Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Scene
It's ARMAGEDDON outside. This weather is unacceptable. Ugh.

Today I am freaking out not only about this awful work outfit but also due to tonight's imperative event: LA Art with K to the B.

He is a burgeoning artist and I know it's uber importante for us to roll fab tonight. EEK! I fret ALL day about what I will wear in the torrential rain. I realize I want to impress K to the B. And that's a real rarity. I usually just dress to impress. Period.

The Outfit
Tahari brown skirt
Old Navy cream v-neck sweater
Fuschia pearl button cardigan

The Accents
MaxMara ballet brown Mary Janes
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Chanel brown quilted sunglasses
Diamond stud earrings
Camel coat

The Grade

The Commentary
I kinda hate this work outfit. It's ok. Just makes me feel generic. Ugh. That's the worst, no? Like you are dialing in your life!

I GUESS the pearl detail is cute enough. And I really do dig the Mary Janes but the whole thing just made me feel like a cog in the wheel today! Or maybe I am just hating work.

The Fun After Work Activities and Fash-un

K to the B came over and we laid out multiple outfit options. Helped each other pick the purrfect ensembles.

Yes, this is actually a straight boy that cares about fashion as much as I do!!! Adore him!

I urged him to rock the tiger hot pink T-shirt with his 3 piece vintage suit that was just MADE for him. Why not, right?? We also threw one of my jaunty scarves on him. Hot!

For me, he chooses a bejeweled satiny purple dress (it's Forever! Don't tell!) paired with boots and tights and a trench and my new purple feather headband.

Oh and my Chanel. Tonight is definitely a Chanel night. Think it all adds up to cute and Parisian and hopefully artsy.

Me thinks we looked fab. Definitly felt fab.

Tonight, we discussed our careers and parenthood and art. How to overcome fear and take more risks and get paid to be ourselves for a living...soon! We were serious and silly and everything in between.

Oh and I am pretty sure we impressed the modern art crowd.

Took it by storm, if you will ;)

I love K to the B. I love nights like these.

I love my life.


Anonymous said...

Ug!! I envy the scene, I envy the opportunity to spend my shrinking American dollars on art, and I envy a tailored grey suit with a hot-pink t-shirt! But most of all, I envy the lucky lad who sports his very own Diabolina to an art show!!

Michelle said...

Loved the outfit...perhaps you should be a stylist! I went into my local Forever 21 last night and was overwhelmed by everything.

Your artist friend is such a cutie!

weezermonkey said...

I love your life, too! :)

Da Fashionista said...

loving the three of you.

I would love to be a stylist :)
let me practice on you??

Kate said...

Yo, just had an idea. Gonna go through older posts and leave comments on the outfits that look party approp for next week. This cute purple number is great.

Michelle said...

Sure! Practice away!


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