Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Scene

Good scotch

And even better company tonight.

Meet the three men who four years and two jobs ago were my lifeline. Strangers who became co-workers who became friends who are now family. Last played with them in January at the company holiday party.

Admittedly, we've always been an unlikely foursome - all from different departments, backgrounds, generations. But we all share an appreciation for fine cuisine, strong scotch, trash-talking poker tournaments, kvetching about work and laughing through life.

Back in the day, we were kinda like The Finer Things Club. Except cooler. More exclusive. And drunker. Miss them terribly.

Of the three guys, I am closest to KBro. See him the most often. Which isn't nearly often enough because he is one of my all time favorites. (He says I say that about everyone. And he would be right. But I actually mean it when I say it about him.)

I heart KBro because tonight before I could even order a drink, he had unfurled 1) a Poloraid camera to document the evening and 2) a gift bag...for me...just because he's been thinking of me. A++++

Unlike JLo, my love does cost a thing. I appreciate every and any friend who butters me up with prezzies. Here are the aaaaaaaaaaamazing contents of my Whole Foods goody bag:

  • A postcard, coloring book and coloring pencils from a YSL exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco! I was dying to see it during our Thanksgiving trip but never made it. Ugh, he knows me too well.
  • YSL glasses from the 60s!!! Quite the resale shopper, he picked them up at a thrift store for me and even thought about turning them into sunglasses for me. How did he know I was just looking at round beige sunnies with my mother?? AAAAAAAAA!
  • And finally he got me a Pope John Paul DVD. Have I mentioned I have a Pope John Paul thing, kinda like my panda thing? Well I do. KBro, a fellow Catholic, nicknamed me "Pope Fetish." I remember both being riveted by the new Pope selection ritual a few years back. Wanted to create t-shirts about Ratzinger that said "Not my Pope" but we didn't. Didn't want to go to hell.
Adorably thoughtful presents no???

Gotta love a guy who is a dream at a fancy art show and yet can be

A raging problem when showing off his new wheels ;)

A guy that ladies love

But boys crush on even more. Seriously every guy we worked with worshiped at his altar. Even Mr. D is head over heels smitten.

As a thank you for the baubles, I promptly took a picture of his head looking enormous compared to mine. Who knew he looked like Gerard Depardieu!!! Mwahahahah.

As retribution, he said I looked like the owner of the Mexican restaurant we hit for dinner. He loves to play the race card.

Incredibly fun catching up and laughing and pigging and boozing

Always a dream to get together with friends and pick right up again.

Not fun? Rocket scientists who cannot figure out how to split the check to save their lives. F.

Some things never change.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Giorgio Armani jacket

The Accessories
Fashion District bracelet and "I got your balls" ring
Chanel bag and earrings
H&M bow belt
DKNY tights
Prada shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

My fashion story of the day begins in the elevator. A lady I've never talked to before holds the door for me. And she proceeds to staaaaaaaaaare at my shoes. She finally sniffs, a bit begrudingly, "Those are amazing shoes!"

And then she proceeds to look me up
and down, down and up, over and over again. Her eyes judging, appraising, TOO concerned with a person she has never met. As she gets out of the elevator, she says "Yea, I GUESS all black is one way to wear those shoes." To which, I nod politely, struck completely dumb.

But wait the story gets better. The woman had a bit of the It's Pat vibe. Except instead of a western shirt she is wearing a tshirt with ducks or flowers or something on it. And instead of khakis she's rocking high waisted mom jeans. On HER feet? Running shoes. I swear to you.

I regailed my closest friends with this story

As I often do when work boggles my cesos

Peach wrote back: "I am fuming. . . why didn't you sass her back!!!!! What a C U NEXT TUESDAY!!!!"

Pop Tart wrote: "You should have answered back 'I GUESS that's one way to wear that face.' oh....was that too mean?"

Juana wrote back two words and was actually too mean.

Jean Bean wrote: "I GUESS some people think it's ok to pick apart the outfit of a complete stranger to her face! PS. at least she didn't call you husky like that guy in Central Park called me when I was running!"

The Pepper wrote: "Should have said: 'Thanks for the fashion advice. Where'd you get the duck shirt?''

And finally, Sable Crow wrote: "FFFFFFF!"

Thank god for friends.

Well, except for KBro. After I told him, he looked me up and down, and said "Yea, I GUESS all black is one way to wear those shoes." Not once, not twice. Like 5 times. F.


Anonymous said...

Great post...I was laughing out loud. Love all of the supportive and hilarious responses to the elevator lady. Thank goodness for good friends.

WendyB said...

I don't think any comment from someone who looks like Pat should be taken seriously!

weezermonkey said...

God, I hate your workplace. That elevator interchange was priceless.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are seriously fierce and Quack Quack Pat needs to suck it! I was totally cracking up at this post.

Michelle said...

Who does that seriously?! Ugh.

Oh and I love your hot friend!! :)

Cee said...

OMG. I could totally think of a zillions things to sass back. Humpth.

"I guess tennis shoes and ducks would be the right choice for your outfit."

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

It's obvious she was jealous. You killed that look.

tam pham said...

i was just watching that SATC episode where Charlotte says "C U Next Tuesday" today! great post.

amber said...


* your office stories (they're priceless)
* the friend responses to said story
* that picture of you with the boys



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