Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Scene
Wake up even MORE sore than yesterday. How is that possible???

Hit Musso & Frank's for brunch with Mr. Diabolina, straighten up the house, run some errands then meet Styleminded to shop for shoes and something fun to wear tonight.

Run into my newly engaged FancyPants and her newlywed C. Love that they are high-powered attorneys who look 12 and spy Forever finds while wearing their gorg Balenciagas. FABULOSITY!

Styleminded scores a pair of Sam Edelman booties. I get a dress and wrap sweater at Image as well as a (FEATHER!) headband and jangly necklace at XXI.

Go to the gym. Guess who is there? Justin Guarini - the curly haired American Idol runner up to Kelly Clarkson! Return home to start getting ready for rocket scientists to invade my house.

The Outfit
Black and white graphic dress with bubble sleeves

The Accents
Chanel black tote
Faux Van Cleefs & Aprels black and white necklace
Faux Van Cleefs & Aprels black earrings
Banks and Biddle gold braclet
Delman snake-skin white flats
Gucci sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
What? Sorry I can't hear you over my dress - it is so LOUD! I kinda look like a crazy old lady in this dress but I love it. Bought it a tad too big because I was in a hurry. It came with a cheapy belt that I quickly discarded.

Loved pairing it with the Chanel today given the black and white of the dress and necklace. Scrumptious.

Ugh. Look at my leg bruises. Am so The Princess and the Pea ;)


Nearly 2 years ago, I did marketing & PR for a rocket company. Yes, rockets as in outerspace. It was like nothing I have ever done. Truly once in a lifetime. Simply adored the people - young, SMART, hungry, fascinated by the idea of doing something revolutionary, changing history.

When I worked there it was just over 100 of us - about 20 of whom were women. Like most start-ups, we worked very hard and played very hard. That combination usually bonds you like nothing else.

So tonight we invited some of the world's hottest rocket scientists (the delectable Ms. FLo being the sole female one) and their gorgeous girlfriends for a post-holidays gathering and to celebrate Scotty 2 Hotty was in town.

Meet K to the B.

We were Fashion Barbie and Ken at my old job. His outfits are ALWAYS sassy, NEVER generic. He is a big whore for Barney's but also wears vintage with a panache few men can muster. This suit is 1950’s Italian. The shirt? Prada. Hotness - we match.

I am sporting the little $37 rosette dress I bought today with my new Prada shoes. Ugh, can you stand how hot they are?? The ombre...the curved heel...the bow detail. 60 % off over the holidays!

MChu rocked her new black skinny jeans. Her legs looked miles long. I loved it.

She brought a belt in her bag to change into once we went out. It transformed her whole outfit.

MUST get into belts. I just have the whole "no waist" problem. boo.

I knew I'd love whatever K to the B and MChu were wearing but Giggidy came out of nowhere and took the fashion cake last night with his HOT vest/loose tie combo. And those dark jeans.

He gets an A++.

All 13 of us hit Jumbo's late night.

K to the B brought a top hat. Who does that???

That kid has the soul of an artist, the brain of a mad scientist and the eyes of a movie star. Adore.

Totally low-key wonderful night. Wish I saw all of them together like this more. They are brilliant, hilarious, lovely souls. Feel blessed to know them.

And to think a ROCKET of all things brought us together.


weezermonkey said...

Your dress is like a freaky optical the best sense, of course. ;)

Will miss you manana. Next time!

Unknown said...

LOVE the dress and LOVE the round couch...but methinks you need to turn up the dial on it..more scandal please!

Da Fashionista said...

dear god - someone validate my prada shoes. i am so proud of them!



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