Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Scene
Midday Mr. Diabolina emails saying Danny B. invited us to some kind of trivia night at a pub near The Office. Sounds funny and fun. Plus I haven't seen the delovely Daisy Dukes since Mexico in April, so I'm in.

Get to the bar early so take a stroll and window shop. Spy lots of dirty pretty things winking at me from behind - alas - closed doors.

No matter, KFR and I are getting together and hitting this stretch on Saturday afternoon for some girly time anyway. Might pick up this little asymmetrical dreaminess then.

With 40 minutes still left to kill, I see it beckoning me in the twilight. The American Apparel store. It's one of the only stores still open. Decide it's do or die time with those latex dolphin trainer leggings.

I take a deep breath and enter the dressing room. Despite having inhaled too many tacos at lunch, they don't look too bad. Wish I had heels to pair them with to get the full rock and roll, evening effect. Decide to stop obsessing and just get them. $40. With a heel and a loose top that covers my tush they'll be hot. White hot.

Arrive at the pub and head to the back room. There I witness quite a scene. It's like a dirty little secret. The room is packed with 9 teams of about 6 people salivating to get their trivia on. All except our table are three-headed monsters. And even that's debatable ;)

Danny B's a regular at this nerdfest and says there are several Jeopardy champions in the crowd. I'm impressed. I'm a nerd for nerds.

Over dinner, there are two rounds of some of the hardest questions I've ever heard. Por ejemplo: Who did Time Magazine call the Texan who conquered Russia in 1958? WHA????

I was totally unprepared for this level of mental challenge. Out of dozens of questions, I get exactly two right: The Battle of Little Big Horn and Maddie Spears. Pretty disparate range of knowledge in this big noggin.

We come in 7th out of 9 teams. Danny B is quite disappointed. Though he brightens when Mr. D and I say we might return next week. We'll see. Not sure my ego can take this every week.

The Outfit
H&M sleeveless turtleneck
Diane Von Furstenberg skirt

The Accessories

Canal Street earrings
Chanel bag
Gucci sunglasses
Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals

The Grade


The Commentary

Still can't shake the blahs so this outfit is as creative as I could muster today. After about four years, I still heart this fluttery, tiered DVF skirt. The length is a little tricky to wear. Typically rock it with a heeled sandal but needed to feel comfortable today so opted for the flat gilded gladiator. I think the proportion worked.
Especially with the elongating upper half of the outfit.

Ah, the black sleeveness turtleneck. Nothing quite like it. Really is a professional woman's best friend in the summer. Such a simple way to look chic and pulled together. Very slimming too.

Always makes me feel a little ballerina-slash-Audrey Hepburn too. Maybe that's why I knotted my hair up in a little bun and called it a day ;)

p.s. The Spring 2008 DVF collection was a bit disappointing for me. The looks I tried on a few Sundays ago were the ONLY ones I loved.

But am seeing many a pre-Fall look in stores that I am really digging. Statement sleeves that will make me look like a linebacker but I LOVE.

Some of her signature geometric prints in pretty color combos. YumMERS.

And delicate, fluttery ruffles that I could wear for years and years to come. Better investment right now than the stock market, me thinks.


weezermonkey said...

I love the black sleeveless turtleneck on you. I look like an idjit with such things.

dapotato said...

love the DVF skirt's print paired with the oh-so-professional turtleneck.

amber said...

i'm a huge fan of sleeveless black turtlenecks :) then again, i'm a sucker for the slim-fitted l/s variety during the winter, too!

Kate said...

Van Cliburn.

Victoria said...

i think the leggings make you look super long and lean!

tam pham said...

i got a pair of dvf green silk shorts today, and that's pretty much the only thing i liked from her spring 08 line. i can't wait to see you rock the AA leggings!!!

Da Fashionista said...


too bad we can't use a life line and call friends for answers!! impressive. don't think any of the jeopardy champs even got that one!

karla deras said...

I still want those AA shiny leggings- I've heard pros and cons about them, hmm perhaps I'll try them in the winter. LINKED YOU!

Rachee said...

the leggings look fierce!

lookrichbitch said...

So glad you bit the bullet and bought those suckers! I think I need to buy more long tops to wear with them. Needs to be a little bit more rock star than I currently have in my closet!


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