Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Scene
Went back to my roots more ways than one.

My former co-worker (and favorite Gene Wilder look-alike) K to the B invited Mr. Diabolina to be his date tonight. To the holiday party of MY former employer. K to the B said I could find my own date. F.

Now this should not have been a Herculean task given these three facts: 1) most of my former coworkers are men 2) most of the ones my age are single and 3) all of them are nerdy. That all adds up to my core demographic!

And yet, it took me a good half an hour and three emails to get a date. 25 minutes and two emails more than it should have. F.

But then I remembered any party thrown by my former employer, let's call them Rockets 'R' Us, is a highly coveted ticket. The multimillionaire who is the founder and CEO spares no expense for a party.

We're talking limos, great food, cool locations, photo booths, casino, goodie bags and best of all, open bar. All night. Top shelf. No drink tickets in sight.

The parties have changed quite a bit since I left. Not the open bar part - perish the thought. But many of the other niceities are gone. After all, the company has nearly quadrupled in size. But thankfully some things are still the same...

Like laughter. There's always laughter when we all get together. And this unmistakable sense of comfort, of family, of home. It probably has something to do with how intensely we all worked together, blew off steam together. How much time we spent away from our own family and friends, devoted to a common goal, something bigger than ourselves, something historic.

But it probably has alot to do with all the actual family members who work at the company. So many brothers and cousins and fathers and sons who are employees.

And recently, some daughters have joined. YAY! When I worked at the company there were roughly 150 employees. About 20 were women. Gotta love aerospace.

Never dreamed a two year stint in rockets would yield two little brothers

And a surrogate dad that I can't imagine not knowing.

Never dreamed I would befriend so many wives and girlfriends of my former co-workers

Watch so many girlfriends become wives.

That I would share indelible life moments with people so different from me. Some who are world-class welders.

Others who are world-renowned rocket scientists.

All of whom are exceptional human beings.

Tonight dozens of coworkers - Vice-Presidents and technicians alike - said such complimentary things to me. About the role I once played at the company. About how much they miss me. About how no one since has quite done the kind of work I did ;)

And without fail every one of them asked, "So when are you coming back?" Ugh. It was so validating and lovely and just what I needed after such a shitty few months at work. I was on the verge of tears several times.

One of those times, however, they were bored tears. Check it: At one point, there was a whole Nutcracker performance. QUE?? Who thought ballet would be a good idea for a company that's 70 percent men??? Manly men at that. BANANAS!

Some of our friends were raised right and just stared politely...dumbfounded.

Others fooled around...monkey-style.

And imbibed...heavily.

Or chowed...piggie-ly

Then we all hopped on the rocket and went to Mars.

Got out our light sabers.

Scotty 2 Hotty became a cyborg

A PIMP cyborg

At the afterparty, there was absinthe and dancing on furniture. Ugh. I love nerds that know how to party! Best night of 2009 yet...

The Outfit
BCBG Max Azaria dress

The Accessories
Chanel earrings
Fashion District cuff
Vintage clutch
Dolce and Gabanna satin heels

The Grade

The Commentary
Spent most of the day working at home for my big Monday deadline. So got ready for the party in a rush. Hate.

Luckily, I had decided earlier in the week to just wear the last dress I bought for the last company holiday party I attended. Back in December 2007.

A purty fluttery confection of a dress. Looks like philo dough one boy told me tonight. The philo tiers make it kinda unflattering but I love it. And it was 60 percent off.

Reminds me a bit of a Balmain look for spring. Similar netted fussiness at the neck and bulk through the middle

And another one from last Fall styled with black fringe boots.

Have been loving all the goddess gowns in winter white lately

The one Angelina recently wore was Max Azria too.

But this short rosette Chanel paired with black is probably my favorite.

Reminded me of my favorite 2008 white dress moments.

Ugh. I die.

Spent a little extra time on the makeup tonight since dark hair can wash me out. Piled on the bronzer, made the lip a bit bolder and worked it. Am excited about how different my entire wardrobe is going to look with the new locks.

After my dress was on and makeup finished, I had only one conundrum: how to make my outfit a little wacky. From green suits to green hair, my former co-workers are a wacky bunch.

Never afraid to look silly for a laugh.

And sometimes the outfits aren't a joke.

They are an expression of creativity. That you have to respect. Even if you don't always understand.

But I also knew there would be a few fashionistas in the house

At least two who read the blog.

Thought about wearing my leather least for my entrance. To make the look a little less formal, more hip.

But decided I am formal and I am not hip. So just grabbed the Raybans on my way out the door.

They were the perfect choice. Easy to whip out and get my wacky on.

Easy to tuck away and look minx-y.

p.s. So excited for tomorrow's Golden Globes fashion parade. Recession dressing fascinates me...


dapotato said...

LOVE the white dress. surefire way to stand out as white hot at a party (well, besides a wedding, as a guest, but i digress).

really awesome welders are hard to find.

love the contrast of your new color + the white dress, too. yum!

Anonymous said...

i love your hair & your dress! :) haha i hope none of your co workers are reading the comment about them being nerdy ;)

La C.

Emily said...

LOVE the new hair color, the dress, and how fun that party sounds. Happy 2009!

Mary B-hof said...

I love the fun and flirty! the new color looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

oooh, fab dress and great hair. You looked fabulous! ...and it looks like you had a fun time as well!

Anonymous said...

Love the new hair color! It looks great on you.

Da Fashionista said...

thanks girls for the hair love! it had just gotten too brassy. time to start over. will get highlights again in about three months. start the torture all over again.

lacouturiernyc, don't worry. I am the nerdiest person and I use the term with affection. the boys who read the blog know that. for me, it's like reclaiming the word. like bitch.

Anonymous said...

That's what I did with my hair after it was getting a little too frizzy with the highlights... After three months I'm now ready for another roound of highlights.. looks lovely on you though!!

mindy said...

I had so much fun with you on Saturday! Your dress was perfect!

Milly said...

very nice! the color...i'm going to have to do the same..its time to give my lites a break

Lynn Tran said...

A+ indeed

Unknown said...

Loving the chocolate locks - you look gorgeous!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

LOOOOVE the dress. Perfect for a holiday party! And kudos on the hair, I recently went back to the dark, and I love it. But you are def right about the makeup lighter latinas must be sure we don't look all washed out..

Lisa said...

Loving the new hair - so chic! And, the dress is pretty fabulous as well :).

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hair and the dress! My pale skin could never pull off that gorgeous dress, or I'd be pleading with you to let me borrow it ;) ...St. JudE

Sable Crow said...

Hair looks great. The dress reminded me of the Ferre dress that Anne Hathaway wore to the Trevor Project event. Not in color, but definitely in form.


Tiffany said...

you looked stunning. the new hair color is perfection!

Anonymous said...

you looked fabulous...and you are fabulous...keep it comin' sweet pea! :)

Victoria said...

really like your hair dark... can you go back to that office? seems like everyone is so fun!

weezermonkey said...

A+ indeed! I love your hair!

I can't believe there was ballet, but that photo backdrop makes up for it.

Rachee said...

love the hair, dress, love it all! you look gorgeous! uber jealous of the dress, wish i had that hanging in my closet ;)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks incredible KEEP IT!! that dress is insane..I want it so bad.

amber said...

the hair! so pretty! i'd really like to go dark, but i scurred. have never dyed the locks save for a few highlights in high school. we'll see if i can work up the nerve this year. hmmmm....

A+ indeed on the outfit. so pretty.

lookrichbitch said...

ok. i take it all back. i hate you.

the fact that you're so gorgeous makes me want to vomit. but in a good way. if there is such a thing.

that hair. did i mention i hate you?



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