Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina left bright and early for a boys' weekend in Vegas. So I promptly embarked on a "girls just want to have fun" day. YAY!

Met my mom for breakfast and then we hit the Fashion District. Found some amazing stuff. 4 dresses, 2 tops, 3 bracelets and 2 hair products to be exact.

Wanted alot more but stuck to my budget: $350. I know - pretty amazing haul for that much money ;)

The most exciting purchase was a nearly identical version of this Phillip Lim dress I have been coveting all year. The real thing alone would have cost me what I spent all day.

Oh and I also scored a $60 version of this Dior dress that Claudia Schiffer just wore to the collections. Except I had no idea it was a Dior knockoff. My mom just loved it on me and forced me to buy it. Dying to know how much the real thing costs.

In the afternoon I head west to see KFR and her new(ish) house. Love it. Adore the sprawling backyard. Mr. Diabolina would faint. He's so over condo living.

KFR and I get some summery cocktails and piggie eats near her house. We kvetch about work and help each other see the light at the end of the tunnel. Like we always do.

Then do what we do best - yep, shop some more. Finally peeped that new Phillip Lim maxi dress in person. Adore! Also adore that KFR's dress is from Forever and she's sporting a wrap sweater. Clearly she's an avid blog reader ;)

Saw lots of amazing sandals. But not interested in shelling out more than $30 on sandals. Most were $180ish.

Really want some studded sandals like the ones that Your Everyday Style just blogged about. Also fringed one like the ones Style Rules found at Urban Outfitters in her Best Sandals of the Summer post. This fringed UGG, however, just made me think UGH!

Ended up buying the little asymmetrical, tiered dress I saw on Thursday. $50. Gotta figure out when I'll wear it. Feels like an Easter dress.

And also wanted this one. The print looks exactly like a DVF print a few seasons ago and the shape and those rosettes are very me.

Maybe I'll get it next week. $60. You think it's worth it?

Headed home for a late dinner with The Peeper. Loved her sandals. Loved that she called them Marc Jacobs when they are actually Michael Kors. Love my friends who could care less about labels :)

We ordered in and chatted and took photos with Mr. Diabolina's stuff like we did with her hubby's stuff when he was out of town. Then we joined Mr. Peeper at a house party in Beachwood with some of his besties from med school.

The party was at the sprawling house of network TV writer. Love that words built such a gorgeous house. Dream of the day my words create so much comfort and stability.

The Peeper and I arrived just as a major female indie rockstar was leaving. Within an hour of us getting there, a reality TV icon showed up. Amazingly random L.A. scene!

The party goes until sunrise but I bail a little after 3 a.m. Pretty tired after a hard day of so much girly fun :)

The Outfit
Image jersey dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 sunglasses and bangle
Louis Vuitton earrings
Chanel bag
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
I heart this dress. Delish colors and easy fit. Pretty pretty for summer. Looks quite expensive with the expensive accessories :)

Love how the jewelry picks up the turquoise and the the purple in the print. So hot.

The print actually reminds me of a Trina Turk dress I just saw at Bloomie's. $338. Ouchy! Think mine is more wearable though. And you can't beat $32.

I repeat, run don't walk to Image.


lookrichbitch said...

Adore that DVF-esque dress! Next time I'm in LA will need to ask where all your fave shops are!

Girlie days are the best!

Tracee said...

i adore that dress you are wearing! where is image?! i've never heard of it.

tam pham said...

i demand that you add image to the list of places you'll be chaffeurring me around to when i visit! you already know that i heart your Lim replica! can't wait to see you in it! kisses

dapotato said...

i really need to start shopping downtown and at image.

so much good stuff in this post.

one of my client's is a network tv writer, and her words have built quite a lovely house as well. ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Don't you love having the house to yourself? And I really like the bright, patterned dresses in this post - so fun!!

Da Fashionista said...

there's an image at the beverly center and the westside pavillion.

also at 7472 Melrose and at 9414 Brighton Way in Beverly Hills. Though I have never been to either of those stores.

Frankly it's exactly the store I want to open. All downtown merchandise slightly marked up and on the Westside. The prices are probably about 5-15 dollars more than you'd pay for the same thing downtown but when you factor in the drive, the parking and the inconvenience of hunting through all the stalls downtown, the mark up is acceptable.


Thank you for that wonderful comment, dear. Your blog is brilliant. Love the clothes. Especially your dresses and handbags!

Much Love!! xx ♥

Jean Bean said...

Get! Out! Yesterday i rushed to Barneys because that Phillip Lim dress with the red bib had just been marked down online, but they were out of stock and I decided it wasn't meant to be.

Victoria said...

where is Image? xoxo

Victoria said...

never mind i see you already answered my question!

amber said...

okay, <3 <3 <3 that image dress!

Tiffany said...

Yes! the DVF lookalike is worth the $60. get it! :)

the ugg fringe boots? Gross. when will they stop?!


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