Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Scene
Tonight I picked up the sushi

And Mr. Diabolina surprised me with Marley & Me. YAYAYYYA!

I've been wanting to watch this movie since it came out. Didn't subject Mr. Diabolina to it in the theaters because I knew it'd likely be crap. But good god do we love us some yellow labs. When we graduate from a condo to a house, we plan to get one. With this crappy housing market that only means another 10 years. Wah.

In the meantime, I've been thinking of doing a Marley & Me themed birthday. Here's how it would work: everyone would bring me a lab and I would cuddle and kiss them while guests drink. That's it. Genius theme, no?

Sadly, a perfectly lovely night of gobbling puppies and raw fish was ruined by Bluefly tonight. Yes, Bluefly. Remember the Pour La Victorie shoes I first spied back in November and kept waiting to go on sale? Well I finally found them for 40 percent off on Bluefly. Got over my typical online shopping aversion and bought them off the Bluefly site. Four week long nightmare.

Bought them a size too small. A Girl's Guide to Shoes did the exact same thing. I guess they run small and there is no way to know that when shopping online. Ughs. Sent them back to Bluefly and was charged $15 for the pleasure.

Today I got the second pair in the right size. So.excited. But as I was modeling them for Mr. Diabolina I felt a problem. There was a nail or bolt rolling around the sole of the left shoe and jabbing my foot!!! F. And on closer inspection I saw that no, I am not quasimoto and in fact the heels were different heights. FFFFFFFFFFFF!

I am appalled that Bluefly would ship blatantly defective product. Pissed that I privately recommended Bluefly to A Girl's Guide to Shoes and four other bloggers. I will never shop on Bluefly again and said this in the letter I enclosed with the shoes. Which I will have to pay $15 for returning...ah-gain. Also told that Bluefly I was going to blog about this whole annoying escapade. Retailers should know better in the Internet age than to fuck with bloggers.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
BCBG leather jacket
The Accessories
Stuart Weitzman booties
Chanel bag
Frauda sunglasses
Fashion District scarf
H&M belt
The Grade

The Commentary

Obsessing on black this week.

To keep things interesting decided to add a little color.

So easy to reinvent a black dress

with a pop of color

Decided to rock the short boots today. Have been trying to think about how to style them with pants.

But I find it easier just to add them to a dress.

Like the mix of tough with femme.

The boots led to the jacket.

Which was inspired by K to the Bro's jacket last night. Hotness with the handlebar 'stache.

The jacket with the bare legs felt a little off today.

Must remember this Chanel tights, boots, and leather jacket combo for future reference. Dynamite with the bangs ;)


weezermonkey said...

I used to have a wonderfully naughty yellow lab. I miss her.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Wow that story about Bluefly was shocking. I don't get it--why do you have to pay $15 to return defective merch?! That's ridiculous. Thankfully I never shop there. I'm always paranoid about shopping for shoes online because I'm sometimes a 6.5 and sometimes a 7, depending on the brand. Even brands I'm used to sometimes switch the sizing on me. That's really too bad. At least the hubbie, movie, food, and outfit were good.

KT said...

I'm with you on Bluefly. I had a few bad experiences with them and somehow wound up paying THEM for the pleasure. I don't even go to their site anymore. On a plus note, you look fab!

WendyB said...

Ha! I blogged my Bluefly woes too:

Mrs. Lexi said...

You shouldn't have to pay for returning the defective shoes!! I would demand to be reimbursed for that shiz!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

That's right - don't mess with the bloggers. I bet you get a coupon or free shoes or something.

Milly said...

love the pop of color from the accessories

Sable Crow said...

Online buying of anything I wear scares me.

Tiffany said...

WTH! I can't believe those heels are different heights! I'm not much of a bluefly shopper but your story doesn't help much.

amber said...

That Bluefly situation is ridiculous! As you know, I buy a ton of shoes online, but typically stick to Nordies, Zappos and stores that have return in store policies. F to them!

I'd love to see you rock those Chanel tights with the booties and leather jacket. Sometime soon perhaps?

lookrichbitch said...

ugh. devastating news about your beloved loves. poo on bluefly.

i have yet to wear my short boots with pants too. everytime i put it on, i take it right back off.. i'm not getting it!


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