Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rose Bowl 2008

The Scene

Mr. Diabolina and I hit the Rose Bowl for the third year in a row.

Tailgate a bit with MChu and RocketMan and then proceed to - duh - kill the midwesterners.

And then hit the VIP afterparty with ChowChow & AlbeeSure and their gorgeous Chicken Nugget.

Witness Coach Carroll doing the souljaboy!!! Can die happy now.

One of the best days in recent memory.

The Outfit
USC white tunic (x-mas gift from Mr. D)
USC retro zip up in cardinal and gold
Blue Cult darker jeans

The Accessories
Stella Mcartney for Adidas shoes
Marc Jacobs brown tote
Faux Chanel diamond earrings
Tiffany bracelet
Celtic diamond necklace
Chanel brown sunglasses

...And my rabid Trojan pride!

The grade
Solid B

The Commentary
MChu said I looked thin and genuinely remarked at my cuteness a couple of times which makes me feel good cuz she is a lithe, 25 year old chippy with taste.

I felt comfortable and appropriate enough but walking around I felt kinda old, not creative/inspired enough. I had no personal flair, no typical Diabolina sass if you will.

At the afterparty, I definitely wish I looked hotter. Felt a little bull dykey since I rarely wear tennis shoes in public, let alone around hot white haired coaches who I want to marry :)

Today, I resolve to shop early for next football season, buy non-USC branded clothes in USC colors and possibly customize some t-shirts like the hot young chicks do now a days.

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