Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Scene
Didn't do much of anything today. So Mr. D and I decided to do it up for dinner. Chose The Lodge because he had a hankering for a fine steak and I love the Twin Peaksy decor.

As our amazing meal was served, disaster struck. A man with the WORST B.O. I've ever smelled indoors was seated right next to us. Practically in our laps. AAAAAAAAAA.

It was the kind of pungent odor that starts clinging to everything in it's wake. I tried to breathe through my mouth but that made me feel as though I was eating the man's musk. BLECH. Who ARE these people???

Mr. D and I debated what to do for a good solid five minutes. We were horrified and didn't want to cause a scene but we were about to drop some serious cash on the meal and didn't order a side of stench.

Finally Mr. D got up and discretely told our waiter who was mortified but somehow not as surprised as we were that a stinker would walk into a fine dining establishment. He quickly hustled us out to the empty patio under the pretense that it was too hot inside for our liking. God bless him and his lies.

Crisis averted, we throughly enjoyed our pricey romantic meal - foulness free.

The Outfit
3.1 Phillip Lim dress

The Accessories
H&M belt
Alice Roi clutch
Forever 21 bangle
Louis Vuitton earrings
Jeffery Campbell heels

The Grade

The Commentary

This one shouldered Lanvin dress has been haunting me for months now. You know how much I heart blue dresses being a lil devil and all :)

And today I was on and came across this photo. Such exquisite transition looks on all three New Yorkers. And this grown up Gossip Girl is the first one that I've seen take a belt to my beloved ruffled Lanvin. Loves it.

So as I was getting ready I thought about wearing a dress I could belt. Need to get some practice in. And tonight was the perfect low key night to take a risk.

Realized this blue ruffled Phillip Lim dress might be the perfect choice. Remember how voluminous it was the first time I wore it? A belt was just what it needed. But which belt??? Didn't think leather worked with the satin so narrowed it down to these three fabric options. Two from H&M, one from Forever.

Ended up choosing the purple one. Flashed on this photo of Natalie Portman that I saw a few days ago. Pretty sure I would have never thought to pair navy with purple otherwise. Adore.

Added minimal jewelry and neutral accessories to keep the focus on the clothes. Love how perfectly my newish gladiators work with my oldest clutch. And I'd forgotten all about the little studs on the clasp. YAY! Love when tried and true pieces are back in vogue.

Felt pretty hot tamale tonight. The shoes bring it out in me. The bare neckline too. And a martini three.

Unfortunately fussed quite a bit with the belt all night. F. Just can't get used to wearing one. Unsure of where exactly it should sit. Self-conscious about my hips too. Must. work. out.

Plus with this particular belt I worried that it looked a little jazzercise. You know a little Madonna circa her Hung Up video :)


weezermonkey said...

I am in love with your "Ew! Stinky!" pics.

That dress is totally hot tamale.

tam pham said...

hot tamale indeed! next time, try it with a skinny belt ( that sparkly pink one would qualify)!

WendyB said...

Your bad-smell pictures cracked me up.

Jean Bean said...

Like smooth-talking Mr. D, Texas Cowboy is much better at dealing with the public than I am. Yesterday I told him to say something to our waiter and he said, "Sometimes I feel like Godzilla's publicist."

Milly said...

i love those shoes

lookrichbitch said...

Hello??! Can you look more amazing? Puh-lease! I'm a non-belter and everytime I see you pull it off, I want to run out and buy every belt I see!

And how nasty is that man if he stinks up the entire restaurant?? Blech!

amber said...

ew to mr. b.o. man. glad you got moved before dinner started.

mary murphy would TOTALLY put you on the hot tamale train in that dress. and of course, i concur :)

Rachee said...

you look fab, love this outfit!

and now I'm off to look for belts.

Emily said...

LOVE the re-design! So great. Coincidentally the background color seems to almost match the belt, which I also love. Do not love smelly man..eww. And so awkward for everyone involved.

JillFantastic said...

Ooh la la. Very nice. Love the dress paired with the belt. And the clutch and shoes are a match made in heaven!

Lynn Tran said...

LOVE this look on you - hot tamale indeed. Can I get a "meow" in here?!

Also digging the redesign.

Am I going to see you and Mr. D at the Ohio game this Saturday?

Jadelily said...

One of my favorite outfits on you!! Everything is fabulous! I need to get in on the belting action too.


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