Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Scene
Nearly done with this full first week after the holidays. Wake up with a bad sore throat and instantly curse all the typhoid marys at work who practically lick my desk when they walk by. Blech. Have I mentioned I hate winter? And cubicle life?

Almost decide to stay in bed an extra hour but decide to sweat out the bug. Once again the pre-work gym session leaves me feeling accomplished and energized and not as hungry as usual (p.s. I like to eat...ALOT. It used to be one of my cutest traits until it started showing. Boo!)

The Outfit

Seafoam green wrap dress with goldish/brownish print

The Accents
Chocolate knit scarf
YSL wine patent d'orsay pumps
YSL wine tote
Vintage eggshell trench coat
Gucci aviators
Cutie "owl" dangly green and brown earrings

The Grade


The Commentary
I love this dress. Bought it about 6 years ago for 40 dollars in downtown's Fashion District (my second home during college.) I can accessorize it in so many ways. After all these years, it still manages to feel fresh. Love that.

However, I always worry about wrap dresses. The upside: They work wonders on a curvy body. The downside: they work wonders on a curvy body which means men tend to notice.

I totally dress for other women - not for men. Never have been interested in displaying the goods to get male attention. Not my style. And to be honest, until this year, I didn't have much to show in the chesticle department anyway. Then around February last year, I noticed alot of the things that used to look high fashion suddenly just looked revealing. Mr. Diabolina was thrilled. I was not. My mom urged me to buy all sorts of underpinnings to try to, um, contain the situation better. Yet another reason to get that weight under control.

This leads to an interesting side note that I explain to men all the time: the same outfit can look totally different on different women. Por ejemplo: the same ensemb will look totally different on Gwyneth Paltrow than it will on JLo. I think your coloring, height, body type, hair, and how you carry yourself all factor in the cummulative effect. Mr. Diabolina has picked out bags or dresses for me that would work if I looked like his mild mannered, tall, athletic, fair sisters. But as a Latina with olive skin, hips, big hair and bigger attitude - not so much. You have to know who you are and work with what you have - not only in fashion but in life :)

Anyhoo, back to the goods. I loves my YSL bag and shoes. Always get compliments on them. These pumps were my first pair of designer heels. I bought them at a place in the Valley that sells pristine wardrobe from tv and film sets. I think these heels were from Ally McBeal.

I remember I broke the right heel within a few months. I've had them fixed but a designer heel is never quite the same after it is remade. It's not as sexy, not as deliciously spindly. I have always been insanely hard on my shoes. In the last two months alone, I broke heels on two pairs of Manolos.

UGH! Horrifying, horse of a girl!


Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

love that bag! I'm such a sucker for big bags...I'm in love with my anna Corinna city glaze tote at this very moment!

R said...

This store in the valley intrigues me. And I hear you on the variance of the look based on who's carrying or wearing it.

Da Fashionista said...

the store is called It's a Wrap.

Here is the god AWFUL site:

It is a real hit or miss type place. And I think it used to be alot better about five years ago. They had Manolos, Marc and DVF.
Also a lot of good cashmere.

The Westside store is convinient but I rarely go anymore. Maybe I will take a looksee this weekend ;)

fancypants said... are my idol.

weezermonkey said...

I'm a horse, too. I crushed one pair of Stuart Weitzmans, and I am dejected.

But now I don't walk to and from work, so maybe I can make some nice shoes last now.


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