READING AND COMMENTING. i do all the shoe shots for you, my shoe fetishist dear!

you are MY inspiration. kisses!

R said...

That top is hot. I wish I wasn't as fleshy and more brave to wear something like it.

Gina T. said...

Dude, taking pictures with Pete is so not the way to get to him. You have to do something stupid/cute/funny like yell "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Pete" from 2 feet away. Trust me, he did not seem put out. "Ni ni coach" seemed to work out well too, right?

Just a little FYI since you seem to be partying with the man every couple of days.

Da Fashionista said...

hahaha, beena.

that's just one of the difference's between you and me, i'd rather have the photo to show than the story to tell:)

Kate said...

Mr T would be thrilled if you wore the top you rubbed up on Pete in!


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